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13 Oct 1941, Halifax, NS

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From the collection John Hulbert


Courtesy of Bruce Hulbert


(1) York, Joe, Sto 1c (of Port Arthur, ON) (2) Archer, Bill, Sto 1c (of Blairmore, AB)  (3) Purdy, J.C., Tel (of Regina, SK)  (4) Wood, Gerry, SLt (of Vancouver, BC)  (5) Giffin, Lt (Jimmy / 1st Lt) (of Halifax)  (6) Dowling, P., Lt (CO) (of Londonderry)  (7) Everett, H.E., SLt, Navigator (of Saint John, NB)  (8) Kingston, G., Sig (of Kempville / Ottawa, ON)  (9) McHale, Vince, OS (of Toronto, ON)  (10) Bourque, Joe, VA (of River Bougoise, NS)


(11) Bithell, J., LR3 (of Montreal, QC)  (12) Goyeche, J., SBA (of Montreal, QC)  (13) McIsaacks, Neil, Sto PO (of Charlottetown, PEI)  (14) Murphy, W., Sto PO (of Thorald, ON)  (15) Power, G., PO ERA (of Toronto, ON)  (16) Johnston, Oscar B., Sto PO (of Preston, BC)  (17) Bell, G., CERA (of Sudbury, ON)  (18) Kemp, PO ERA (of Kingston, ON)  (19) Cameron, J., CERA (of Kingston, ON)  (20)Mattison, Donald O., AB (of Pugwash, NB)  (21) Morton, W., A/LS QR2 (of Hamilton, ON)  (22) Dufour, G. (of Windsor)


(23) Henry, B., Sto 2c (of Toronto, ON)  (24) Jicolson, J., VS3 (of Toronto, ON)


(25) McGlaughlin, Jock, L/Sto (of Toronto, ON)  (26) Brown, H., A/LS (of Ottawa, ON)  (27) Dowsette, L., AB LR3 (of Vancouver, BC)  (28) Burgess, Ira, AB (of NS)  (29) Ivy, Bill, A/LS WT3 (of Toronto, ON)  (30) Howarth, Charlie David., AB, SD (of Calgary, AB)  (31) Auby, G., A/LS Sig (of Halifax, NS)  (32) Kirk, Al, AB SD (of Montreal, QC)  (33) McLeod, Calum, AB LTO (of Fort William, ON)  (34) Ayling, Wally, AB ST (of Kingston, ON)  (35) Hulbert, John (Jack) Tel (of Toronto, ON)  (36) Ware, William John (Johnny), AB (of Montreal, QC)  (37) Jacques, Rene, OS (of Montreal, QC)  (38) Vigneault, OS (of Quebec, QC)


(39) Demeers, George, AB (of Sorel, QC)  (40) Markevitch, Danny, Sto 1c (of Port Arthur, ON)  (41) Robson, Bob, Cook 5c (of Brandon, MB)


(42) Adams, Bill, L/Sto (of Montreal, QC)  (43) McKenzie, Bill, L/Sto (of Chatham, ON)  (44) Nickerson, AB (of Clarks Harbour)  (45) DiCicco, Raphael (Ralph), Sto 2c (of Grand Falls, NB)  (46) McMillan, "Mac", AB (of Cornwall, ON)  (47) Henderson, "Red", Sig (of Welland, ON)  (48) Lange, OS (of Brandon, MB)  (49) Beasley, Sto 2c (of Victoria, BC0  (50) Keating, "Little", AB (of Magdeline Islands)  (51) Hicks, Stan, AB (of Toronto, ON)  (52) Keating, "Big", AB (of Dartmouth, NS)  (53) Bouchard, "Butch", OS (of Montreal, QC)  (54) Templer, OS (of Chalottetown, PEI)  (55) Cooper, Bill, Sto 1c (of Toronto, ON)


* A number of the crew, 36 officers and men of the 55 listed above were drafted off and left in Gourock, Scotland on 17 Apr 1942


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Crew names from the collection of Charlie David Howarth


Courtesy of the Naval Museum of Alberta




Source: Queen's County Museum, Liverpool, NS

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(2) Drysdale, Roy B.


Courtesy of Don Smith



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