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Harold David Tee


Wireless Operator 2nd Class, RNCVR


Died: date of passing unknown


TEE, Harold D. - joined the wireless service in 1911. He received his training from the British Post Office. His first position was aboard the fisheries vessel Malaspina. Bowerman adds that Tees was the first operator on the Fisheries Patrol Vessel Malaspina, launched in 1913. 1911 census lists Tee at Estevan in June. He relieved operator Arnold at Triangle shortly after Bowerman arrived on station in 1912. (Dates obviously not lining up here!) Still there in 1913. At Point Grey in 1916 but eventually went to Digby Island to make it a three man station. His rank on January 1918 was RNCVR (Special) W/T operator. He shows up in a 1926 BCD edition at Bull Harbor Radio. Larry Reid's book has him listed on November 05, 1923 as an operator. 1926 wages were $2,116.96. By 1927 he was in Edmonton Alberta opening the new Radio Inspector's Office. In 1930 he became a senior radio inspector and wound up in Saskatoon until 1945 when he became District Superintendent and was posted to Regina. (source: / Research by, courtesy of Frank Stratham)


Ships served in:

HMCS MALASPINA - Appointed to CGS Malaspina in 1913 as W. Op 2nd Cl, RNCVR


"The Boss. Tee on the beach". Harold Tee worked with Jack Bowerman on Triangle Island 10 years before this photo was taken.

(Source: / Courtesy of Frank Statham)



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