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HMCS NIOBE (3rd): Commissioned: 09 Feb 1946                     Paid off: 01 Apr 1966 retroactive to 01 Sep 1965


HMCS NIOBE, London, England - After the Second World War the relationship between the RCN and the Royal Navy in Britain remained important, even if they were not coordinating their operations as closely as they had been in wartime. It was decided to station a Senior Canadian Naval Officer in London. This officer served as the senior naval attaché and advisor in the UK, the primary link between the RN and the RCN, and as the commander of all Canadian naval personnel in the UK. This officer was accordingly commissioned as the "ship" HMCS NIOBE. As part of the process of the unification of the Canadian Armed Forces, this role became part of the Canadian Defence Liaison Staff. HMCS NIOBE was paid off on 1 April 1966, but the date was made retroactive to 1965.



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Badge for HMCS NIOBE 3rd

Courtesy of the office of the RCN Heritage Officer