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Douglas Keith Beach


OS, V53247, RCNVR


Born: 03 Nov 1924          Died: 02 Jan 2004



Ships served in:




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(1) Douglas Keith Beach at Whitby, Ont. train station - returning from leave. date unknown  (2) "Summer attire" Waiting for ride to Hamilton on highway at Blackwater, Aug 1943 Latest address: O/Smn D.K. Beach V53247 C/O Sambro P.O. H.M.C.S. Stadacona II, Halifax, Nova Scotia  (3) Douglas Beach (left) and friend, 10 May 1944, Dartmouth, NS  (4) A Merchant Aircraft Carrier (MAC)  (5) Stern view of the MAC with Swordfish  (6) Aircraft being transported on merchant ship in convoy  (7) Unknown Fairmile Motor Launch  (8) Handkerchief that Doug had sent his mother - note card from Belfast tailor

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(9) The three people in this photo are not known. Possibly shipmates of Douglas Beach  (10) Escort oiler conducting fueling. Note the fueling line passed astern.  (11) Escort oiler doing a light line transfer to ship Doug was on.  (12) Doug after being demobilized and returning to civilian life


Photos from Doug Beach's collection

Courtesy of Robert Wilson



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