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Wartime Notes / Diary of

Andrew (Andre) Tipson, Tel, RCNVR


While serving in HMCS Joliette K418


Courtesy of Lorraine Tipson


Webmaster's note:  In a few parts of Andrews notes they are faded and not legible.  "......." has been placed in any areas where text is not legible.


Tel. A. Tipson V1878

HMCS Joliette

C/o C.F.M.O

24 Haymarket St 

London England

JULY 1944 - Joliette


St Margaret's Bay

Bedford Basin

George island


Left for Evolutions

JULY 24 - Bermuda . Grassy Pt. St. George Bay

JULY 25 to JULY 30 - Started Evolutions out of Bermuda to: - Grassy Bay, Ireland Is. Somers Is. Hamilton, Convict Is. St Geor.  Geo Bay

JULY 31 to AUG 10 - Last part of W.U.P.S. around Bermuda Islands

AUG 11 - Leave Malabar Bermuda for 6 days Evaluation cruise and practice with Liberalais around West Indies and Bahamas. Nassau  & New Providence

AUG 17 - Back to Somers Isles

AUG 18 - Inspection by Cpt Adamms c/o Base Canadain

AUG 19 - Left Bermuda for St. John's N'fld 1160 miles

AUG 23 - Arrived St. John's

SEPT 5 - Left with convoy and C1 for England. Over 2000 miles

SEPT 19 - Arrived at Londonderry in Ireland

SEPT 22 - Left England with convoy and C5

OCT 1 - Arrived Sydney NS 3500 miles

OCT 3 - Left Sydney for Halifax


webmaster's note:  On 22 Nov 1944 HMCS Joliette ran aground in Loch Foyle and was under repair from 05 Dec 1944 till 05 Apr 1944


..............  HMCS Niobe

MARCH 26 - Ship repaired. Left Niobe to Glasgow and than across Irish Sea to Belfast. Aboard March 27. At last I am back aboard ship and I a glad of it. She is all painted and looks pretty good.  

......... to sea any day ....... first day and ............... for speed trials and to test guns ..... Bangor Island

APRIL 4 - Back to Belfast for degauzing and deperming

APRIL 6 - Morning out for H/F D/F Calibration at 9:30 p.m.  We sailed from Ireland for Tobermory on the Isle of Mull

APRIL 7 - Arrived Tobermory Harbour 8 a.m. today. It is only a small place ... all ships come for 2 or three weeks shocking

APRIL 8 - Started W.U.P.S. busy all day and little sleep. Only ashore 2 times

APRIL 20 - Finished our wups to night at 11 p.m.

APRIL 21 - 1 am - Left with Orkney for Londonderry.  10 a.m. arrived to Mouville for fuelling then proceed to Londonderry .....

APRIL 23 - Left Derry with La Hulloise and Thetford Mines for 3 days w.u.p. north Scotland

APRIL 24 - 8 a.m. Arrived entrance to Lochalsh proceeded up to anchor then through to a bay for A/S work

APRIL 27 - Left Lochalsh through North Channel to Mouville for Fuelling. Orkney S.O. of group rammed by Copper Cliff corvette. La Hulloise takes her place as S.O.

APRIL 28 - La Hulloise Thetford Mines & Joliette E.G. 25 left to relieve R.N. E.G. 2 for Force 37

APRIL 29 - Start support force and working from Sea of Hebrides down through Atlantic North - North Channel down Irish Sea to Bristol Channel

APRIL 30 - Working from Bristol Channel north west to Laugh Belfast, East to Port Patrick then North to entrance of Firth of Clyde

MAY 1-2-3-4 - Gale in Northern part of Irish sea, pretty rough. The ....... work of last week getting monotonous

MAY 6 - Our first important job to us. The Strathadam back with us. We meet a convoy at Largs tonight 

MAY 7 - Left Clyde with part of Invasion convoy Troop Carriers, L.S.Y., L.C.I.'s travelling north 360(T) then 316 (T) Probably Navigation .... war jack up. .... Canadian escorts 10 Frigates. Speed 15 knots

MAY 8 - Action Stations. Probable Submarine 3 of us attack with H. Hogs.

MAY 9 - On our way back to Londonderry. War ended VE day for us at sea.

May 10 - Arrived Londonderry. 10 p.m. Still celebrations going on. Good time

MAY 11 - Back to Mouville for fuelling and back to sea with Med Convoy down Irish Sea through Bay Biscay till May 18th

MAY 19 - Left to pick OS convoy from Canada 300 Miles west of Ireland

MAY 20 - Important msge came in announcing that we are to proceed to Derry and fuel and leave for Canada on 22nd

MAY 21 - 11 p.m. Arrived at Derry. Said goodbye to Tillie and her folks

MAY 22 - 8 a.m. Cancel sail to Canada are to proceed up Clyde to Greenock. I am very happy as I

will have a chance to see my girl friend in Greenock.

MAY 23 - 9 p.m. Anchored in front of Greenock. No shore leave. I am very unhappy.

MAY 24 - Shore leave - 4:30 I am ashore and at 6:30 with Netta. Wonderful evening together. Slept at her house and came back to the ship at 6 o'clock

MAY 25 - Group sailed for Canada with 200 naval ratings as passengers at 0800 B. Everybody very happy but I don't like to leave here as I am really in love. Dist. 2462 miles from Glasgow.

MAY 26 - 1 day gone we are travelling 14 K it is very rough. 387 miles gone still 2000 to go.

MAY 27 - 2 day out still very rough. Another 1700 miles to go.

MAY 28 - Sea getting calmer and the sun is out. Nearly halfway tonight

MAY 29 - 4th day Nine in morning. Getting foggy in afternoon and very damp. Ice bulletin rec.  Ice field a few hundred miles of us. We should be in there tomorrow

MAY 30 - 5th day - Fog very thick. Very damp out. We are now in the Ice field coming from N. W are about 180 miles south of N. Fld out ETA is Friday a.m.

MAY 31 - 6th day - Only 190 miles from Halifax. We hope to get there before night.  11 p.m. Arrived Halifax.  6 Days 12 hours for 2392 miles.

R.C.N. Lost


Destroyers Lost

1) Athabaskan : April / 44  Tribal Class

2) Fraser : Ex. Crescent Class "C"

3) Margaree ex. Diana "D" Class

4) Ottawa Ex. Crusader "C" Class

5) St. Croix : March / 44  ex. Yankee : 4 funnel



1) Valleyfield : May / 44


Names     Class


1) Windflower : Flower

2) Spikenard :       "

3) Levis  :  Town

4) Charlottetown  :

5) Louisburg  :

6) Weyburn  :

7) Regina - Channel

8) Alberni - Channel

9) Shawinigan  :


Name     Class


1) Chedabucto  :  Bangor

2) Clayoquot  :  Bangor


Aux. Vessel


1) Otter

2) Bras D'Or

3) Raccoon

Trips from Jul 1 / 44 to June 1 / 45 aboard Joliette

Halifax - Sydney NS

Burmuda - Sommers Islers, Hamilton

Nassau - Bahamas

New Prov. - West Indies

St. John's, Nfld

Londonderry - Belfast - Coleraine, Portrush ..... N.I.

Glasgow, Stranrer, Greenock, Edinburough Scotland

Webmaster's note: Stranrer is likely Stranraer, Scotland

Northern Scotland

Loch Seridain, Alch

Isle of Mill. Tobermory

Isle of Skye


Liverpool . Channel Dover

Isle of Mann. Wales


Cross 4 times each way