Bangor Class Minesweeper




Courtesy of the CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum - Negative # E-1484

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Battle honours and awards:  Atlantic  1942-43,   Gulf of St. Lawrence  1942



Laid down: 24 Jan 1941

Launched: 14 Apr 1941

Commissioned: 27 Sep 1941

Fate: Sunk on 21 Oct 1943


Built at Vancouver and commissioned there on 27 Sep 1941, CHEDABUCTO left Esquimalt for the Atlantic on 11 Nov 1941, arriving at Halifax with a cargo of explosives. Assigned briefly to WLEF, on 10 Apr 1942, HMCS CHEDABUCTO J168 sank SS Trongate, afire, loaded with explosives, off Halifax. She transferred in Jun 1942 to Gulf Escort Force, escorting convoys between Quebec City and Sydney. In Sep 1942, she was assigned to Sydney Force and then, in Jan 1943, reassigned to WLEF. Soon afterward she underwent a lengthy refit at Lunenburg and Halifax, on completion of which in Jun 1943, she worked up at Pictou and was allocated to Gaspé Force. On 21 Oct 1943, CHEDABUCTO was involved in a night collision with the cable vessel Lord Kelvin, and sank 30 miles from Rimouski with the loss of one officer.



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Commanding Officers


Lt John Herbert Bowan Davies, RCNR - 27 Sep 1941 - 21 Oct 1943



     In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice    

     Lest We Forget     


TUKE, Donald W.D.


MPK - 21 Oct 1943



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten




Former Crew Members


Anderson, Charles, AB, Torpedoman, RCNVR


Bate, James Richard, Lt, RCNVR - Jan 1942

Fowler, Joseph Sims, Lt (E), RCNVR - 14 Jul 1942


Koretsky, Vadium Michael Shaligo, SLt, RCNVR - 23 Mar 1942



Photos and Documents




From the collection of Douglas Allan Jamieson

Courtesy of David Jamieson

HMCS CHEDABUCTO after collision with cable ship SS Lord Kelvin.  A tow rope had been attached in an attempt to save the CHEDABUCTO


Source: The Legion Magazine, 22 

October 2010

Newspaper article on the loss of the CHEDABUCTO


Source: Canada's Virtual War Memorial


Minesweeper CHEDABUCTO Rammed - Is Total Loss


From the collection of J. Vincent Wesley, CPO, RCNVR


Courtesy of Marilynn Taylor