Flower Class Corvette





Laid down: 30 Nov 1942

Launched: 19 Jun 1943

Transferred to the RCN: 10 Nov 1943

Commissioned: 10 Nov 1943

Paid off: 05 Jul 1945

Fate: Broken up in 1952


Laid down and launched as HMS Buddleia, she was renamed HMCS GIFFARD K402 in Sep 1943. On 10 Nov 1943, she was transferred to the RCN and commissioned as HMCS GIFFARD K402; named after a town in Quebec. After working-up at Tobermory GIFFARD joined EG C-1 at Londonderry and on 15 Feb 1944, sailed to join her first convoy, ON.224. On 07 May 1944 she rescued 49 survivors of the torpedoed VALLEYFIELD, and the following week resumed her duties as an ocean escort until 27 Nov 1944, when she left Halifax for Liverpool, N.S., to undergo a major refit. Completed in Mar 1945, this was followed by workups in Bermuda, when she arrived in St. John's on 15 Apr 1945, to be employed locally until  her departure on 13 May 1945 with convoy HX.335 for the U.K. GIFFARD left Greenock early in Jun 1945 on her final westward voyage, was paid off on 05 Jul 1945 and laid up at Sorel to await disposal. She was broken up in 1952 in Hamilton.



Photos and Documents



Commanding Officers


A/LCdr Charles Peterson, RCNR - 10 Nov 1943 - 09 May 1944


Lt George Henry Matheson, RCNR - 10 May 1944 - 05 Jul 1945



     In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice    

     Lest We Forget     


LANGTON, Thomas L.

Stoker, RCNVR

died - 11 Jun 1944


Stoker 1c, RCNVR

died - 24 Jul 1944



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten




Former Crew Members


Auld, Elmer, SD, RCNVR


Bailey, Howard, L/SBA (of Saint John, NB) 


Coleman, Charles, Sto (of Victoria, BC) - 1944


Cover, Evan Alfred, SLt, RCNVR - 29 Feb 1944


Dunn, George William, Lt, RCNVR - 31 Jan 1945

Edgar, Douglas, LS (of Swift Current, SK) - 1944


Flitton, Ralph, Lt (of Mount Royal, QC) - 1944


Landry, David Michael, A/Lt, RCNVR - 20 Feb 1945


Lawrie, James Chester, SLt, RCNVR - 05 Feb 1945

Marks, Donald, AB (of Halifax, NS) - 1944


Pickering, Robert John (Pick)


Robertson, David Allen, Wt (E), RCNVR - 10 Jun 1944 / 16 Jun 1944



Photos and Documents








(GIF003) Ken Gough on HMCS GIFFARD K402  //  From the collection of Ken Gough  //  Courtesy of Kate Hyland

(GIF004) Five sailors from HMCS GIFFARD rescue HMCS VALLEYFIELD survivors  //  Halifax Morning Chronicle, 23 May 1944  //  Researched by / Courtesy of George Newbury  //  Sailors mentioned in the article:  Lt Ralph Flitton, of Mount Royal, QC;  LS Douglas Edgar of Swift Current, SK;  AB Donald Marks of Halifax, NS;  Stoker Charles Coleman of Victoria, BC



(GIF005) Awards to sailors after the sinking of HMCS VALLEYFIELD


From the Windsor Star, 02 Jan 1945


AB Joseph Emile Rene Baulne, HMCS VALLEYFIELD, of Hull, QC - BEM


LS David Brown, Roseland, ON, HMCS VALLEYFIELD - MID (Posthumous)


Tel Harry Norman, HMCS VALLEYFIELD - MID (Posthumous)


AB David Edgar Brown, , HMCS VALLEYFIELD,  of Eburne, BC - MID (Posthumous)


LCdr Charlese Peterson, HMCS GIFFARD, of Victoria, BC - MID


Lt Ralph Johnston Flitton, HMCS GIFFARD, of Mount Royal, QC - MID


Yeoman of Signals Irving Jack Kaplan, HMCS VALLEYFIELD, of Montreal - MID


AB George John  McDoanld, HMCS GIFFARD, of Paris, ON - MID


Leading Air Fitter Edward George Grinsted, HMCS GIFFARD - MID


Stoker First Class, Charles Robert Coleman, HMCS GIFFARD, of Victoria, BC - MID


Sub-Lt Donald Harold Godwin, HMCS VALLEYFIELD, of Hamilton, ON - MID