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Established by the Royal Canadian Navy in 1942, NRS Newport Corner was in the St. Croix River valley in Newport Corner, 50 kilometres northwest of NRS Albro Lake near Brooklyn. Newport Corner was originally the transmitter site for Albro Lake and later, when Albro Lake closed and CFS Mill Cove opened in 1967, it was the transmitter site for Mill Cove.  In the 1990s, due to government cutbacks, NRS Newport Corner and CFS Mill Cove were configured to operate remotely from HMCS Trinity in Halifax.



Photos and Documents




The 1st photo is myself (Francis Dowdall) on top of the transmitting antenna to change the light - you get an idea of the size of the lights. The 2nd photo is a picture of # 3 tower taken from the top of # 2 tower. Photo # 3 is Newport Corners Radio Station taken from 600 ft. It was winter and it was a cool climb. With the wind whistling through the tower it sounded like a jet was right over top. It was a great experience. One thing stands out in my mind and that was there were so many electrons or whatever floating around in the transmitter room that when you carried a 6 foot fluorescent bulb in your hand it glowed as if it was connected to 110 volts. Weird!!


Courtesy of Francis Dowdall


Photos circa 1950-1951


(To read the story behind the photos, see RCN Memories - Changing a Light Bulb)