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James (Jim) Mosley


RCN / C.A.F.


Died: 15 Aug 2021


MOSLEY, James (Jim) - passed away peacefully on August 15, 2021. Jim was so well-loved and he leaves a hole in the hearts of all of those who knew him. Jim lived life to its fullest when he was with his children (Kyle, Rachael and Bryan) and his grandchildren (William, Hendren, and Hayley). Jim's family included his spouse, Betsy; sister, Linda and brothers, Tom and Peter. Jim loved making his grandkids (or even just himself) laugh. He was always up for a dance party although he could not dance to save his life. Jim loved spending time with his best friend and brother, Tom. He would sit and talk to Tom for hours on end. The subject of those discussions are classified. Tom is refusing to answer questions. On a regular basis, Jim would email or call his sister, Linda, only to pretend he had no idea who she was. The trips when he travelled with Linda were some of his favourite memories and he would tell anyone who would listen (and those who didn't want to hear) about them. Jim was so happy to have been a big brother to Bob and Peter. He loved telling stories about each of them. As a young man, Jim enlisted in the Canadian Navy, eventually becoming an Officer. He was proud to have been a member of the HMCS KOOTENAY family, attending all of the commemorative events and ensuring that the memory of the lessons learned from the Kootenay disaster were not forgotten. He brought his grandsons to the 50th year commemoration. When not chasing his acting career on Trailer Park Boys, Jim's favourite sport to play was golf. He regularly played with his friends and bragged non-stop about how awful he was. He was looking forward to teaching his grandchildren to golf poorly. Unknown to many, Jim lived a second life playing StarCraft. He would spend hours battling Zerg and Protoss forces - cheating only as often as necessary. Jim loved dogs, at times more than his own children. He would facetime his grand-dogs on a regular basis. The dogs brought him comfort and stayed by his side until his last moments. Jim, we love you more than words can say. You are the best dad, grandpa, brother and friend. We will miss you. (Saltwire Network 24 Aug 2021)


Ships served in:

HMCS KOOTENAY - Jim was serving in HMCS KOOTENAY as an AB.SN at the time of the explosion



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