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James Albert Brown


Commander, O-9530, RCN(R)


Died: 1975


James Brown served as a Cadet in the RNR.  In 1915-17 he attended HMS Conway (Merchant Navy training establishment). About 1925 he joined the Chinese Maritime Customs Service, a prominent organization in the British China establishment back then. He resigned in late 1940, crossed the Pacific, then joined the RCNR upon landing in early 1941. After the war, he joined the Canadian Hydrographic Service and continued his service until retiring in the 1960's. He remained in Esquimalt until his passing in late 1975.


Ships served in:

HMCS GIVENCHY - Appointed to GIVENCHY for Examination Service 24 Feb 1941 as a Lt, RCNR (seniority 03 Jan 1941) (Navy List Jun 1941)

HMCS TIMMINS - Appointed to Timmins 10 Feb 1942 as a Lt, RCNR, CO (Navy List Apr 1942).  1st Commanding Officer

HMCS GIVENCHY - Appointed to GIVENCHY 17 Aug 1942 as a Lt, RCNR (Navy List Sep 1942).

HMC DOCKYARD ESQUIMALT - Appointed to HMC DOCKYARD ESQUIMALT, Staff of Capt (D) as an A/LCdr, RCNR (Navy List Aug 1943)

RCN BARRACKS ESQUIMALT - Appointed to RCN BARRACKS ESQUIMALT For Disposal 20 Oct 1943 as an A/ LCdr, RCNR (Navy List Feb 1944)

* Lists as training with the Royal Navy as of 01 Jan 1944 as aA/LCdr, RCNR (Navy List May 1944).

* Seniority for Lt, RCNR backdated to 03 Jan 1940 (Navy List Jun 1944)

* Appointed LCdr, RCNR (while training with the RN) (seniority 01 Jan 1945) (Navy List Jan 1945)

* Appointment Terminated (Demobilized) 16 Apr 1946 as a LCdr, RCN(R) (Navy List Jul 1946)

* Retired List as a LCdr, RCN(R) (seniority 01 Jan 1945) (Navy List Jun 1947)

HMCS MALAHAT (Retired List) - as a LCdr, RCN(R) (Navy List Jul 1949).  Appointed Cdr, RCN(R) (seniority 01 Jul 1951) (Navy List Jul 1951)

* Last noted on the Retired List at HMCS MALAHAT as a Cdr, RCN(R) (Navy List Jan 1960)


James Albert Brown

Photo taken circa 1925 when he joined the Chinese Maritime Customs Service



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