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Joseph Barr Champion




Merchant Mariner, Ship's Master


Born: 20 Mar 1888, Melbourne, Australia          Died: 1962, Australia


Joseph's life as a mariner is detailed in his diary and photos album - The Joseph Barr Champion Collection


Ships served in:

HMCS HOCHELAGA - Served in Hochelaga 01 Mar 1916 - 05 May 1917 as an AB, RNCVR //  18 Sep 1919 - 10 Oct 1919 as Skpr, RCN.  Joseph notes that his 2nd time on Hochelaga was for a cruise by Admiral Kingsmill

HMT RISKATO - Served in Riskato as a Skipper, RCN 06 Feb 1918 - 22 Mar 1918.  Note: Riskato was a hired trawler. Built in 1916. Armament: 1-6pdr AA. In service May 1916 - 1919 as minesweeper. Served also served in WW2.

HMT ICELAND - Served in Iceland 23 Mar 1918 - 11 Apr 1918 as a Skipper, RCN.  Note: Iceland, was a hired trawler. Built 1916, Armament: 1-6pdr AA. In service Oct 1916 - Dec 1918 as minesweeper, then escort vessel. Became Icelandic "Egill Skallagrimsson" in 1919.

CD 9 - Served in CD-9, Jun 1918 - 11 Aug 1918 as Skpr, RCN, Commanding Officer

PV IV - Served in PV IV, 15 Aug 1918 - 24 Mar 1919 as Skpr, RCN, Commanding Officer

HMCS BETHALMA - Served in Bethalma 20 May 1919 - 07 Aug 1919 as Skpr, RCN, Commanding Officer.  Joseph described Bethalman as a Floating Pigeon Loft.


Other entries on Joseph's drafts and appointments to depot ships Diana, Niobe and Seagull are listed in the documents below




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