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John William Rose




Chief Petty Officer Steward, 40250, RCN


Born: 30 Aug 1892, London, England


Died: 15 Feb 1945, Victoria, British Columbia


Book of Remembrance


ROSE, John William, CPO Stwd, 40250, RCN, HMCS ROYAL ROADS (RCN COLLEGE) - Husband of Elizabeth Rose, of Victoria.


CPO Rose died at the Royal Canadian Naval College, Royal Roads, British Columbia from a coronary occlusion (heart attack). John was predeceased by his parents John Jonathan Rose and Eliza Rose. He was survived by his wife Elizabeth (née Firkins) Rose; brother Harry George Rose of Vancouver, BC and sister Lilliam Hughes of England. John was a pipe fitter in civilian life prior to joining the Navy.


Ships served in:

* Served in the RNCVR 08 Mar 1916 - 30 Jun 1919

HMCS RAINBOW - Re-engaged 01 Jul 1919 for a period of one year as a Victualling Petty Officer, RNCVR

HMCS NADEN - Enlisted 18 Jul 1923 as an Officer's Cook 3rd Class, RCN

HMCS PATRICIAN - Drafted to PATRICIAN 01 Oct 1923

* Rated Officer's Steward 3rd Class 15 Aug 1925

* Rated Officer's Steward 2nd Class 01 Sep 1926

HMCS NADEN Drafted to NADEN 30 MAR 1927

* Rated Officer's Steward 1st Class 11 Feb 1930

* Re-engaged 18 Jul 1930 as an Officer's Steward 1st Class, RCN

HMCS SKEENA - Drafted to SKEENA 01 Dec 1934

* Rated Petty Officer Steward 01 Jun 1935

HMCS NADEN - Drafted to NADEN 13 Jun 1936

* Re-engaged 18 Jul 1937 as a Petty Officer Steward, RCN

HMS CRUSADER - Drafted to CRUSADER 29 Apr 1938 (Prior to her transfer to the RCN as HMCS OTTAWA)

HMCS OTTAWA (former HMS CRUSADER) - Drafted to OTTAWA 01 Jul 1938

* Rated Chief Petty Officer Steward 01 Jan 1939

HMCS STADACONA - Drafted to STADACONA 15 Apr 1940

HMCS NADEN - Drafted to NADEN 16 Apr 1940

HMCS ROYAL ROADS - Drafted to ROYAL ROADS 14 Jan 1941

RCN COLLEGE - Drafted to RCN COLLEGE 21 Oct 1942




(JR01) Marriage Certificate of John Rose and Elizabeth Firkins

(JR02) Documents from the Service File of John Rose



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