Flower Class Corvette





Laid down: 25 Sep 1943

Launched: 15 May 1944

Commissioned: 13 Nov 1944

Paid off: 15 Jul 1945

Sold: 1946 to Chilean Navy

Paid off:

Fate: Sold for scrap in 1967


Built at Midland, Ont., THORLOCK was commissioned there on 13 Nov 1944, and arrived at Halifax on 16 Dec 1944. On 07 Jan 1945, she left for Bermuda to work up, setting out on 01 Feb 1945 for the return journey northward. Later that month she was allocated to EG C-9 and on 26 Feb 1945 left Halifax to pick up her first convoy, SC.168. She served for the remainder of the war as an ocean escort, making five transatlantic trips. On 12 May 1945, when on the final leg of an Atlantic crossing with convoy ON.300 from the U.K., she was diverted, along with HMCS VICTORIAVILLE, to accept the surrender of U-190 and escort the U-boat to Bay Bulls, Nfld. She was paid off on 15 Jul 1945, and placed in reserve at Sorel. Sold in 1946, she served in the Chilean Navy as Papudo until disposed of for scrap in 1967.



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The capture of U-190's Enigma machine by HMCS THORLOCK and HMCS VICTORIAVILLE



Commanding Officers


A/LCdr John Eugene Francois, RCNR - 13 Nov 1944 - 15 Jul 1945



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten




Former Crew Members


Blachford, Robert Oswald, Lt, X.O.


Boisvert, Gerald

Hancock, John


Huculak, Walter, Lt (El) (R), RCNVR - 07 Apr 1945

Leard, Ralph, L/Stwd from Borden, PEI


Miller, Jack, A/Wt (E), RCN - 24 May 1944 (Stand by)



Photos and Documents


Plaster cast of HMCS THORLOCK's badge


Photographer: Glenn Kempson / Courtesy of Chad Green


It is believed the badge is based on gunshield art for HMCS THORLOCK, but to date no photographic proof has been found

HMCS THORLOCK jacket patch

From the collection of Ozzie Pillon

Courtesy of Jim


From the collection of Ozzie Pillon

Courtesy of Jim

HMCS THORLOCK Christmas Card - 1944

From the collection of Ozzie Pillon

Courtesy of Jim

Chilean Navy Ship Papudo former HMCS THORLOCK


SLt John Economides on the bridge of HMCS THORLOCK K394


From the collection of John Economides, Lt, RCNVR


Courtesy of Peter Economides


William (Bill) Green on HMCS THORLOCK with the ship's mascot Pisstank

From the collection of Bill Green

Courtesy of Chad Green