RCN Squadron / Fleet Photos


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River Class Destroyers of the RCN




From the collection of James A. Senior, RCN

Courtesy of Bob Senior

HMCS Ottawa H60, HMCS Assiniboine I18, HMCS St Laurent H83 and HMCS Restigouche H00, Jetty 4, Apr 1940


From the collection of Douglas John Ford

Courtesy of Jay Ford

Corvettes Leaving Halifax, April 1941


Source: Library and Archives Canada - PA105334

Ships in Halifax Harbour.  HMS Loch Quoich K434 second from the Jetty


From the photo collection of Hugh A. Benson

Courtesy of Doug Benson

Ships of the 262nd Landing Craft Flotilla, June 5, 1944 at 108 Birth, Southampton, England


(L-R) HMC LCI(L)-250, HMC LCI(L)-118, HMC LCI(L)-299, HMC LCI(L)-115


From the collection of Frank Tucker

Courtesy of Joe Phelan

Ship's at Halifax circa 1944-45


Fairmiles Q093 (76th Fl), Q061 (72nd Fl), Q056 (71st Fl) and sub HMS Seawolf N47. Other ships unknown


Courtesy of Kevin Joynt

82nd Fairmile Motor Launch Flotilla at sea circa 1944-45


From the collection of Arthur Penelton

Courtesy of Gary Penelton

70th Fairmile Motor Launch Flotilla entering harbour, Hamilton, Bermuda, 1945


From the collection of Kevin Joynt

Left to Right: Moonlock FY16, Tordo FY20, Howe Sound I FY 20, Universe Z125


Moonlock, Tordo and Howe Sound I were all vessels of the Fisherman's Reserve. Universe was a converted fishing trawler used as a fire tug


Courtesy of Dave Shirlaw, RCN News Magazine

Bangor class minesweepers tied up alongside in Halifax - date unknown


HMCS Melville J263 centre.  Note that the only ship flying an ensign is the outboard ship


From the collection of Roy Cardy

Courtesy of Dennis Cardy

Canadian minesweepers in WW II.  HMCS Caraquet J38 2nd in line


Courtesy of William Gard

73 Flotilla on VE-Day


ML Q075 visible on the right


From the collection of John Joynt, RCNVR

Courtesy of Kevin Joynt

RCN Ship's tied up waiting disposal after the war - location unknown


HMCS Trail K174 lead ship on right


From the collection of Ivan Chamberlain

Courtesy of Dave Chamberlain

HMCS Ontario leads the three destroyers destined to join the United Nations forces engaged in the defence of South Korea.

Credit: W. Atkins, British Columbia Press Agency:

Source: CROWSNEST Magazine Vol. 2, No. 11, September 1950


HMCS ONTARIO with 2 Tribal class destroyers and what appears to be a "V" and a "C" class destroyer


Original source unknown


L-R:  HMCS ANTIGONISH, HMCS ATHABASKAN, HMCS Crescent, HMCS Ontario, HMCS Cayuga - circa 1951-52


From the collection Gordon (Art) Broster

Courtesy of Cathy Robinson

Grand Harbour, Malta, Fall 1958


HMCS St. Laurent 205 (bottom right), ship directly astern is a Canadian ship as well, hull number not fully legible might be HMCS Chaudiere 235 or GATINEAU 236.  Photo from the collection of the late LT Bert W. Meade.


Courtesy of Marianne Sweet

50th Anniversary of the RCN


1960 Fleet Review, Halifax, NS


DND / RCN photo

Courtesy of Donald (Buster) Brown

9th Squadron visit to Churchill, MB, Autumn 1962


The Squadron consisted of HMCS Cap de la Madeleine 317, HMCS Lauzon 322, HMCS Buckingham 314, HMCS Swansea 306 and HMCS La Hulloise 305


From the collection of Angus Gillingham

Courtesy of Peter Gillingham

5th Canadian Destroyer Escort Squadron, Kiel, Germany, Summer 1963

Photographer: Don Carter

Courtesy of Rob Kerr, Cdr, RCN, ret'd

HMCS Bonaventure leading the Atlantic Fleet into Halifax after a deployment - date unknown


Courtesy of John Gabel

Canadian Task Group - circa 1966


Right to left, front to back: HMCS Kootenay 258, HMCS Restigouche 257, HMCS St. Croix 256, HMCS Skeena 207, HMCS Provider 508, HMCS Bonaventure CVL22, HMCS Nipigon 266, HMCS Antigonish 301


From the collection of Eugene Miller

Courtesy of Rene Miller

Canadian Task Group - circa 1966

HMCS Provider RASing with HMCS Bonaventure and a Cadillac

From the collection of Eugene Miller

Courtesy of Rene Miller


Note submitted by Don Gorham for the above photo:  From the book “The Bonnie (HMCS Bonaventure) by J. Allan Snowie; published by The Boston Mills Press. The caption beneath the photograph reads: “Enroute to Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, the new Canadian Replenishment Ship, HMCS Provider tops up Bonnie and her destroyer screen”.


On January 12th, Bonaventure departed Halifax as the flagship of the largest Canadian task group ever to sail for South America. Under the Command of Commodore J.C. O’Brien was the fleet replenishment ship Provider; the mobile repair ship Cape Scott; destroyers Nipigon, Saguenay, Kootenay, Skeena, Annapolis and Restigouche and the RN submarine Acheron. On the 21st they were joined by four West Coasters, the destroyer escort St. Croix; frigates Antigonish and Stettler; and submarine Grilse.

Canadian Squadron - circa 1966


Front to back: HMCS Restigouche 257, HMCS Bonaventure CVL22, HMCS Skeena 207


From the collection of Eugene Miller

Courtesy of Rene Miller

Canadian Task Group - circa 1967


(R-L) HMCS Provider, HMCS Cape Scott, HMCS Bonaventure and 2 Cadillacs (possibly Mackenzie and Saskatchewan).


 Photo taken from HMCS Ottawa 229


Photographer: Raymond Cumby

Courtesy of Raymond Cumby

Canadian Task Group - circa 1967


(R-L) Unknown Cadillac, HMCS Provider, HMCS Cape Scott, HMCS Bonaventure and 2 Cadillacs (possibly Mackenzie and Saskatchewan). Photo taken from HMCS Ottawa 229


Photographer: Raymond Cumby

Courtesy of Raymond Cumby


1967 Fleet Review


DND / RCN photos

Courtesy of Donald (Buster) Brown


Canadian Carrier Task Group


HMCS Bonaventure along with five Destroyers, HMCS Ottawa, HMCS Margaree, HMCS Gatineau, HMCS Fraser, HMCS St-Laurent and HMCS Provider arrived in the port of New Orleans for a six day visit on 01 Mar 1968

Four Tribal class destroyers (from left) HMCS Micmac 214, HMCS Athabaskan 219, HMCS Nootka 213, HMCS Cayuga 218

All four Iroquois class destroyers. Date unknown

Courtesy of Dennis Morrison

(Left to Right) HMCS St. John's, HMCS Protecteur and HMCS Algonquin in RAS formation


DND/RCN photo / Photographer MCpl Michel Durand

(L to R)  HMCS Fraser 233, HMCS Saguenay 206, HMCS Skeena 207 and HMCS Margaree 230 - date unknown

The Cadillacs in Halifax


"The Annapolis - 265 is outboard along side at 3 jetty, 5th Sqn is behind where the St. Laurent tied up back in the day.  I bought this post card in 1970 if my memory serves me. It was made by Wilson Dryden as it says on the back."


Courtesy of Terry Masters

HMCS Nootka, HMCS Haida and HMCS Swansea


From the photo collection of Lt VS Curry, CD, RCN (Ret'd)

Courtesy of Gerry Curry

Canadian Carrier TG


Bonnie and Provider screened by the Cadillacs and two Prestonian class frigates


Courtesy of John Le Forte

YDTs 6, 8 and 12


Courtesy of Jack Lewis

Canadian ships at sea during Exercise Maple Spring 68 - March 1968

Top to Bottom, L to R: HMC Ships Kootenay, Provider, Gatineau, Cape Scott, Ottawa, Bonaventure, Margaree, Nipigon, St Laurent, Fraser & Saguenay


Source: Royal Canadian Navy Today and Yesterday page on Facebook

Canadian ships at sea during Exercise Maple Spring 68 - March 1968


DND / RCN photo

Canadian Task Group passing the Rock of Gibraltar - 1980


HMCS Athabaskan 282, HMCS Huron 281 and HMCS Protecteur 509


Courtesy of Steve White


HMCS Okanagan, HMCS Onondaga and HMCS Ojibwa


Courtesy of Keith Sherstobetoff

2nd Canadian Escort Squadron


Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

HMCS ANTICOSTI and HMCS MORESBY (centre) with Naval Reserve training vessels


DND / RCN Photo



DND / RCN Photo