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Rudolphe Leonard Miller Picard


Instructor Lieutenant-Commander, O-59060, RCN


Born: 1915


Died: 16 Aug 2008, Côte Saint-Luc, Montreal, Quebec


PICARD, Rudolphe Leonard Miller - Passed away peacefully on August 16, 2008 at the Griffith McConnell Residence after a year long illness, in his ninety-fourth year. Leonard was a graduate of McGill University, the University of London and the University of Montreal. He was a retired officer of the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve where he served as an instructor. He also served on a Peace Keeping Mission on the HMCS Magnificent. He was a retired high school teacher for the Protestant School Board of Montreal. Leonard was the devoted husband of the late Mary Turnbull, beloved father of Marilen Gerber (Gary), and Penny Glencross (Rick). He was the cherished grandfather (Poppa) of Andrew Glencross, Dana St. Louis, Erika MacDonald, Alyssa Gerber and Alex Gerber. Great-grandfather of Hannah, Jack and Henry St. Louis, Bennett, and Charlotte Mary MacDonald. Many thanks to all the wonderful nurses and caregivers who helped him during the last month to complete his life as he wished. Your compassion will never be forgotten. A memorial service will be held at the Unitarian Church of Montreal at a date to be announced. Donations are gratefully accepted to the Unitarian Church of Montreal, the Canadian Cancer Society or the Griffith McConnell Residence.


Ships served in:

* Listed as a SLt (SB), RCNVR (Seniority 28 Oct 1942) (Navy List Mar 1943)

HMCS CORNWALLIS - Appointed to CORNWALLIS as a Schoolmaster 24 Dec 1942 as a SLt (SB), RCNVR (Nay List Aug 1943).  Appointed Lt (SB) (seniority 28 Oct 1943) (Navy List Oct 1943).  Appointed Instructor Lt, RCNVR (seniority 28 Oct 1942) (Navy List Jun 1944).  Appointment to CORNWALLIS date amended to 02 Dec 1942 (Navy List Sep, Nov 1944 / Jan, Mar 1945)

HMCS BYTOWN - Appointed to BYTOWN 10 Dec 1945 as an Instr. Lt, RCN(R) (Navy List Apr 1946)

* Appointment Terminated (Demobilized) 08 Aug 1946 (Navy List Oct 1946)

* Retired List as an Instructor Lieutenant, RCN(R) (seniority 26 Oct 1942) (Navy List Jun 1947).  Appointed Instr. LCdr (on the retired list) (seniority 28 Oct 1948) (Navy List Jul 1949)

HMCS DONNACONA - Appointed to DONNACONA 25 Sep 1950 as an Instr. LCdr, RCN(R), Recruiting Officer (Navy List Jan 1951)

NAVAL HEADQUARTERS OTTAWA - Appointed to NHQ, Staff of Director of Naval Reserve 04 May 1951 as an Instr. LCdr, RCN(R) (Navy List Jul 1951).

HMCS DONNACONA - Appointed to DONNACONA 27 Nov 1951 an an Instr. LCdr (SSA)  (seniority 26 Oct 1948) (Navy List Jan 1952)

HMCS MONTCALM - Appointed to MONTCALM, Basic Training School 31 Mar 1952 as a Instr. LCdr, RCN (Navy List Oct 1952)

HMCS D'IBERVILLE - Appointed to D'IBERVILLE 21 Oct 1952 as an Instr. LCdr, RCN (seniority backdated to 17 Feb 1948) (Navy List Jan 1953).  Appointed Instructor Officer 27 Jul 1954) (Navy List Apr 1955)

HMCS MAGNIFICENT - Appointed to MAGNIFICENT 21 Dec 1955 as an Instr. LCdr, RCN, Instructor Officer (Navy List Jul 1956)

HMCS STADACONA - Appointed to STADACONA, Educational Training School 26 Feb 1957 as an Instr. LCdr, RCN (Navy List Jul 1957)

COLLČEGE MILITAIRE ROYAL DE ST JEAN - Appointed to COLLČEGE MILITAIRE ROYAL DE ST JEAN, as Squadron Officer and Assistant Professor of Military Studies 20 Jul 1959 as an Instr. LCdr, RCN (Navy List Jan 1960)

RECRUITING OFFICER MONTREAL - Appointed to RECRUITING OFFICE MONTREAL 07 Sep 1962 as an Instr. LCdr, RCN (Navy List Oct 1962)

HMCS HOCHELAGA - Appointed to HOCHELAGA, Training and Transient 12 Sep 1964 as an Instr. LCdr, RCN (Navy List Oct 1964)

* Retired 07 Jan 1965 as an Instr. LCdr, RCN (the Nauticapedia)







(LP01) LCdr Leonard Picard - 1959  (LP02) HMCS MAGNIFICENT with HMCS MICMAC 214 astern - circa Mar/Apr 1951 (DND/RCN photo)  (LP03) LCdr Leonard Picard signing out books to 2 ratings from the library on HMCS MAGNIFICENT - Feb 1956  (LP04-LP05) Newspaper articles on HMCS MAGNIFICENT preparing for UN mission to Egypt during the Suez crisis







(LP06) Article on HMCS MAGNIFICENT'S send-off from Halifax for Egypt during the Suez crisis  (LP07) HMCS MAGNIFICENT unloads equipment at Port Said, Egypt  (LP08) LCdr Leonard Picard on a camel while in Egypt - 1957  (LP09) LCdr Leonard Picard (right) with two fellow officers off HMCS MAGNIFICENT by the pyramids in Egypt - 1957  (LP10) Article on MAGGIE'S big storm after her return from Egypt - with a stop in Glasgow, Scotland to pick up 50 Sabre jet aircraft and bring them to Canada.



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