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Marvin Claire Wellman


Surgeon Captain, O-76970, RCN


Died: 1970


WELLMAN, Marvin Claire, Surgeon Captain, RCN - After retiring from the Navy, Capt. Wellman moved to Florida where he lived until he passed away in 1970.


He served in HMCS Stadacona effective 18 Jul 1941  //  HMCS Avalon as Surg. LCdr effective 26 Aug 1943  //  HMCS Stadacona as Surg-Cdr effective 29 Dec 1944  //  HMCS Magnificent as Surg-Cdr effective 31 Dec 1949  //  HMCS Niagara as Surg-Cdr effective 07 Sep 1951  //  RCN Hospital Naden as Surg-Cdr effective 24 Mar 1952  //  RCN Barracks Esquimalt as Surg-Cdr, Principal Medical Officer effective 07 Sep 1954  //  HMCS Cornwallis as Principal Medical Officer and as Senior Psychiatric Specialist 1956  //  He was appointed as a Surgeon Captain RCN with seniority dated 01 Jul 1959


Ships served in:

HMCS MAGNIFICENT - Appointed to Magnificent 31 Dec 1949 as Surg-Cdr, RCN


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(1) A fishing trip in Newfoundland - 1944.  Surg-Cdr Wellman, back row with pipe.  (2) Surgeon Captain Marvin Wellman and Mrs. Mary Gibson Fletcher Wellman   (3) Surg-Capt Wellman greets Princess Margaret at HMCS Cornwallis during her official visit to Nova Scotia in 1958 (4) Silver platter presented to Surg-Capt Wellman on his retirement from the Navy in 1959


Courtesy of Michael Wellman



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