Oberon Class Submarine





Laid down: 25 Mar 1965

Launched: 17 Sep 1966

Commissioned: 22 Jun 1968

Paid off: 14 Sep 1998. Broken up Port Maitland, ON 2011

Ship's sponsor: Madame Leo Cadieux




Built at Chatham, U.K., HMCS OKANAGAN was commissioned on 22 Jun 1968.  She spent her whole career based out of Halifax as part of the 1st Canadian Submarine Squadron. On 28 Jul 1973, RFA Grey Rover collided with HMCS OKANAGAN in the Clyde near Faslane, Scotland. There were no injuries to the submarine's crew. OKANAGAN became the first Canadian submarine to do a Great Lakes cruise in Oct and Nov of 1990.



RCN Memories:  Terry Fox, The GG, A Submarine and Rum



Photos and Documents          Crew photos          The Ship's Bell


Launching Pamphlet          Commissioning Book          Rededication pamphlet          Welcome Aboard pamphlet


Sewer Rats on Patrol - Reader's Digest article on HMCS OKANAGAN - © Shawn Thompson, Thompson Rivers University



Commanding Officers


LCdr Nigel Harvey Hugh Frawley, RCN - 22 Jun 1968 - 18 Aug 1969

LCdr Geoffrey.R. Meek - 18 Aug 1969 - 05 Nov 1969

LCdr L.G. (Joe) Temple - 05 Nov 1969 - 22 Dec 1969

LCdr Cliff .J. Crow - 22 Dec 1969 - 21 Dec 1970

LCdr Harvey R. Waddell - 21 Dec 1970 - 15 Oct 1971

Cdr Maurice Tate - 15 Oct 1971 - 08 Mar 1972

LCdr Peter E. Cairns - 08 Mar 1972 - 12 Jun 1972

LCdr C.E. (Ed) Falstrem - 12 Jun 1972 - 07 May 1973

LCdr James Ernest D. Bell - 07 May 1973 - 05 Aug 1974

LCdr Raymond Charles Hunt - 05 Aug 1974 - 01 Nov 1975

LCdr Keith G. Nesbit - 01 Nov 1975 - 21 Jul 1977

LCdr James Michel Ewan - 21 Jul 1977 - 06 Jul 1978

LCdr James Stiling Ferguson - 06 Jul 1978 - 14 Jul 1980

LCdr Frank Scherber - 14 Jul 1980 - 20 Dec 1981

LCdr Al B. Dunlop - 20 Dec 1981 - 03 May 1982

LCdr M. Bruce Maclean - 03 May 1982 - 10 Aug 1983

LCdr Ernest Philip Webster - 10 Aug 1983 - 06 Jan 1984

LCdr J.A.Yvon Plante - 06 Jan 1984 - 12 Mar 1984

LCdr D.F. Webb, RAN - 12 Mar 1984 - 14 Apr 1985

LCdr Ernest Philip Webster - 14 Apr 1985 - 30 Jul 1985

Lt Andrew L. MacDonald - 30 Jul 1985 - 01 Apr 1986

LCdr Andrew L. MacDonald - 14 Apr 1986 - 08 Feb 1988

LCdr Norm.P. Nicolson - 08 Feb 1988 - 24 Jul 1989

LCdr William C. Irvine - 24 Jul 1989 - 22 Jul 1990

LCdr Leslie B. Mosher - 22 Jul 1990 - 03 Jun 1991

LCdr Robert E. Bush - 03 Jun 1991 - 15 Jun 1992

LCdr Larry M. Hickey - 15 Jun 1992 - 03 Jan 1995

LCdr Les B. Mosher - 03 Jan 1995 - 12 Jan 1996

LCdr Steve A. Virgin - 12 Jan 1996 - 12 May 1997

LCdr Dermot P. Mulholland - 12 May 1997 - 14 Sep 1998



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten















Earle, John C.

















Irvine, Matthew S.




















Nesbit, Keith G.








Orr, Charles H.

























Former Crew Members


(CC) = Commissioning Crew - 22 Jun 1968

(CB74) = Crew Photo Cornerbrook, NFLD Jul 1974

(WUPS79) = WUPS Crew, 1979, Gosport, UK

(R86) = Rededication crew - 18 Apr 1986



Abraham, John M. 


Allard, Moe  (WUPS79)


Allen, Jake  (WUPS79)


Ashby, E.S., MS  (R86)


Ashling, David, Lt (N)  (WUPS 79)


Aylward, C.J., OS  (R86)


Barnes, Lloyd, Lt - 1970


Beck, Lennie  (WUPS79)


Beek, D.P., AB  (R86)


Bell, Allan, ER


Bernard, J.L., LS  (R86)


Bimm, Bill  (WUPS79)


Blagdon, Lloyd - 1970


Blue, Bryan


Bourassa, Patrick (Pat)

Bowie, Robert (Bob)  (WUPS79) MS (R86)


Bowle, J.E., AB  (R86)


Brannen, D., P2  (R86)

Braun, Peter  (WUPS79)


Braye, R.K., LS  (R86)


Brennan, Dave, LS - 1972


Brice, Neil  (WUPS79)


Butchart, R.W., P2  (R86)

Byrson, D.R., MS  (R86)


Byzewski, George  (WUPS79)


Caldwell, Dave LS (CB74), (WUPS79)


Cameron, Doug, SN - 1971, 1974


Cascadden, J.D., P2  (R86)


Campbell, Dwight  (WUPS79)


Childs, Fred - 1971  (CB74)


Churte, R.E., LS  (R86)


Clahane, John  (WUPS79)


Clahane, P.M., AB  (R86)


Coffey, Rickey


Cooper, Brian - 1974, 1976


Cooper  (WUPS79)


Cottingham, G.P., LCdr, EO  (R86)


Cummings, Dale  (WUPS79)


Daigle, Rejean (Reggie) - 1971  (CB74)


Dingman, Douglas (CC)


Diplock, Ian, AB  (CB74)


Dowd, A.H., LT (N), SYO  (R86)

Duchaine, J.A., LS  (R86)

Dupont, D.C., MS  (R86)


Elliott, Bill  (WUPS79)


Embree, Sherm, MSEO - 1977-1979 


English, F.S., MCpl  (R86)


Estabrooks, Keith, LS - 1970


Evans, Bob, LS - 1970-1971 (CB74)


Ewan, Mitch - 1970, 1976


Faid, Ernie, LS - 1970


Farler, Tim, ET (WUPS79)


Finn, P.T.E., Slt, A/CSE  (R86)


Fisher, Brian, LCdr (XO)  (CB74)


Fischer, E.E., AB  (R86)


Flewwelling, Peter, Lt  (CB74)


Fraser, L.D., WO  (R86)


Fraser, Robbie  (WUPS79)

Fry, Fred  (WUPS79)


Gendron, Claude  (WUPS79)


Gilby, R.R., LS  (R86)


Goddard, Tommy - 1970


Goodman, S.K., P2  (R86)


Gordon, Jim  (WUPS79)

Grey, Brian  (WUPS79)


Gurtin, P.C., AB  (R86)


Guttin, Max, LS  (CB74)


Hall, Bob, CPO2 - 1990s


Hamilton, Gordon, LS  (CB74)


Hammond, G.L., MCpl  (R86)


Harrison, Dent, XO - 1970


Hassam, Eric  (WUPS79)


Hayward, Barry, AB  (CB74)


Hayward, Joe


Hearfield, S.A., LS  (R86)


Heppleston, Pete  (WUPS79)


Hewitt, Jim  (WUPS79)


Higdon, Steve, AB - 1970


Hiscock, D.B., MS  (R86)


Houle, Barry, Lt (N)  (WUPS 79)


Jacobs, Pat, Comm Tech


Johannesen, R.L., OS  (R86)


Johnson, J., LS  (CB74)


Jolin, N.H., LCdr, XO  (R86)


Jones, Terry, Lt - 1970


Keast, Joe  (WUPS79)


King, Ken, PO2, ET - 1968-1969 (CC)


Kolodji, Ron  (WUPS79)


Lacroix, Gino, AB  (CB74)


Laforest, J.R., LS  (R86)


Landry, L,P.J., Lt (N), Electrical Officer  (R86)


Langlois, Andre  (WUPS79)


Lapierre, Brian, ET


Larsen, Sid  (CB74)


Lavoie, J.A., P2  (R86)


Legare, J.C., P2  (R86)


Legault, Max (CB74)


Leprade, Andre  (WUPS79)


Lewellyn, John, Cook


Li, D.A., OS  (R86)


Limoges, Rick - 1976


Lund, Wilf  (CB74)


Lyle, Ron  (WUPS79)


Lyle, R.R., AB  (R86)


MacDonald, R.G., MS  (R86)


MacLean, Bruce, Slt (CB74), (WUPS79)


MacLeod, A.N., MS  (R86)

Marsaw, Dean C.  (WUPS79), Lt (N), NavO  (R86)


McKenzie, Ian, Lt, RN Exchange Officer (WUPS 79)

McLellan, S.M., LS  (R86)

Medynski, Bill, LS  (CB74)


Merineau, J.Y., Cpl  (R86)

Merrette, E.G., AB  (R86)


White, J.A., MS  (R86)


Yeo, Dave, LS - 1973-1974  (CB74)


Middleton, Ray, AB  (CB74)

Miles, Ron  (WUPS79)

Miles, R.H., MS  (R86)

Mineotas, Victor  (WUPS79)


Mishak, P.J., OS  (R86)


Mizuik, Bob, LS  (CB74)


Molloy, Jack, MS  (CB74)


Monsigneur, D.W., OS  (R86)


Moore, J.T., AB  (R86)

Mosher, L.B., Lt (N), Sonar Officer  (R86)


Mowat, Sandy, LS  (CB74)


Murray, Tom  (CB74)


Newman, Dick, CPO (CET)  (CB74)


Nicholson, Norm, Lt  (CB74)


O’Hara, Tony, LS  (CB74)


Osmond, M.T., PO2  (R86)


Park, Bob, PO (Coxn)  (CB74)


Parker, Ron, ET  (WUPS79)


Parlee, Gord, P. - 1970, P1 (R86)


Patterson, Richard, LS  (CB74)


Pearce, R.E., MS  (R86)


Pfaff, Jim - 1970


Poirier, Gilles J.  (WUPS79),  C2 (R86)


Post, Johann, Stoker  (WUPS 79)


Reid, Dan (WUPS79)


Reid, G.F., MS  (R86)


Reglar, Peter, LCdr (EO)  (CB74)


Reynolds, W.E., MS  (R86)


Roach, George - 1971


Rodden, Pat, LS - 1972


Rowe, Fred, LS - 1970 - 1974


Rudnicki, S.W., Lt (N), CSE  (R86)


Russelo, Carl


Sadler, E.D., C2  (R86)


St-Amant, Steve


Sanderson, Ian, SLt - 1970


Scott, Jim, P2MA - 1973


Sears, G.T., OS  (R86)


Simard, Marcel, RP / NCI Op  (WUPS79)


Skeaff, D., AB  (CB74)


Sloan, Bill, Lt - 1970


Smith, Alfred, Slt, Electrical Officer (WUPS79)


Smith, John, Lt, EO - 1970


Smith, Larry, LS  (CB74)  (WUPS79)


Stiles, Ted, LT (N)  (WUPS 79)


Stone, J.D., MS  (R86)


Stubberfield, Joe  (WUPS79)

Stubner, Joe, LS (CB74)  (WUPS79)

Sullivan, George  (WUPS79)


Surette, J.J., RM - 1976


Tasker, Tony, Lt (N)  (WUPS 79)


Thomas, George (Buddy), P1 - 1970


Upson, D.R., P2  (R86)


Valley, Dave, ER - 1973


Van Kruiz, Dave, AB - 1970


Venator, W.J., MS  (R86)


Walsworth, Nigel  (WUPS79)


Weaver, Scott, Radioman


Whelan, Richard (Boomer) - 1979 - 1984  (WUPS79)


Wood, Michael R (Max) - 1968-1969 (CC)



Photos and Documents


The 50-cent piece from the keel laying of HMCS OKANAGAN SS74

Courtesy of Steve St. Amant

The launching of HMCS OKANAGAN at Chatham Dockyards, 1966

HMS Chatham Dockyard, Kent, UK, Reception held on 31 May 1968 for Crew members of HMCS OKANAGAN SS74


The members present were: Dave Brannen, Unknown, Jim Hollohan, Dave Dingeman, Bill Layden, Lloyd Blagdon, Vice Admiral W. Parker (RN) Flag Officer Medway, Paul Renner, Donald "Buster" Brown, Terry Wyss, Keith "Gnu" Griffin


Courtesy of Brian Lapierre


This photo is also posted on the crew photo page

LS McVarnock by the Sonar Dome on HMCS OKANAGAN - 1968


Naval Museum of Halifax


Courtesy of Brian Lapierre

HMCS OKANAGAN - Welcome Aboard Booklet



HMCS OKANAGAN arrives in Halifax for the first time

Source: Sentinel magazine

From the collection of Willie Waugh

Courtesy of Brian Lapierre 

Lt Mike Hurford with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau during a day sail on HMCS OKANAGAN

Source: The Sentinal Magazine Nov-Dec 1969

Courtesy of Brian Lapierre


HMCS OKANAGAN departing Halifax early 1970s

Courtesy of / © John Hawley

HMCS OKANAGAN entering harbour in the Barbados circa 1970

Courtesy of / © John Hawley 1970


Sentinel Magazine April 1970 - They fight in the depths of the sea



(1)                   (2)                 (3)                  (4)                   (5)                (6)                  (7)                  (8)                 (9)


(1) Cover - Slt Ian Sanderson (left) and LS Gary Derek (Sandy) Sanderson with the binoculars


(3) (Left) Commanding Officer Cliff Crowe on the Bridge. (Right) a look into the Engine Room at 77 Bulkhead.


(4) (Left) LS Rejean Daigle in the Radar Shack. (Right) LS Ernie Faid and PO2 Charlie Hillier in the Motor Room. (Charlie Hillier with the Mic)


(5) (Top Left) Lt Bill Sloan on the Bridge. (Top Right) is some crew on Forward casing enjoying the sun. (Bottom Left) (L-R) is LS Bob Mizuik, LS Paul Renner, LS Pat Rodden, LS Bob Evans, LS Keith Estabrooks and standing is LS Brian MacEachern. Taken in the After Torpedo Room during Tot Time. (Bottom Right) is PO1 George "Buddy" Thomas cutting Lt. Terry Jones's hair with AB Dave Van Kruiz looking on in Forward Torpedo Room.


(6) (Top Left) is crew on Fwd Casing getting sun. AB Brian Lapierre is at left drinking from a Coke can. Others is photo: LS Jerry Conway, LS Paul Renner with cigarette. (Top Right) Lt Terry Jones & LT Lloyd Barnes in the Wardroom. (Bottom Left) AB Steve Higdon in the Galley. (Bottom Right) a Fire Exercise outside the Galley at Bulkhead 49.


(7) (Top Left)  LS Fred Schatz on the helm. (Top Right) a Target. (Bottom Left) LS Brian MacEachern on the Main Blowing Panel in the Control Room. (Bottom Right) is LS Bret Aubrey in the Sound Room with headphones on.


(8) Commanding Officer Cliff Crowe on the Fwd Periscope with XO Dent Harrison as Officer of the Watch in the Control Room.


(9) (Bottom Right) Lt John Smith,  Engineering Officer. He eventually couldn't go to sea anymore so became a Medical Doctor in the Military. Still has his practice in Mineville, N.S. Retired as a Commander.

Courtesy of Brian Lapierre






Courtesy of Joe Hayward


Laying out the lines on HMCS OKANAGAN

Courtesy of Joe Hayward

Rickey Coffey, Joe Hayward, Ed Hopkins and Bryan Blue on HMCS OKANAGAN

Courtesy of Joe Hayward


Swimex and BBQ on HMCS OKANAGAN - 1970


photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

photo 6


(1) Recognized are Ian Sanderson and Charlie Hillier  (2) Recognized is Gord Parlee  (3) Paul Renner climbing the scrambling net  (4) Lloyd Blagdon and Jim Pfaff swimming  (5) Billy Layden cooking with Mitch Ewan, Charlie Hillier and Tommy Goddard  (6) Recognized are Cliff Crowe (CO), Ian Sanderson and Bill Layden


Courtesy of Brian Lapierre

© Brian Lapierre 1970


HMCS OKANAGAN departing St. John's, Newfoundland - Oct 1970


Fred Rowe in foreground with white turtleneck


Courtesy of Brian Lapierre

© Brian Lapierre 1970

HMCS OJIBWA undergoing refit at Jetty 8. HMCS OKANAGAN outboard. Photo undated


Courtesy of Hugh Muir


Card Hockey on HMCS OKANAGAN


Every submariner who has gone to sea knows the routine. Many hours of work, watches, sleep and then repeat of the same. Time can pass very slowly sometimes. In a persons off time you would probably read or watch the evening movie in the "forends" on the old 16mm projector before the days of VCRs and DVD players.


In the early 70's I took an old card game and turned it into a tournament. We had two players per team, all of the teams in the NHL at that time. We played the typical NHL schedule then went into the playoffs. The finals of course being held in the "forends" complete with spectators, hand made jerseys and the "OKANAGAN Cup" made by the engine room staff out of a grease can, painted silver with the boats crest and a red light on top which could be flashed when a goal was scored. These tournaments brought great fun for participants and spectators alike.


OKANAGAN Cup Winners


1971 - Montreal Canadian with Herbie Wambolt and Peter Llewellyn defeated the New York Rangers of George Reach and Vic Carter.


1974 - Vancouver Canucks with Doug Cameron and Gord Hamilton defeated the Buffalo Sabres of Vic Carter and Brian Cooper.



Card hockey on HMCS OKANAGAN - Apr 1971


photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

photo 6

photo 7

photo 8

photo 9

photo 10

photo 11

photo 12

photo 13

photo 14

photo 15


(1) OKANAGAN Card Hockey Tournament - Montreal Canadian with Herbie Wambolt and Lew Llewellyn defeated the New York Rangers of George Roach and Vic Carter


(2) Recognized are Bob Evans, Stu Hall, Wilfie Broyden, George Roach, Peter Llewellyn, Herbie Wambolt, Vic Carter  (3) Recognized are Bob Evans, Stu Hall, Wilfie Broyden, George Roach, Peter Llewellyn, Herbie Wambolt  (4) Recognized are Bob Evans, Stu Hall, Wilfie Broyden, George Roach, Peter Llewellyn, Herbie Wambolt  (5) Recognized are Vic Carter, Herbie Wambolt, Peter Llewellyn, George Roach and Wilfie Broyden  (6) Recognized are Reggie Daigle, Peter LLewellyn and Herbie Wambolt  (7) Recognized are Bob Evans, Stu Hall, Wilfie Broyden, George Roach, Peter Llewellyn, and Herbie Wambolt  (8) Recognized are Wilfie Broyden, Peter Llewellyn Vic Carter and George Roach


(9) Recognized are Bob Evans, Stu Hall, Wilfie Broyden, George Roach, Peter Llewellyn, Herbie Wambolt and Vic Carter  (10) Recognized are Reggie Daigle, Fred Childs, Herbie Wambolt and Peter Llewellyn  (11) A graceful loser, Vic Carter  (12) "A goal"  (13) President Brian Lapierre presenting "winnings" to Larry Schneider  (14) President Brian Lapierre presenting "winnings" to Doug Cameron  (15) Vic Carter, Brian Lapierre and George Roach with the "OKANAGAN Cup"


Courtesy of Brian Lapierre

© Brian Lapierre - 1971



The Last Tot on HMCS OKANAGAN - 31 Mar 1972


photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4


(1) Pat Rodden, Ross Webb (Coxn) and Brian McEachern behind Coxn  (2) CPO2 Ross Webb (Coxn), Brian McEachern, LS Wilf Broyden  (3) CPO2 Ross Webb (Coxn), LS Jerry Conway, LS Dave Brennan, LS Wilf Broyden  (4) Certificate presented to LS Brian Lapierre after drawing his lat tot on HMCS OKANAGAN, Mar 1972


Courtesy of Brian Lapierre

© Brian Lapierre 1972


Crew list for 28 July 1973


This is a crew list of those that were on HMCS OKANAGAN S74 on 28 Jul 1973 when she was hit by RFA Grey Rover.


Courtesy of Brian Lapierre



LCdr Jim Bell (CO)

LCdr Brian Fisher (XO)

LCdr Terry Jones

Lt Bill Hawes

Lt Bill Simmons

Lt Ian Jackson

SLt Peter Flewwelling



PO1 Bob Park


Comms Dept.


PO1 Kenny Robinson

LS Phil Rody

LS Fred Rowe

LS Bob Forbes




Cpl JJ Gallant



Weapons Dept.


PO Terry Wyss

MS Bob Muziuk

LS Brian Cooper

LS Colin Vale

LS Gord Hamilton


Engineering Dept.


CPO1 Sam Jennings

PO2 Buster Brown

PO2 Lloyd Blagdon

PO2 Ed Diplock

PO2 Tom Goddard

PO2 Bob Evans

LS Tug Wilson

LS Richard Patterson

LS Ron Lloyd

LS Keith Estabrooks

LS Robert Mowat

LS Dave Caldwell

LS Allen Bell

LS Al Goldsmith (possible)

AB Barry (Suzie) Hayward




MS Dave Brannen

LS Bill Mydnyski

Cpl Gilles Perry




LS Gabe Deak


Radar Dept.


MS Fred Childs

LS Reg Daigle

LS John Hughes




PO2 Jim Scott

Electrical Dept.


CPO2 Dick Newman

PO1 Charlie Hillier

MS Bob Rockley

MS Paul Renner

MS Jack Malloy

LS Dave Yeo

LS Larry Smith

LS Brian Lapierre



Fire Control


Lou Martel





MS Max Guttin



Sonar Dept.


PO1 Buddy Thomas

LS George Sullivan

LS Lucky Gordon

LS Tony O’Hara

LS Doug Cameron

LS Jim Harris

LS Vic Carter

LS Ray Middleton

AB Ian Diplock

Subron One & RN Sea Training Staff Riders


Cdr James C. Wood (SM1) 1st Cdn Submarine Squadron

LCdr Ed Murray (Technical Officer) 1st Cdn Submarine Squadron

Lt John Smith. Cdn Sea Training

Captain Tubby Squires (RN) (FOSM) RN Sea Training

Cdr Hugo White (RN) RN Sea Training

RN Chief in Sound Room (Name Unknown)


HMCS OKANAGAN SS74 after her collision with RFA Grey Rover - 28 Jul 1973


photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

photo 6

photo 7

photo 8

photo 9

photo 10

photo 11

photo 12

photo 13

photo 14

photo 15


(1) HMCS OKANAGAN SS74 after her collision with RFA Grey Rover. Photo taken by a cook on RFA Grey Rover (2-4) Damage to HMCS OKANAGAN  (5) Removed parts on the casing  (6) RN Chief and Tug Wilson on top of conning tower making repairs  (7) A view of the fin showing the damage  (8) Larry Smith and Richard Patterson amongst the damage


(9 & 10) Brian Lapierre amongst the damage  (12) P2 Don "Buster" Brown and LS Wayne "Tug" Wilson on top of conning tower making repairs  (13) Brian Lapierre amongst the damage  (14) Dave Yeo and Jack Malloy on the casing  (15) The temporary fin installed; getting ready to sail home


Courtesy of Brian Lapierre

Photos 2 through 15 - © Brian Lapierre 1973



Newspaper clipping on the collision between HMCS OKANAGAN and RFA Grey Rover on 28 Jul 73


photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4


(1) From the Halifax Herald 30 Jul 73  (2) From the Scottish Sunday Express 29 Jul 73  (3) From the Sunday Mirror 29 Jul 73  (4) From News of the World 29 Jul 73

Courtesy of Brian Lapierre

Article written by Donald "Buster" Brown" for the Trident magazine, is about the collision between HMCS OKANAGAN and RFA Grey Rover in 1973 and the reunion of the "Crunch Bunch" in 2013.  It is published here courtesy of Donald "Buster" Brown


Kite Flying on HMCS OKANAGAN - 1976


photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

photo 6


(1) Recognized on the bridge is Rick Limoges  (2) Rick "Beercan" Limoges, J.J. Surette, Brian Cooper, and Pierre Alarie preparing their kites on HMCS OKANAGAN  (3 & 4) Rick "Beercan" Limoges, J.J. Surette, Brian Cooper, and Pierre Alarie preparing their kites on HMCS OKANAGAN  (5) Recognized is Mitch Ewan  (6) "She's flying"


Courtesy of Brian Lapierre

© Brian Lapierre 1976


A few of the crew onboard HMCS OKANAGAN around summer of 1976. Taken in OKANAGAN's cafeteria. OKANAGAN was the only Canadian Oberon with a cafeteria.


(L-R) 1. Ken Elliot, 2. Doug (Tramp) Yeman, 3. Bob Bramwell, 4. Greg Pease, 5. George Sullivan, 6. Max Legault, 7. Donald (Buster) Brown


Click here to view the photo with numbers


From the collection of Robert Bramwell

Courtesy of Brian Lapierre

The Return of the Pink Panther


HMCS OKANAGAN undergoing post refit trials


Trident Magazine 14 Dec 1978


Courtesy of Sherm Embree

Sherm was MSEO on OKANAGAN during the post refit trials

Vice-Admiral Allan presents LCdr James Ferguson, CO of HMCS OKANAGAN with the Jolly Roger Trophy




Courtesy of Brian Lapierre

CPO2 Bob Hall in OKANAGAN'S Motor Room conducting briefings during tours during Lake's Trip in early 1990's

Photo credit: Naval Museum of Halifax

Courtesy of Brian Lapierre



HMCS OKANAGAN - Great Lakes Cruise 1991

Courtesy of Keith Sherstobetoff


HMCS OKANAGAN'S paying off sail past

Courtesy of Daniel Asselin

HMCS OKANAGAN'S paying off sail past

Courtesy of Brian Lapierre

HMCS OKANAGAN is paid off and the ensign is lowered for the final time.

Courtesy of Brian Lapierre

Former HMCS OKANAGAN being broken up at Port Maitland, Ontario - 2011


Courtesy of Erling Baldorf


Members of the "Crunch Bunch"


Crew members of HMCS OKANAGAN, who were on board when she was hit by RFA Grey Rover, got together in Halifax for a reunion on 28 Jul 2013.


photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5


(1) (L-R) Dave Brannen, Brian Lapierre, Brian Fisher, Terry Wyss, Dick Newman, Reg Daigle, Jim Scott, Brian Cooper, Fred Rowe, Keith Estabrooks, Buster Brown, Jim Gordon, Lloyd Blagdon  (2) Brian Lapierre and a bottle of Navy Rum brought out for a special occasion  (3) Jim Gordon (left) and Brian Lapierre measuring out the tots  (4) (L-R) Dave Brannen, Jim Scott, Reg Daigle, Jim Gordon, Buster Brown, Brian Lapierre, The Bartender, Lloyd Blagdon, Fred Rowe, Dick Newman  (5) (L-R) Brian Fisher, Dick Newman, Buster Brown, Jim Gordon, Brian Lapierre, Lloyd Blagdon


Courtesy of Brian Lapierre


A submariners jacket crest that was bought by Robert Snelling almost 30 years ago - which has just resurfaced  -  01 Jul 2014

Courtesy of Robert Snelling

Placement for the 50th Anniversary of the Commissioning of HMCS OKANAGAN celebrations - 2018


Courtesy of Brian Lapierre