River Class / Prestonian Class Frigate




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Battle honours and awards:  Atlantic  1945



Laid down: 05 Nov 1943

Launched: 13 May 1944

Commissioned: 30 Sep 1944

Paid off: 25 Nov 1945

Re-commissioned: 07 Dec 1954

Paid off in reserve:

Re-Commissioned: 20 May 1959

Paid off: 15 May 1965

Fate: Broken up at La Spezia, Italy in 1966


Built at Quebec city, she was commissioned there on 30 Sep 1944. She arrived at Halifax 20 Oct 1944, and soon afterward sailed for Bermuda to work up. Returning in Dec 1944, she was allocated to EG C-7, MOEF, based at St. John's. She left that port 28 Dec 1944, to accompany convoy HX.328 eastward, but was detached on 03 Jan 1945 to the westbound convoy ONS.39, as she had to return for repairs. These were carried out successively at St. John's, Halifax and Quebec, and completed on 07 May 1945. She then began tropicalization refit at Lauzon, but this was cancelled in Aug 1945 owing to termination of hostilities, and the ship was paid off 25 Nov 1945 at Shelburne. She was sold to Marine Industries Ltd., but later re-acquired by the RCN and converted to a Prestonian class unit. Re-commissioned on 07 Dec 1954, she served on the east coast until paid off on 15 May 1965. She was broken up the following year at La Spezia, Italy.



RCN Memories:     Fire in the Galley     HMCS Cap de la Madeline: 2 - Subs: 0


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Commanding Officers


LCdr Ronald Alfred Judges, RCNVR - 30 Sep 1944 - 18 Oct 1945

LCdr W.O.O. Barbour, RCNR - 19 Oct 1945 - 25 Nov 1945

LCdr Charles Anglin Gray, RCN - 20 May 1959 - 27 Dec 1960

Cdr Kenneth Edward Grant, RCN - 28 Dec 1960 - 08 Jan 1961

LCdr Donald Ross White, RCN - 09 Jan 1961 - 06 Feb 1961

Cdr Kenneth Edward Grant, RCN - 07 Feb 1961 - 25 Oct 1962

Lt G.R. Ferguson, RCN - 26 Oct 1962 - 18 Feb 1963

Cdr Robert A. Beach, RCN - 19 Feb 1963 - 08 Mar 1964

Cdr B. Cartwright, RCN - 09 Mar 1964 - 26 Nov 1964

LCdr Francis John Poyntz French, RCN - 27 Nov 1964 - 15 May 1965



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten




Former Crew Members


Archer, Ron, Electrician - 1962


Babcock, John, Admin Writer - 1962


Bakody, David, RCN(R)


Bentley, Jack, Lt, RCNVR - 04 Jun 1945


Biginess, Ray - 1962


Brown, PO, Buffer - 1961


Chambers, Howie, Cook - 1962


Clark, Larry, RCN - 1962


Coryell, John Warren, Lt, RCNVR - Jan 1945


Dunning, Ray - 1962


Klughart, Alvin (Al), ABSN1 - 1961-1963


Lang, Hector Craig, Lt, RCNVR - Jan 1945


Lawrence, Richard - late 1950s/early 1960s


Lebarr, Earl, Storesman - 1962


McDermid, Roderick Dennis (Mac), Stoker


McPhail, (??), Admin Writer - 1962


Morrow, Samuel, Lt (E), RCNR - 15 Jun 1944

Parker, (??), Storesman - 1962


Robinson, Jock Donald, Slt, RCNVR - 25 Mar 1945


Rutherford, Robert (Bob), Slt-Lt, RCN, NavO - Sep 1964 - May 1965


Schwartz, Morley Graham, RP


Stow, Peter, DeckO / NavO - 1962-1965


Sullivan, Everett Michael, Paym/Lt, RCNVR - 25 Mar 1945


Swan, Steve



Photos and Documents


The launching of HMCS Cap de la Madeleine.

Source: National Film Board of Canada. Photothèque / Library and Archives Canada

HMCS Cap De La Madeleine during WW2

From the collection of Nicholas Vukson

Courtesy of John Vukson




(PB02) Sailors on board HMCS CAPE DE LA MADELEINE K663 at St. John's, Newfoundland. Phillip Boyd standing, first on left  (PB03) Sailors on the jetty beside HMCS CAP DE LA MADELEINE K663. Phillip Boyd, front, centre

From the collection of Phillip Seavey Boyd, Stoker 1st Class, RCNVR

Courtesy of Phillip K. Boyd

Article on the re-commissioning of HMCS Cap De La Madeleine

Halifax Chronicle Herald 27 May 1959

Research by / Courtesy of George Newbury

HMCS Cap de la Madeline, Dublin, summer 1962

"We made it up the Liffey to Dublin. Cap de la Madeleine, port side to in the foreground. Kelly's Bar out of the picture to the right."

Courtesy of Jim Steel

Cap de la Madeleine approach the capsized fishing boat Jane and Judy circa 1964. Jane & Judy crew lost

Courtesy of Jim Steel

HMCS Cap de la Madeleine, Dublin Ireland, summer of 1962. #1 Mess party somewhere on O'Connel Street.  L to R: Lyle Bomberry (Steward); Earl Lebarr (Stores); Ron Archer (Electrician); McPhail (Ad-Writer); Ray Biginess; Jim Steel [me] (Weapons Underwater), Howie Chambers (Cook); John Babcock (Ad-writer); Parker (Stores).

Courtesy of Jim Steel

"Ships jeeps were mentioned. Found a picture of ours back in 1962. I think our jeep was used more for fish & chip and duty watch booze runs than anything else. (Matelot holding the dog was Carl "Kipper" Reeder - stoker)"

Courtesy of Jim Steel

HMCS Cap de la Madeleine 317 doing a jackstay transfer with HMCS Lauzon 322

Courtesy of Jim Steel

Leaving St. John on way to England. July, 1962. P1 with hands in pocket is the Buffer, Petty Officer Brown

Courtesy of Jim Steel

Transferring a new officer to the Cap. Note this was before the Sea Kings made an appearance. Probably 62 or early 63. I took the picture with a five or six dollar camera. Rather amazed that it turned out.

Courtesy of Jim Steel

Jim Steel on HMCS Cap de la Madeleine 317. Photo taken January 1963

Courtesy of Jim Steel

"Speaking of hands in pockets, I was forever hearing "that scream". Here's me (Jim Steel) somewhere at sea, some time between '61 and 63." Note the deck plates. Supposed to help stop the slipping around but they were almost to slippery keep upright on during rough weather. A pain in the arse to paint also.

Courtesy of Jim Steel

Took me (Jim Steel) about three months on board before I got this weather jacket. I had to steal it from a stoker!!

Courtesy of Jim Steel

Finding my way ashore after 'Up Spirits'

Courtesy of Jim Steel

This picture is of my cousin Shaky Theal shows him sitting by the engine room skylights on our frigate, Cap de la Madeleine. During the winter and when I was supposed to be on life buoy sentry on the middle watch, I would huddle up by these skylights and try to stay awake in the warmth coming up from the engine room. (twin triple expansion 'up and downers).

Courtesy of Jim Steel

HMCS Cap de la Madeleine 317 - Photo taken from the bridge looking aft along the port side. Note wide funnel band denoting senior ship (9th Escort Squadron, Commander Ken Grant).  Probably 1962 or 63.

Courtesy of Jim Steel

HMCS Cap de la Madeleine 317 - Looking forward from just aft of the hatch leading down to the tiller flats.

Courtesy of Jim Steel

St. John's harbour. July 1962. Squadron sailing to England and Ireland.

Courtesy of Jim Steel

Me (Jim Steel) sitting on steam capstan. Certainly not adhering to the dress code. No hat and I had bought myself a pair of Wellingtons in Halifax. Got away with them all the time I was on the ship.

Courtesy of Jim Steel

Jim Steel by the forward starboard Bofor gun on HMCS Cap de la Madeline 317

Courtesy of Jim Steel

Steve Swan coming up from cafeteria. Shipwright workshop behind him.

Courtesy of Jim Steel

Ray Dunning and myself, Jim Steel (on right) beside after starboard bofor on HMCS Cap de la Madeline 317 (Hudson Bay, 1962)

Courtesy of Jim Steel

Squid wells (covered) on HMCS Cap de la Madeline

Courtesy of Jim Steel

HMCS Provider conducting a RAS with HMCS BONAVENTURE and HMCS Cap de la Madeleine - Spring 1965

Courtesy of Robert Norris

Launching the sea boat on HMCS Cap De La Madeline 317 - Feb 1960

Courtesy of Ted Kendell



Newspaper article on HMCS Cap de la Madeleine 317 circa 1962

Courtesy of Jim Steel

HMCS Cap de la Madeleine 317, Christmas Dinner Menu 1961

Courtesy of Jim Steel

HMCS Cap de la Madeleine 317 doing RAS approaches with HMCS Gatineau 236 - 1965

Courtesy of Terry Gunn