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James Harold Auchterlonie


Chief Skipper, Fishermen's Reserve Section, O-3350, RCNR


Born: 15 Mar 1903, New Westminster, British Columbia


Died: 31 Dec 1959, Pender Island, British Columbia


Ships served in:

* Listed as a Coxswain (FR) (Fishermen's Reserve Section), RCNR (seniority 20 Jan 1939) - dated called up 07 Sep 1939 (Nay List Nov 1939)

ALGIE (F.R.) - Appointed to ALGIE, 07 Sep 1939 as a Cox'n (F.R.), RCNR (Navy List Jun 1940)

JOAN W II (F.R.) - Appointed to JOAN W II 04 Mar 1940 as a Cox'n (F.R.), RCNR (Navy List Sep 1940).  Appointed Skipper Coxswain (Skr Cox'n) (seniority 01 Jul 1941) (Navy List Jul 1941).  Served a CO 04 Mar 1940 -15 Jun 1941 (Macpherson-Burgess: Ship's of Canada's Naval Forces 1910-1981)

LEELO (F.R.) - Appointed to LEELO 30 Oct 1941 as a Skr Cox'n (F.R.), RCNR, CO (Navy List Dec 1941)

SAN TOMAS (F.R.) - Appointed to SAN TOMAS 24 Sep 1942 as a Skp Cox'n (F.R.), RCNR (Navy List Sep 1942)

RIPPLE II - Appointed to RIPPLE II 16 Oct 1942 as a Skr Cox'n (F.R.), RCNR, CO (Navy List Oct 1943)

RCN BARRACKS ESQUIMALT - Appointed to (GIVENCHY, Depot Ship, for) RCN Barracks Esquimalt 07 Mar 1944 as as Chief Skipper (F.R.), RCNR (seniority 01 Jul 1941) (Navy List May 1944)

* Appointment terminated - Medically Unfit  06 Jun 1944 as a Ch Skp (F.R.), RCNR (Navy List Jun 1944)


Headstone for James Auchterlonie at the Pender Island Cemetery, North Pender Island, BC

Source: Find a Grave



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