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Amplias Berringer


Mate, OFF VR-0316, RNCVR


Born: 11 Sep 1878, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia


          Died: 19 May 1944, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia


BERRINGER, Amplias - LUNENBURG, May 20 - Following a severe paralytic seizure suffered Tuesday, there passed away at his home a highly esteemed citizen of the community and one of its well known and highly efficient deep sea masters, Captain Amplias Berringer, 66.

A Master Mariner of the old school, in which practical experience was more highly regarded than mere nautical book learning, Captain Berringer acquired the greater part of his sea going knowledge in the school of experience; keen in sight and sound judgment, coupled with inventive skill in the face of emergencies, tided Captain Berringer and his craft through many perilous voyages over the seven seas.

When quite young he chose sea-going as his vocation, gradually rising to the captain's responsible position, where his ability was quickly recognized. During the First World War Captain Berringer sailed to foreign ports in what is now known as the Merchant Marine services, which placed him in line for the meritorious service medals which he received and which bestowed upon him honorable membership in the Canadian Legion ranks.

After retiring from active sea-going he was appointed shipping master for the important port of Lunenburg and surrounding districts, a position capably filled for a number of years.

Two years ago, when sea captains were at a premium, Captain Berringer was sought to sail the famous Bluenose, then in Southern waters as a merchantman.

Securing official release from the shipping office and placing his daughter Ena, in charge, he flew south for a number of months, skillfully handled the Queen, of the Atlantic from one southern port to another.

On one of these trips a fall from the lumber-laden deck resulted in serious back injuries which placed the captain in hospital for many weeks. When fully restored to health he returned to his native town and resumed his duties as shipping master.

Besides his widow there survives one son, Major Ormis Berringer, in overseas service; and three daughters; Mildred, Mrs. Alfred Rundle, Halifax; Ena, Mrs. Aubrey Deal and Miss Charlotte, both of Lunenburg.

There are also four brothers, Archibald, Morris, Robert and Lieut-Col. G. C. Berringer, all of this town, and two sisters, Beatrice, Mrs. Archibald Geldert, Lunenburg, and Miss Flora Berringer, Halifax.

The funeral will take place Monday afternoon from his residence, the service to be conducted by his pastor, Rev. Alexander Allen, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, of which the late Captain Berringer was a member.

The members of Rising Sun Lodge, No. 59, I.O.O.F., will attend the funeral in a body and perform their last rites at the graveside.

Interment will be in Hillcrest cemetery. (Halifax Mail, Monday 22 May 1944 / Researched by George Newbury)


Ships served in:

* Listed as a Mate, RNCVR (seniority 14 Jul 1917) (Navy List Dec 1917)

PV VII - Appointed to PV VII 18 Feb 1918 as a Mate, RNCVR (Navy List Mar/Apr 1919)

PV VII - Appointed to PV VII 01 May 1918 as a Mate, RNCVR (Navy List May/Jun 1918)

PV I - Appointed to PV I 27 Jun 1918 as a Mate, RNCVR (Navy List Aug/Oct 1918)




The above write-up on Amplias Berringer was from "The Seagull" - Lunenburg Academy Year Book 1963



Headstone for Amplias Berringer at the Hillcrest Cemetery, Lunenburg, NS

Photographer / Courtesy of George Newbury



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