River Class / Prestonian Class Frigate




HMCS New Waterford

K321 jacket crest

HMCS New Waterford K321, as seen from the deck of the Royal Navy escort carrier HMS Fencer D64.

Source: Imperial War Museum, Admiralty Official Collection, A26130.

Photographer: Mason, H.A. (Lt)

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Post wartime badge


Battle honours and awards:  Atlantic  1944



Laid down: 17 Feb 1943

Launched: 03 Jul 1943

Commissioned: 21 Jan 1944

Paid off: 07 Mar 1946

Re-commissioned: 31 Jan 1958

Paid off: 02 Dec 1966

Fate: Broken up in 1967


Built at Esquimalt, she was commissioned on 21 Jan 1944, at Victoria. She arrived at Halifax on 09 Mar 1944 and in Bermuda on 22 Apr 1944 to work up. 


From the notes of Tel Austin Innes, RCNVR:  "May 13 at 4:30 - We left Ireland Island in afternoon after painting all day. We spliced the main brace tonight for my first-time. Nice weather today.


Returning to Halifax, she was assigned to EG 6 as a replacement for the damaged HMCS Teme, sailing for Londonderry on 19 Jun 1944. She remained with EG 6 until the end of the war. On 16 Oct 1944, while EG 6 was on A/S patrol south of the Faeroes, HMCS Annan engaged and sank U-1006.


The following is from New Waterford's Radar Operator, Lawrence Restall. "After depth charges were dropped, the sub surfaced and opened fire. Now evening. We fired star shells and 20mm guns with red tracers. The sub used green tracers. Eight men injured on HMCS Annan. 46 survivors picked up from sub, many injured including the u-boat's commanding officer who was brought to our ship for medical treatment. I had  the opportunity to speak with the CO of the U-boat. He told me that he had the ship in the crosshairs, just aft of the pendant number and was about to fire a torpedo when another ship (HMCS Annan) came out of the fog and forced him to dive. I replied that I was glad he didn't fire as I was in my bunk at the time and it was in that area."


New Waterford remained with EG 6 until the end of the European war, detached for short periods to Portsmouth and Plymouth, and in Apr 1945, returned home for tropicalization refit at Liverpool, N.S. This was completed in Nov 1945, and New Waterford left in Jan 1946, for the west coast, where she was paid off to reserve at Esquimalt on 07 Mar 1946. Briefly re-commissioned in 1953, she later underwent conversion to a Prestonian class ocean escort, commissioning as such on 31 Jan 1958. In late 1959 / early 1960 she left Esquimalt for a coast transfer to Halifax. During this coast transfer, she had an unusual cargo - a totem pole carved by BC First nations destined for England. When she arrived in Halifax it was transferred to the gunnery school where it was stored till summer, then transferred to HMCS Kootenay for the voyage to England. During the year 1962 the New Waterford steamed 24,218.3 miles and spent a total of 114 days at sea. It was a full year for one ship-a cruise to Africa, three months in refit at Sydney, Nova Scotia, five weeks of WUPs, anti-submarine exercises off the Nova Scotia coast and· a two-week cruise to Bermuda and Boston. With Christmas and the New Year festivities over, the New Waterford put to sea for a further week of exercises and on January 28 sailed from Halifax as part of the Seventh Escort Squadron, destination Bermuda and Exercise maple Spring '63. She was paid off for the last time on 22 Dec 1966, and broken up the following year at Savona, Italy.



RCN Memories:     Slow ahead on Port, Sir


Photos and Documents          Ship's company photos



Commanding Officers


A/LCdr Eric Rigby Shaw, RCNR - 21 Jan 1944 - 23 Mar 1944

A/Cdr William Edward Slade Briggs, RCNR - 24 Mar 1944 - unk

Lt Blyth Alexander Mitchell, RCNR - 09 Jun 1944 - unk

LCdr John McWhannell Leeming, RCNVR - 12 Nov 1945 - unk

Lt John Charles Payne, RCN - 09 Jan 1953 - 28 Aug 1953

LCdr Walter Stairs Blandy, RCN - 31 Jan 1958 - 26 Oct 1958

LCdr Ian Butters, RCN - 27 Oct 1958 - 17 Dec 1959

LCdr F. Lubin, RCN - 18 Dec 1959 - 14 Jan 1960

LCdr Christopher Gratrix Pratt, RCN - 15 Jan 1960 - 22 Jun 1961

LCdr John Hilton Wilkes, RCN - 23 Jun 1961 - 09 Oct 1962

LCdr R.C. Brown, RCN - 10 Oct 1962 - 28 Jun 1964

LCdr Neil St. Clair Norton, RCN - 29 Jun 1964 - 31 Oct 1965

unknown - 01 Nov 1965 - 15 May 1966

LCdr Nigel David Scott-Moncrieff, RCN - 16 May 1966 - 22 Dec 1966



     In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice    

     Lest We Forget     


JACQUES, Raymond J.


died - 01 Aug 1964

LEWIS, John C.L.

Paym/Lt, RCNVR

died - 22 Oct 1944



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Adderson, John W.

Anderson, Thomas R.

Barnes, Jerry T.

Berryman, Bryan J.

Blandy, Walter S.

Blosser, Frank E.

Butters, Ian

Callaghan, Brian

Callow, Charles W.

Caton, William M.

Clarke, Robert

Coghlin, Robert B.

Colclough, Frederick J.

Cowell, Stephen

Cox, Clarence E.

Crossley, Sidney R.

Cruickshank, Robert D.

Davenport, Lorne E.

Doutaz, George E.

Durdle, Edward B.

Eckert, Clarence G.

Edwards, Gordon L.

Fahey, Robert G.

Farrell, Laurence P.

Fox-Decent, Norman

Frank, Dan

Fuller, William R.

Gallant, Ronald E.

Galpin, Richard R.

Gouldie, Gordon C.

Grant, Richard R.

Greer, James A.T,

Innes, Austin C.

Krywy, Marcel

LaRose, Denton

Leeming, John M.

Leonard, Anthony E.

Littlefair, W. Kenneth

Lundy, John G.

Maddever, William J.

Matthews, Douglas C.

McBride, Donald K.

Moir, Harvey R.

Molyard, John M.

Morrison, William D.

Mullett, Cyril

Norton, Neil St. C.

Paterson, William A.

Poidevin, James J.

Reddon, Edwin

Restall, Lawrence A.

Robertson, James W.

Russell, James

Sawyer, Thomas A.

Scougal, Gordon J.

Seabourn, Ernest F.

Sears, Robert J.

Slor, John

Sophonow, ......

Spickett, Ronald J.

Starkey, Brian H.

Sweeny/Sweeney, Charles

Tarves, Terrance J.J.

Tobias, James J.

Trafford, Gerald R.

Volk, Delbert D.

Worth, Ernest G.






Former Crew Members


Fall 1965 = Crew members in ship's company photo taken on completion of "Ocean IV" Autumn 1965


Anderson, Donald Edward, SLt, RCNVR - 14 May 1945


Anderson, Ivor, RCNVR - 1944 (of Vancouver)


Arnold, P2NS - Fall 1965


Bakody, David, LS.ER


Ballentine, Patrick Blake, SLt, RCNVR - 10 May 1945

Belzile, LSVS - Fall 1965

Benson, ABEM - Fall 1965


Berry, Herby, R.A. - 1944-1945

Blue, ABAF - Fall 1965

Branscombe, OSCK - Fall 1965

Brault, ABLM - Fall 1965

Brook, Clive, CMDO - Fall 1965

Brown, P1LT - Fall 1965

Brown, P2ER - Fall 1965


Burton, Len, RCNR 


Butchart, James, RCNVR - 1944 (of Vancouver)

Campbell, P1ER - Fall 1965

Carter, LSNS - Fall 1965


Childs, Kenneth, AB, RCNVR - 1944 (of Peterborough, ON)

Clarke, Ritchie, Lt - Fall 1965


Code, Clark B. - WW II 

Cooper, OSBM - Fall 1965


Cooper, Bob, Yeoman of Signals - WW 2

DeChamplain, OSRP - Fall 1965

Dogherty, LSRP - Fall 1965

Dole, ABWU - Fall 1965

Estabrooks, ABAR - Fall 1965

Farrell, Lou, Lt - Fall 1965

Ferguson, ABVS - Fall 1965


Fladgate, David Frederick Gauntlet, Lt, RCNVR - Jan 1944

Forbes, LSWS - Fall 1965


Gibbons, Frank, PO, RCNVR - 1944 (of Montreal)

Goodine, OSAR - Fall 1965


Gotell, George, PO.QR2 - WW 2


Gray, George, SPO.SHPT - WW 2


Gunn, Terry, OS.WU, RCN

Hall, LSAW - Fall 1965

Hamilton, ABAR - Fall 1965


Hancock, P2SW - Fall 1965


Hanington, Daniel (Dan) Lionel, Lt, RCNVR - 13 Mar 1944


Hill, Roy, Tel, RCNVR - 1944 (of Oshawa, ON)


Hood, P1ER - Fall 1965


Horseman, OSRP - Fall 1965

Hubbard, OSRP - Fall 1965

Hynes, OSEM - Fall 1965


Jenkins, Raymond, RCNVR - 1944 (of Vancouver)


Johnston, ABSM - Fall 1965


King, Ken, ABLM - 1960

Knighton, OSHM - Fall 1965

Latham, P1CM - Fall 1965


Lewis, John Ceredig, Paym/Lt, RCNVR - 03 Apr 1944

LeBarron, OSEM - Fall 1965


Mace, Peter, SLt - Fall 1965

Maloney, ABEM - Fall 1965

Marchand, OSBN - Fall 1965

Mason, ABWU - Fall 1965

Mason, Lynn, SLt - Fall 1965

McCausland, P1WS - Fall 1965

McGibbon, ABWS - Fall 1965

McGregor, ABSW - Fall 1965

McKay, LSNS - Fall 1965


McKenzie, Norman Lt (E), RCNR - 07 Jul 1943 / Jan 1944

McLeod, OSRP - Fall 1965

McMullin, P2ER - Fall 1965

McPherson, ABRM - Fall 1965


Mitchell, Lt - 1944

Mitchell, PSPW - Fall 1965


Newman, George, P2BN - Fall 1965

Niell, LSWU - Fall 1965


Olney, George, PO.QR2 - WW 2


Orr, Bob, CMDO - Fall 1965


Partridge, William Edward - WW2

Pimm (?), OSEM - Fall 1965

Pond, P1VS - Fall 1965


Richard, LSCK - Fall 1965


Richards, "Doc" - 1944-1945


Roed, Botha, Mate, RCNR - Jan 1944

Roy, OSRP - Fall 1965


Ruddle-Browne, Herbert William, Lt, RCNR - 24 Mar 1944

Ryan, P2SG - Fall 1965


Shaver, ABRP - Fall 1965


Sleeth, Bert, PO.LTC - WW 2


Smith, Thomas J (Snuffy) - 1964

Smithson, LSEM - Fall 1965


Southam, Gordon Thomas, Lt, RCNVR - 16 Apr 1944

Sovie, P1ER - Fall 1965

Sparkes, OSRP - Fall 1965

Stevens, ABCK - Fall 1965

Storey, C2ER - Fall 1965


Sweline, LSEM - Fall 1965

Tarry, Dave, LSSG - Fall 1965


Taylor, James, Lt, RCNVR - Jan 1944


Thomson, John Lt (E), RCNVR - Jan 1944

Todd, Fred, Lt - Fall 1965

Twyman, ABWS - Fall 1965

Waal, Eric, SLt - Fall 1965

Wales, P1HT - Fall 1965


Walters, Ken, PO.EA - WW 2

Watt, P1ER - Fall 1965


Wheelock, Sidney Prince, Lt, RCNVR - Jan 1944 - 1945

Whiteley, Nigel, Lt - Sep 1963 - Jan 1965


Wilkins, Neil Merton, Skpr, RCNVR - 13 Mar 1944

Williams, ABAR - Fall 1965

Willis, ABWS - Fall 1965


Yoeger, John Sheldon, Lt (S), RCNVR - 13 May 1945

Zwicker, LSEM - Fall 1965



Photos and Documents




HMCS New Waterford K321 - pages from the ship's logs




Instruction pages







01 Jun 1944 - 08 Jun 1944





20 Oct 1944 - 25 Oct 1944




13 Apr 1945 - 16 Apr 1945


Research by / Courtesy of Anne Gafiuk

Claude Kimble on the 4-inch guns of HMCS New Waterford K321, 15 Sep 1941.  HMCS Sea Cliff K344 in the background

Source: City of Kawartha Lakes digital archives






(WL01-WL03) Survivors from U-1006 being brought on board HMCS New Waterford K321 (WL04) Petty Officer's Mess, HMCS New Waterford K321 - L-R:  W.K. Littlefair, TEL,  Geo. Gotell, QR2,  Geo. Gray, SHIPT,  Gordy Scougal, PING,   Bob Cooper, YEO,  Bert Sleeth, LTC,   Ken Walters, EA,  Larry Restall, RADS,  Geo Olney, QR2  (WL05) Radio room on HMCS New Waterford.  L-R: PO Tel Littlefair, Yeoman of Signals, Communications Officer, unknown


From the collection of William Kenneth Littlefair, PO Tel, RCNVR

Courtesy of Bill Littlefair











(LR01) Larry Restall by the 4-inch guns on HMCS New Waterford K321  (LR02) Larry Restall on HMCS New Waterford K321  (LR03-LR04) Larry Restall on HMCS New Waterford K321, Chatham, England  (LR05) Larry Restall in London, while serving in HMCS New Waterford, 1944  (LR06) Painting by Larry Restall of HMCS New Waterford in the sites of U-1006  (LR07) Petty Officer's Mess, HMCS New Waterford K321 - L-R:  W.K. Littlefair, TEL,  Geo. Gotell, QR2,  Geo. Gray, SHIPT,  Gordy Scougal. PING,   Bob Cooper, YEO,  Bert Sleeth, LTC,   Ken Walters, EA,  Larry Restall, RADS,  Geo Olney, QR2


From the collection of Larry Restall

Courtesy of Clay Restall

Charles Callow relaxing getting some sun on HMCS New Waterford K321

"Charles was burned severely when the coffee urn broke loose in rough seas. Here he's taking some sun. Shorty after the photo was taken the ship was strafed by a German fighter, and Charles was forgotten on deck for a short period."

From the collection of Charles Callow

Courtesy of Gord Callow

Shipmates in Liverpool, NS, Sep 1945

HMCS New Waterford K321 at Liverpool for tropicalization refit.

L-R:  "Doc" Richards, Herby Berry (R.A.), Duff Morrison (Writer), Charles Callow

From the collection of Charles Callow

Courtesy of Gord Callow

HMCS New Wateford K321 gun crew

From the collection of Charles Callow

Courtesy of Gord Callow

Stern/Quarterdeck area of HMCS New Wateford

From the collection of Charles Callow

Courtesy of Gord Callow

Mess deck pals

HMCS New Waterford K321

From the collection of Charles Callow

Courtesy of Gord Callow

Rescuing survivors of U-1006 - 16 Oct 1944

From the collection of Charles Callow

Courtesy of Gord Callow

Off-loading survivors of U-1006

From the collection of Charles Callow

Courtesy of Gord Callow

Glace Bay Gazette reporter visits HMCS New Waterford K321

Crow's Nest Magazine - May 1944


War Diary of Charles Callow, HMCS New Waterford K321


Below are photos of the the war diary of Charles Callow, HMCS New Waterford K321.  It was against regulations to keep a diary on ship in the event the ship was sunk or captured and the diary recovered it could provide information on ships movements and/or confirm events, providing propaganda for the enemy.  However, like many, Charles Callow kept a diary and now it provides an insight into some of the day to day life on HMCS New Waterford K321 during WW II.  My thanks to his son, Gord Callow, for sharing his father's diary here for posterity's sake.




Due to the number of pages, only the first two images from the diary are shown here.


Click here to read the transcription of Charles Callow's HMCS New Waterford Wartime Diary



HMCS New Waterford 304 entering Punta Delgada (sp) Azores on one of the UNTD cruises which was the way lucky frigates spent their summers

From the collection of  Nigel Whiteley, LCdr, MARS, LOG, RCN, C.A.F.

HMCS New Waterford 304 at dock in British Columbia


From the collection of  Nigel Whiteley, LCdr, MARS, LOG, RCN, C.A.F.

HMCS New Waterford Mug Shots


These photos are of a few officers who had served in HMCS New Waterford circa Sep 1964


"NDHQ and the Depot used to cycle people through our almost 60 ships with enthusiasm. Pier head jumping was an Olympic sport, with many participants. I think these might have been taken Sept ’64. Might explain the mix of rigs. I was in her for 26 months (Sept 63 to Jan 65); I had 2 Captains, 3 XOs, a total of 18 LTs, SLts and CMDOs, a Nigerian Navy Trainee and two Pilots borne for their WK training as messmates. The old Dymo Tape Machine was very busy changing the Mail slots and the Napkin racks! "


LCdr Gordon L. Edwards

Later RAdm Edwards

Lt G.O. Mike Hurford

Lt John Fyffe

Lt Nigel Whiteley

Later LCdr Whiteley

Lt (E) Francis (Frank) J. Zareski

Lt (P) Arnold

Lt (S) George Harvey

SLt Bert Okoye, Nigerian Navy

SLt Eric B. Waal

Later Cdr Waal

SLt Robert Price


From the collection of  Nigel Whiteley, LCdr, MARS, LOG, RCN, C.A.F.


HMCS New Waterford awaiting repairs after hitting the jetty at the USN Naval Base, Argentia, NFLD, 1964


Click here to read the story that was submitted with the photo in RCN Memories


Courtesy of Nigel Whitely




DND / RCN photo