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Howard (Buck) Bakody


Chief Engine Room Artificer, RCNVR


Died: Dec 1968


BAKODY, Howard (Buck) - served as an ERA onboard HMCS Oakville. He also served in Napanee and St Stephen as watch keeper E/R in charge plus as a C/ERA instructor in HMCS Cornwallis in 1944-45. He crossed the bar in Dec 1968.


Ships served in:

HMCS OAKVILLE - Served in Oakville 19 Apr 1941 - 02 Jul 1942 as ERA, RCNVR

HMCS NAPANEE - Served in Napanee as an Engineroom watch keeper

HMCS ST. STEPHEN - Served in St. Stephen as an Engineroom watch keeper


photo 1

photo 2

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photo 5

(1) MTE course at HMCS Cornwallis, Howard Bakody instructor  (2) Names on back of photo #1  (3) MTE course at HMCS Cornwallis circa 1945, CERA Howard Bakody instructor  (4) Engineers at HMCS Cornwallis. CERA Howard Bakody - back row, 3rd from left  (5) Howard Bakody (right) at a veterans reunion - others in photo unknown


Courtesy of David Bakody



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