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1st Canadian Submarine Squadron








Expect no warning

First Canadian Submarine Squadron was commissioned on 22 Apr 1966.  It succeeded the Royal Navy's Sixth Submarine Squadron, which was formed in Mar 1955. The First Canadian Submarine Squadron was paid off on 09 Feb 1996 and was replaced by Maritime Operations Group Five (MOG5).


Badge: Azure in base three barrulets wavy Argent overall a trident Or ensigned by a Plains First Nations ceremonial headdress affronty feathers Or tipped Sable attached to a beaded headband proper.


The headdress is symbolic of leadership and connects to the practice of naming Canadian submarines after First Nations. The trident is associated with the god Poseidon, the "keeper of the deep", and thus alludes to submarine operations.



1st Canadian Submarine Squadron








Commanding Officers


1st Canadian Submarine Squadron


Cdr E.C. Gigg

Jul 1966 to Jul 1969

Cdr M. Tate

Jul 1969 to Jul 1972

Cdr J.C. Wood

Jul 1972 to Jul 1974

Cdr P.W. Cairns

Jul 1974 to Jul 1975

Cdr J.E.D. Bell

Jul 1975 to Jan 1978

Cdr R.C. Hunt

Jan 1978 to Aug 1981 

Cdr R.C. Perks

Aug 1981 to Jul 1983

Cdr K.G. Nesbit

Jul 1983 to Dec 1984

Cdr W. Sloan

Dec 1984 to Aug 1987

Cdr K.F. McMillan

Aug 1987 to Jul 1989

Cdr A.B.Dunlop

Jul 1989 to Dec 1990

Cdr J.A.Yvon Plante

Dec 1990 to Apr 1992

Cdr F. Scherber

Apr 1992 to Jul 1994

Cdr N. Nicholson

Jul 1994 to Feb 1996


Newspaper clippings on the "passing" of the 1st Canadian Submarine Squadron

Courtesy of Brian Lapierre


Dolphin Code 4e Dead, I hot-pipe now, regardless of your wish.

Dolphin Code 38 Diesel boats forever.



Diesel Boats Forever