C - Class Submarine



HMCS CC1 in the slips at Esquimalt, B.C.


Launched: 03 Jun 1914

Commissioned: 06 Aug 1914

Paid off: 

Fate: Sold for scrap in 1920


CC1 and CC2, originally named Iquique and Antofagasta, respectively, were built at Seattle for the Chilean government. However, the deal with the Chileans fell through, and on the eve of the First World War these submarines were purchased by the premier of British Columbia, Sir Richard McBride.  The Dominion government ratified the purchase and on 06 Aug 1914 the two boats were commissioned as CC1 and CC2 because of their resemblance to the British "C" class submarines.  After three years' cruising and training on the west coast they were ordered to Europe, and on 21 Jun 1917, set out for Halifax with their mother ship Shearwater. On 03 Jul 1917 they arrived in Seattle and were invited, along with the crews of CC2 and Shearwater, to lead the Seattle Independence day Parade on 04 Jul 1917. They were the first warships ever to transit the Panama Canal under the White Ensign. Unfit for a transatlantic crossing, they remained at Halifax until sold for scrap in 1920.



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Commanding Officers


LCdr Adrian St. Vincent Keyes, RN - 04 Aug 1914 - unk


Lt Francis Beaversham Hanson, RN - 21 Jun 1917 - unk



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Addison, James


Served in CC1 as Cox'n

Brisco, George


Served in CC1 and CC2 1914-1918

Crickard, Frederick W.

Hanson, Francis Beaversham


Served in CC1 1915-1917

Commanding Officer

21 Jun 1917

Lake, Geoffrey


Served in CC1 from 1915 till end of war. Was 1st Lt under Hanson

Keyes, Adrian St. Vincent


1st Commanding Officer

Flotilla CO until early 1915

Maitland-Dougall, William Mc.

Served in CC1 1914-1915 as Midshipman under Keyes.

Killed 12 Mar 1918 HMS/m D3

Walker, Wilfred Tyrrel


Served in CC1 as Keyes' 1st Lt until Christmas 1914.





Photos and Documents


HMCS CC1 entering San Diego Harbor, 1917, during the cruise from Esquimalt to Halifax


Photo by J.A. Bruce courtesy of the Dave Perkins Collection, Directorate of History and Heritage, Ottawa


Courtesy of the CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum

Cox'n James Addison on right and the three other sailors aboard the submarine CC1 - date unknown


Courtesy of the CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum



RCN Photo # CN-6020


Courtesy of the Comox RCAF Museum

CC1 and CC2, Port San Juan, BC


RCN Photo # E-41070


Courtesy of the Comox RCAF Museum