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HMCS Weyburn K173

RCN Photo


Laid down: 21 Dec 1940

Launched: 26 Jul 1941

Commissioned: 26 Nov 1941

Fate: Sunk by mine 22 Feb 1943


Commissioned at Montreal on 26 Nov 1941, she arrived at Halifax on 06 Dec 1941 and joined Halifax Force for local escort work, but was soon in need of repairs. These were carried out at Halifax during Mar and Apr 1942, following which she joined WLEF. In Jul 1942 she transferred to Gulf Escort Force for Quebec City-Sydney convoys but in Sep 1942 was allocated to duties in connection with Operation "Torch." She arrived at Londonderry on 27 Sep 1942 from convoy SC.100, and at Liverpool on 02 Oct 1942 for fitting of Oerlikon A/A guns. The work was completed on 21 Oct 1942 and in Nov 1942 Weyburn began four months' employment as escort to U.K.-Mediterranean convoys. On 22 Feb 1943 HMCS Weyburn was mined off Cape Espartel east of Gibraltar in position 3546'N, 0602'W. Twelve members off her crew including her commanding officer were lost with the ship. The mine was laid by U-118 on 01 Feb 1943. 


Commanding Officers

LCdr Thomas Maidland Wade Golby, RCNR - 26 Nov 1941 - 22 Feb 1943


     In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice    

     Lest We Forget     


- Book of Remembrance entry     - Grave or burial information


BARK, Wilfred


killed - 22 Feb 1943 

Drafted to Weyburn 20 Jul 1942 as Slt, RCNVR


AB, P/JX 182689, RN

MPK - 22 Feb 1943

EISNER, Eric Ewald

Stwd, 40756, RCN

killed - 22 Feb 1943 

GOLBY, Thomas Maitland Wake


killed - 22 Feb 1943 

Commanding Officer

HALL, Richard Stanley

L/Sto, V5298, RCNVR

killed - 22 Feb 1943 


Slt, (Quentin, O/P), RNR

MPK - 22 Feb 1943

MCGAW, Dorn Macquarrie

AB, A/4318 RCNR

DOW - 22 Feb 1943 

MORRISON, Melvin Clarence

Stoker, V 27470, RCNVR

killed - 22 Feb 1943 

SAVOIE, Maurice Arthur

 Stoker, V/32119, RCNVR

DOW - 22 Feb 1943 

SHELLEY, William Henry

AB, V/35255, RCNVR

DOW - 22 Feb 1943 

TANZEY, Daniel

OS, P/JX 358923, RN

MPK - 22 Feb 1943



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Britton, John







Clarke, Thomas Stephen


Survived the sinking of HMCS Weyburn

Coupe, Roy Stewart


Survived the sinking of HMCS Weyburn. Was a LS at the time of the sinking





Garrard, William Arthur Bordett


Survived the sinking of HMCS Weyburn

Haynes, Morley C.


Survived the sinking of HMCS Weyburn

Hopper, Cyril James


Survived the sinking of HMCS Weyburn




Maskell, Woodrow Foch

Survived the sinking of HMCS Weyburn

McPhail, James Irwin


Survived the sinking of HMCS Weyburn





Former Crew Members


(*S) - Survived the sinking of HMCS Weyburn on 22 Feb 1943

Baxter, John Thomas, Sto PO, A5410, RCNR (*S)

Beck, Horace Richard, AB, A5250, RCNR (*S)

Blatchford, Harry Lloyd, AB,3553, RCN (*S)

Boucher, Reginald, Sto 2c, V6801, RCNVR (*S) 

Buckley, William Edward, OS, V31086, RCNVR (*S)

Burak, Samuel, Probationary Cook, V13734, RCNVR (*S)

Burchmore, Charles Roy, AB, V33029, RCNVR (*S)

Caldwell, John H., Ord. Sig, V5823, RCNVR (*S)

Cameron, Archibald James, AB, 3454, RCN (*S)

Cartman, G., OS, PJX338179, Royal Navy (*S)

Casswell, Thomas Frederick Norman, AB, V22512, RCNVR (*S)

Chapman, Arthur Henry Bates, AB, V7784, RCNVR (*S)

Charbonneau, Lorenzo Walter, OS, V1919, RCNVR (*S) 

Clair, Thomas Alexander, AB, V1548, RCNVR (*S)

Cleave, Franklin Wilbert, AB, V27198, RCNVR (*S)

Coley, Henry Wildred, ERA 4c, V50083, RCNVR (*S)

Darwin, Percy Vincent, OS, V6995, RCNVR (*S)

Dixon, Frederick Robert, SA, V17693, RCNVR (*S)

Doty, George Hedley, Lt, RCNR (*S)

Dumais, Joseph Frank, AB, 3959, RCN (*S)

Eisner, Eric Eward, Stwd, 40756, RCN (*S)

Flynn, Albert Edwart, AB, V23813, RCNVR (*S)

Forget, Jean Paul, OS, V4513, RCNVR (*S)

Hammond, Arthur Lewis, Cook, V23203, RCNVR (*S)

Harvey, Arthur Thomas, AB, V2513, RCNVR (*S)

Haspeck Roger Rene, OS, 3756, RCN (*S) 

Heaven, George Alfred, Ord. Sig, V33092, RCNVR (*S)

Hind, Thomas George, Coder, V13640, RCNVR (*S)

Hooper, Leonard Henry, Ord. Tel, V24937, RCNVR (*S)

Jones, Norman Kenneth, LS, 3516, RCN (*S)

King, Stanley John, LS, 3254, RCN (*S)

Lavoie, Joseph Thomas Leonce, A/CPO, A2658, RCNR (*S)

Lee, Otto Willis, Stwd, V27354, RCNVR (*S)

Longstaff, F., OS, PJX362114, Royal Navy (*S)

Mahon, William Robert, Sto 2c, V27730, RCNVR (*S)

Martin, Edward, Sto 1c, V25254, RCNVR (*S)

McCarthy, Francis, C., Ord.Sig, V22638, RCNVR (*S)

McNeil, John Pus, Sto PO, A2040, RCNR (*S)

Merkowski, Anthony Herman, OS, V31540, RCNVR (*S)

Miller, George Alexander, L/Sto, V31495, RCNVR (*S)

Milsom, Patrick Sproull, Lt, RCNVR (*S)

Murray, Leonard William, A/L/Sig, V7912, RCNVR (*S)

O'Keefe, Harry Patrick Martin, AB, V8246, RCNVR (*S)

Oliver, John Alfred, Sto 1c, 21912, RCN (*S)

Parsons, Hubert William, AB, V27307, RCNVR (*S)

Peters, John Thompson, AB, V7617, RCNVR (*S)

Poapst, Gorden Edward, Sto 2c, V24793, RCNVR (*S)

Potter, Clifford Neil, ERA 4c, V32092, RCNVR (*S)

Poulter, Rodney Frederick, ERA 4c, V27317, RCNVR (*S)

Poulton, Ernest Leonard, AB, 3460, RCN (*S)

Rainville, Leo, AB, V6915, RCNVR (*S)

Smith, Albert, AB, V22606, RCNVR (*S)

Stewart, Clyde Ralph, AB, V27253, RCNVR (*S)

Tasse, John, AB, V6346, RCNVR (*S) 

Theriault, John Charlemagne, Ord. Coder, V16670, RCNVR (*S)

Torrence, Howard William, Sto 1c, V14698, RCNVR (*S)

Towns, Leslie, Frederick, Sto 1c, 21916, RCN (*S)

Trevisanutto, Guido, AB, V16285, RCNVR (*S)

Vaudrey, Joseph Paul Eugene, CERA, A/3271, RCNR (*S)

Vinneau, John Joseph, AB, 4330, RCN (*S)

Wallace, Keith Warner, Tel, V23301, RCNVR (*S)

White, William Henry, Tel, V24604, RCNVR (*S)


RCN Memories

Remembering Morelay Haynes, Stoker 1c, RCNVR



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