Llewellyn Class Minesweeper







Launched: 05 Jan 1944

Commissioned: 25 Jul 1944

Paid off: 30 Nov 1945

Sold: 1946 for civilian use

Fate: Ran aground in June, 1954


Built at Newcastle Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Nanaimo, BC, she was commission at Nanaimo on 25 Jul 1944.  She was employed out of Esquimalt on Esquimalt and Prince Rupert Force until the end of the war.  COQUITLAM was sold for civilian use in 1946 and re-named WILCOX.  She ran aground at Carleton Point, Anticosti Island in Jun 1954.



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Commanding Officers


Lt G.J. McNamara, RCNR - 08 Jul 1944 / 25 Jul 1944 - 03 Jul 1945


A/Lt Carl Gustafson, RCNVR - 03 Jul 1945 - 30 Nov 1945



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten




Former Crew Members


Evans, Harold James, Ch/Skpr, RCNR - 17 Jul 1944  / 25 Jul 1944 - Commissioning crew



Photos and Documents


Sailors on HMCS COQUITLAM J364


From the collection of Grant Seymour


This photo has also been added to the ship's company photo page for HMCS COQUITLAM


Courtesy of Cam Seymour



Wreck of the Wilcox (former HMCS COQUITLAM J364) on Anticosti Island

Original source unknown. Photo undated.



The wreck of the Wilcox on the north shore of Anticosti Island, 27 Mar 1983

Photographer: Jean-Marie Dubois 1982

Source: website: The World of Images - collections for education



Wreck of the Wilcox (former HMCS COQUITLAM J364) on Anticosti Island, Aug 2003


Photographer / courtesy of / © Pierre Bélanger 2003



Newspaper story on the wreck of the Wilcox (former HMCS COQUITLAM J364) on Anticosti Island


Source: The Thorold Niagara News 27 June 2012




Wreck of the Wilcox (former HMCS COQUITLAM J364)


Three photos showing the remains of the Wilcox just north of the Carleton Point lighthouse on Anticosti Island, July 2015


Photographer Tom LaRue

Courtesy of / © Tom LaRue 2015