Flower Class Corvette




Source: Flickr photo collection of Ron Bell


Laid down: 18 Jun 1940

Launched: 30 Nov 1940

Commissioned: 17 Jun 1941

Paid off: 19 Jul 1945

Fate: Sold for scrap in Jun 1946 and broken up the same year


Built by Port Arthur Shipbuilding Co. Ltd, she was commissioned on 17 Jun 1941, at Montreal. ROSTHERN arrived at Halifax on 26 Jun 1941. She joined Newfoundland Command and left St. John's for Iceland on 07 Oct 1941 as ocean escort to convoy SC.48. She proceeded on to the Clyde, where mechanical defects kept her for two months, and arrived at Halifax on 28 Dec 1941 for further repairs, not resuming service until mid-Feb 1942. She left Argentia, Nfld., on 27 Feb 1942 with HX.177 for Londonderry, and was thereafter employed continuously on North Atlantic convoys until Jun 1944. In Apr 1942 she became a member of EG A-3, re-numbered C-5 in May. ROSTHERN took part in three major convoy battles: SC.100 (Sep 1942); ON.166 (Feb 1943); and SC.121 (Mar 1943). She left Londonderry for the last time on 27 May 1944, and on her return to Canada became a training ship at Halifax for navigation and ship-handling, attached at first to WLEF and then, from Dec 1944 onward, to Halifax Force. She carried out workups at Bermuda in Dec 1944 escorting HMCS Provider on the homeward trip. ROSTHERN had no long refits during the war, and never did have her fo'c's'le lengthened. Paid off on 19 Jul 1945, at Sorel, she was sold to Steel Co. of Canada, Hamilton, Ont., in Jun 1946 and broken up there the same year.



Photos and Documents          Ship's company photos



Commanding Officers


Lt Walter Russell, RCNR - 17 Jun 1941 - 20 Nov 1941

Cdr Paul Barbour Cross, RCNVR - 21 Nov 1941 - 24 Nov 1942

LCdr R.J.G. Johnson, RCNVR - 25 Nov 1942 - 17 Apr 1944 

Lt Sydney Reginald Phillips Annett, RCNVR - 18 Apr 1944 - 03 Nov 1944

A/LCdr R.F. Wilson, RCNVR - 04 Nov 1944 - 06 Apr 1945

Lt Dudley Raymond Smythies, RCNVR - 07 Apr 1945 - 19 Jul 1945



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten




Former Crew Members


Annett, Sydney Reginald Phillips, SLt, RCNVR - 24 Jul 1942 / Lt, RCNVR - 02 Feb 1943


Best, Douglas Wilson, SLt, RCNVR - 19 Mar 1945


Carnine, Grant Leroy, A/Lt, RCNVR - 14 May 1945


Conyers, Harold Elrod, SLt, RCNVR - 17 Jun 1941


Davidson, Craig - 1943


Finlayson, John Norrison, Lt, RCNVR - 11 Apr 1943

Foster, Robert James, Ch/Skpr, RCNR - 17 Jun 1941


Henderson, Vernon


Hughes, Edwin Thompson, M.I.D., A/ L/Sto & Sto PO


Lutes, Eric MacPherson, SLt, RCNVR - 15 Feb 1942


Morrison, William Robert, Lt, RCNVR - 17 Jun 1941


Rankin, John Carlton, SLt, RCNVR

Robertson, T. - Dec 1940


Russel, Walter, Lt, RCNR - 23 May 1941, (Stand by) CO / 17 Jun1941


Spence, Robert Beatty, SLt, RCNVR - 22 May 1943


Williams, Orville - Alive and well - 2020


Wilson, John (Tug) 



Photos and Documents



Launching of HMCS ROSTHERN K169 at Port Arthur, Ontario


Credit: Bill Gard / Don Tremaine


Photo taken from HMCS Sackville K181

From the collection of Kenneth Medford, DSM

Courtesy of Gary Medford


Courtesy of Hugh Muir


HMCS ROSTHERN K169 alongside HMCS STANDARD COASTER - slipping and proceeding


Photos undated


From the collection of François Messier, AB, RCNVR


Courtesy of Denis Messier



Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

(1)  John C. "Tug" Wilson on HMCS ROSTHERN somewhere off the coast of Newfoundland

(2) John C. "Tug" Wilson on HMCS ROSTHERN

(3) Capt Johnson of HMCS ROSTHERN

(4) Tug Wilson, Bill Easton, Gummy Oulette and unknown



Photo 6

Photo 7

Photo 8

(6) Photo of unknown corvette taken from HMCS ROSTHERN K169


(8) HMCS ROSTHERN icing up


Photo from the collection of John C. Wilson


Courtesy of Dyanne Wilson - Dyanne Wilson Photography



Photos on HMCS ROSTHERN K169 - 1942-1943


Photo 1


Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

(1) HMCS ROSTHERN half way across in Spring 1943. I was officer of the watch and these are some of the off duty officers.  That's Gordon Holder seated in the Centre. The two men in ski hats are signalmen. This is the type of clothes you wear at sea

(2) HMCS ROSTHERN 1942 - What a beautiful day. It could be interrupted at any moment. Convoy in the background

(3) HMCS ROSTHERN - These are the two stern depth charge rails. The charges were rolled out the stern. Spare charges on the deck

(4) HMCS ROSTHERN 1942 - Note the two depth charge "throwers" all set to fire the first pattern. The spares are on the rails in between

(5) HMCS ROSTHERN 1942 - Manning the Oerlikon gun during an air raid  


Photo 6

Photo 7

Photo 8

Photo 9

Photo 10

(6) HMCS ROSTHERN Winter 1942 - How's this for ice. Newfie Winter 1942. That is our main gun shield I'm (Gerry Zaphe) leaning on. the whole ship is covered in ice - the greatest danger is that it could roll over from the weight

(7) HMCS ROSTHERN - Newfie - 1942 - More ice just the the entrance to the Seamen's Mess - Notice life lines for hanging on in rough weather. That's me (Gerry Zaphe) in the picture

(8 & 9) HMCS ROSTHERN 1942 - Taking on fuel from a tanker half way across. This was necessary cause we sure burned a lot of oil chasing U-boats all night long at full speed. We did this about 3 or 4 times a trip so we were always at "Full Ready"

(10) This is our forward gun. It was built by the Massey Harris Farm Implement Co. in Ontario - so says a brass plate on it. We call it "The Massey Harris" 


From the collection of Gerald (Gerry) Zaphe

Courtesy of Robert Cooke




Photo 2

Photos 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

(1)  Edouard Ouellette (right) with unknown sailor on HMCS ROSTHERN

(2) A day at sea on HMCS ROSTHERN

(3) Edouard Ouellette by the depth charge racks on HMCS ROSTHERN


(5) Edouard Ouellette and friend


Photo 6

Photo 7

Photo 8

Photo 9

Photo 10

(6) Craig Davidson on HMCS ROSTHERN, Sept. 1943 in St. John's, NFLD

(7) "On convoy duty" - HMS Dianthus K95 seeing on the port side of a merchant ship. Photo taken from HMCS ROSTHERN (on Stbd side of merchant ship)

(8 & 9) HMCS ROSTHERN fuelling from an oiler

(10) Unknown British destroyer - photo taken from HMCS ROSTHERN


From the collection of Edouard Ouellette


Courtesy of Cathy Fitzgerald





(RD01) Petty Officer's mess on HMCS ROSTHERN K169. PO Robert Dunn, at far end of table looking at camera

(RD02) Petty Officer's mess on HMCS ROSTHERN K169. PO Robert Dunn right side, centre, about to take a drink from his coffee