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William Kenneth Littlefair


Petty Officer Telegraphist, V22070, RCNVR


Born: 02 Sep 1920          Died: 10 Jul 1997


Ships served in:

TORONTO DIVISION RCNVR - Enlisted 17 Jul 1940

HMCS ORILLIA - Served in Orillia 22 Nov 1940 - 16 May 1941 as a O/Tel and Tel, RCNVR. Rated Tel 15 Apr 1941

HMCS COMOX - Served in Comox 10 Jul 1941 - 15 Jul 1941 as a Tel, RCNVR

HMCS ST HYACINTHE (Halifax) - Aug-Sep 1941

HMCS SKEENA - Served in Skeena 11 Oct 1941 - 13 Apr 1942 as a Tel and A/L/Tel, RCNVR

NRS ALBRO LAKE - Served at NRS Albro Lake in 1943 (loaned from HMCS Stadacona)

HMCS NEW WATERFORD -  Served in New Waterford 22 Jan 1944 - 06 Aug 1945 as an A/PO Tel and PO Tel, RCNVR. Rated PO Tel 15 Mar 1945

HMCS YORK - Drafted to York 13 Aug 1945. Demobilized 18 Sep 1945


Kenneth served in the RCN(R) in Toronto at HMCS York for a period of time after WW2.


Tel (T.O.) W.K. Littlefair on

HMCS Orillia - 1941

PO Tel W.K. Littlefair

Belfast 1945

Phil Lyons (left) and Kenneth Littlefair at HMCS Stadacona II for MTB course.


Service summary for W. Kenneth Littlefair

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Leading Seaman Telegraphist W. Kenneth Littlefair

Note his good conduct stripe







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