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Lawrence Michael Ostaficiuk


Lieutenant (Navy), A60511936, RCN / C.A.F.


Born: 29 Nov 1947


Died: 07 Nov 1971 at sea


Book of Remembrance


OSTAFICIUK, Lawrence Michael, Lt (N), C.A.F., died - 07 Nov 1971, HMCS NIPIGON / 50 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron - Son of William and Nancy Ostaficiuk of Vauxhall, AB; husband of Alexis Ostaficiuk of Brandon, MB.


Lt (N) L.M. Ostaficiuk died when the Sea King helicopter in which he was a crew member crashed approx 330 nautical miles from Halifax, NS.


"In November 1971 Sea King 1420 suffered single engine failure on take-off from HMCS NIPIGON in the North Atlantic. Pilot attempted to return while also dumping fuel. Flight deck ready for emergency recovery but aircraft became uncontrollable and crashed near the ship. Black moonless night rendered the rescue and recovery efforts difficult by boat. Out of 4 crew members, Captain Allan E. Dick, Captain Lawrence M. Ostaficiuk and Corporal John R. McCrae lost their lives, the sole survivor was Navigator Bud Maclean. Date was 7/11 local, so 8/11 GMT. (HEG, ship air controller). The cause of the crash was never determined."


Three Shipmates Remembered - The Crash of HMCS NIPIGON'S Sea King


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