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A Simple Sailor

By Ray Hunt, Capt (N), RCN / CAF, ret'd


An account of his early life and his life at sea ..... as a simple sailor


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(1) Capt (N) Hunt's autobiography was typed on a manual typewriter - long before the days of backspacing and correcting and a quick reprint.  There was no auto-numbering of pages or spell checker and some pages may have duplicate numbers.  The html pages below are scans of the original document.  If you see typos or other errors, please be understanding.


(2) A Simple Sailor was re-worked by a member of the Submariners Association of Canada West and published in PDF format. For those wishing to download a PDF copy, you can do so at the following two links:  


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Cover, Acknowledgements and Preface


Chapter 1 - In the Beginning


Chapter 2 - The War Years


Chapter 3 - Post War


Chapter 4 - My First Ship


Chapter 5 - Jeeps & Small Ships


Chapter 6 - Change of Scene


Chapter 7 - Africa


Chapter 8 - Shirley


Chapter 9 - The Navy


Chapter 10 - The New World


Chapter 11 - Connecticut


Chapter 12 - West Coast


Chapter 13 - Executive Officer


Chapter 14 - Perisher and Command


Chapter 15 - First Command


Chapter 16 - Staff College and Halifax Again


Chapter 17 - CANCOMRAY


Chapter 18 - Preserver


Chapter 19 - Time to Go


Chapter 20 - Reflections




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