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George F. Woods


Petty Officer, Electrical Artificer, V72422, RCNVR


Born: 31 Oct 1920          Died: 05 May 1994


Ships served in:




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(1) Portrait of PO George Woods  (2) Dutch sub at Hamilton, Bermuda. Fos's'le / gun deck of HMCS TIMMINS in the foreground  (3) HMCS TIMMINS alongside a Liberty ship at sea (note: possibly transferring stores by jackstay)  (4) Unknown sailor in the crows nest on HMCS TIMMINS  (5) Bridge, Gun Deck and Foc's'le of HMCS TIMMINS - taken from the crows nest  (6) PO George Woods on HMCS TIMMINS  (7) .5 on HMCS TIMMINS.  Merchant ship visible in the distance.


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(8) HMS PUNCHER  (9) Bedford Magazine Explosion 18 Jul 1945, 6:30 pm  (10) Bedfrod Magazine Explosion 18 Jul 1945, 9:36 p.m.


Chiefs, Petty Officers and one SLt on HMCS TIMMINS


#6 - PO George Woods


Courtesy of Eleanor Woods and family



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