They made the Ultimate Sacrifice


William James Hefferman


Able Seaman, V18222, RCNVR


Born: 07 Nov 1912, Barry Island, Glamorgan, Wales


Died: 26 Jan 1943, Halifax, NS


Book of Remembrance


HEFFERMAN, William James, AB, V18222, RCNVR, Died - 26 Jan 1943, HMCS SOREL - Son of Eunice Hefferman, of Barry Island, Glamorgan, Wales


William Hefferman was born in Barry Island, Glamorgan, Wales.  He immigrated to Canada in 1928 at the age of 15 and settled in Almont, Ontario, where he later met and married Laura Cochrane in 1937. Shortly after giving birth to their daughter Gwen, Laura died of acute pancreatitis. William raised his daughter, with the help of his sister-in-law, as a single father. In 1940 he joined the Navy. He served on HMCS ASSINIBOINE, being injured with her battle with U-210. After healing from his injuries, he was later drafted to HMCS SOREL. During a training exercise in which the starboard Oerlikon gun was being fired, a round from the Oerlikon struck the starboard brace of the fore yard which caused the round to detonate/explode - the shrapnel hitting AB Hefferman. The ship immediately returned to Halifax and William was taken ashore, however, he died of his wounds while in the ambulance enroute to the hospital.


Ships served in:

RCNVR DIVISION KINGSTON - Enlisted 21 Dec 1940. Commenced Active Service 07 Apr 1941

HMCS ASSINIBOINE - Served in ASSINIBOINE 20 Sep 1941 - 09 Oct 1942 as an OS an AB, RCNVR. Rated AB 07 Feb 1942

HMCS SOREL - Drafted to SOREL 08 Dec 1942 as an AB, RCNVR







(WH01-WH02) Certificate of Service - pages 1 and 2  (WH03) Certificate of Wound or Hurt - from injury received on HMCS ASSINIBOINE during her battle with U-21-  (WH04) Naval Message requesting MO meet SOREL on arrival  (WH05) Report of Death






(WH06) Letter or William Hefferman's mother-in-law  (WH07-WH09) HMCS SOREL'S Commanding Officer's Report on the death of AB Hefferman


William with his daughter Gwen




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