Exhibition Grounds Halifax, NS




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In the early part of the war there was insufficient accommodations and facilities in Halifax to house and train the sailors for the rapidly expanding RCN. In the spring of 1940, of 1,400 naval ratings training in Halifax, only a third were in barracks. That summer, the Navy requisitioned the Exhibition Grounds and erected temporary buildings to house the hundreds of new trainees arriving in Halifax.  The RCN Signals School was also established there.


The building at the Exhibition Grounds were commissioned as HMCS STADACONA II on 01 Aug 1940 until 30 Sep 1941. In the summer of 1941 the signal school re-located to St Hyacinthe, Quebec and was commissioned as HMCS ST HYACINTHE. 



Photos and Documents


Hostilities AG V/S 05 Feb 1941

Visual Signalmen Course, RCN Signals School, HMCS Stadacona II

From the collection of John Morrison, CPO Sig, RCNVR

Courtesy of Cathy Stroud

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(7) Morrison, John. O/Sig



V/S Course photo - 1941



Front row: L-R:  E. Brockwell,  J. Bates,  Chief yeoman Pritchard (instructor),  E. Valliant,  G. Finch


Middle Row: L-R:  W. Archer,  G. Rimmer,  W. Rex,  A. Sloan,  R. Trow,  E. Penning


Back Row: L-R:  E. Hatton,  C. Wilson,  E. Burnett,  E. Williams,  J. Condie,  W. Richmond,  D. Watkins



Philip Lyons (left) and William Littlefair at HMCS STADACONA II for MTB course


From the collection of William Kenneth Littlefair, PO Tel, RCNVR


Courtesy of Bill Littlefair

MacInnus and Philip Lyons (right) - W/T 3Q, 01 Sep 1941


From the collection of William Kenneth Littlefair, PO Tel, RCNVR


Courtesy of Bill Littlefair




(LK28) Leading Telegraphist Course - Nov 1940


Leonard Bate (top row, far left), EML Kennedy (middle row, 2nd from left), Tom Clarkson (middle row, 2nd from right)

Back of photo


From the collection of LCdr Lionel Kennedy, RCN


Courtesy of Barbara Holliday