Patrol Vessel & Minesweeping Trawler 




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Launched: 1912

Acquired by the RCN: Mar 1917

Paid off: Apr 1919

Fate: Returned to her previous owner in April 1919. Final disposition unknown.


Former William B. Murray, she was one of seven New England-built menhaden trawlers made up a patrol and minesweeping flotilla based at Sydney, N.S. Purchased in the U.S., they served in the RCN between Mar 1917 and Apr 1919, subsequently reverting to their former names and occupation. Each was armed with a 12-pounder gun.



Commanding Officers


Ch/Skpr Stanley Allison Hutchinson, RCN - 18 Jul 1917 - unk


Ch/Skpr Charles Cleveland, RNR - 06 May 1918 - unk



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Berringer, Amplias


Cleveland, Charles


Commanding Officer

06 May 1918

Cooper, John Kinghorn


Drafted to PV I on 06 Feb 1918 and 01 May 1918 as W. Op 3rd Cl, RNCVR

Dicks, Louis


Drafted to PV I on 18 Jul 1917 as Mate, RNCVR

Freeman, Lemeul


Drafted to PV I on 18 Jul 1917 as A/Art, RCN, and on 01 May 1918 as A/Art (E), RCN

Hutchinson, Stanley Allison


Commanding Officer

18 Jul 1917