Iroquois Class Destroyer





HMCS ATHABASKAN 282 during transit to participate in the Sub Commanders Course in the Caribbean, 09 Nov 2016

Photographer: Cpl Tony Chand, Formation Imaging Services, HS05-2016-1056-2870

© DND Crown Copyright 2016


Battle honours and awards:  Arctic 1943-44,  English Channel 1944,  Korea 1950-53,  Gulf and Kuwait



Laid down: 01 Jun 1969

Launched: 27 Nov 1970

Commissioned: 03 Sep 1972

TRUMP refit: 15 Oct 1991

TRUMP refit completed: 04 Jun 1994

Paid off: 10 Mar 2017


Third of her class, and built by the Davie Shipbuilding Co., Lauzon, ATHABASKAN was commissioned on 30 Sep 1972. On 26 Nov 1981, she was dispatched, along with Algonquin and Preserver, to the aid of the M.V. Euro Princess, which was badly holed and drifting down on the drill-rig Rowan Juneau, off Sable Island. Rescue helicopters took off the ship's crew, while ATHABASKAN’s Sea King evacuated 44 from the drill-rig despite 60-knot winds. This procedure had to be done “free-deck” at both ends, owing to a malfunction of her Beartrap. The abandoned merchant ship was recovered by CGS Alert.


On 24 Aug 1990, ATHABASKAN departed Halifax as one of three ships representing Canada in the Persian Gulf conflict, returning on 07 Apr 1991. Not resting on the laurels of her predecessors, the crew of the ATHABASKAN proved their metal on 18 Feb 1991. On that morning, USS Princeton was patrolling 28 nautical miles off Failaka Island in the Persian Gulf when, at 7:15 a.m. local time, two MN103 Manta bottom-mounted influence mines detonated, one just under the port rudder and the other just forward of the starboard bow. The blasts cracked the superstructure, buckled three lines in the hull, jammed the port rudder, flooded the #3 switchboard room through chilled water pipe cracks, and damaged the starboard propeller shaft. BM3 Ford was seriously injured, along with two other crewmembers who sustained various injuries. At great risk to his ship and crew, the CO of ATHABASKAN navigated her, with the use of the Seaking helicopters to locate mines, though the minefield to deliver damage-control supplies to the severely damaged USS Princeton. ATHABASKAN then guided USS Princeton thorough the minefield until relieved by the minesweeper USS Adroit.


In Oct 1991 she was turned over to MIL, Lauzon, for her TRUMP refit, after which, on 03 Aug 1994, she was provisionally accepted by the Navy. In the fall of 1995 she took part, with Kootenay, in the two-month Exercise UNITAS, along with ships from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, the U.S. and Uruguay. On 15 Mar 1999 ATHABASKAN departed Halifax for a six month deployment with SNFL, rejoining the Force again at the beginning of 2000. On 03 Aug 2000 she was handed a rather bizarre assignment: to board (via helicopter) the GTS Katie 160 kilometres off Newfoundland. The freighter had a cargo of Canadian military equipment destined from Kosovo to Bécancour, Que., which her chartered had refused to land because of a dispute over payment. She was compelled by the boarding party to deliver her cargo as originally intended. In Sep 2005, with Toronto, Ville de Québec and the CCGS Sir William Alexander, she deployed to Louisiana to assist disaster relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina. On 21 Apr 2006, as flagship of the NATO Standing Maritime Group One (SNMG 1) she was moored at Devonport UK to mark the 80th birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth II. In Jan 2010, with Halifax, she deployed to provide disaster relief following the major earthquake in Haiti. That same year, on 29 Jun 2010, she was the the command ship for HM Queen Elizabeth II for the International Fleet Review marking the Canadian Naval Centennial. Following a refit in St Catherine’s, Ontario, while being towed back to Halifax in Dec 2012, she broke loose from her tow off Cape Breton Island, sustaining some hull damage.


HMCS ATHABASKAN was paid off in Halifax, NS on 10 Mar 2017. She was the last of the Iroquois Class destroyers.


Historical note:  The 5"54 cal gun on the 280s were named after the Oto Melara technicians who built and did the FSR work in Canada.  The names for the guns were as follows:  IROQUOIS - Pasquale, HURON - Tulio, ATHABASKAN - Leno and ALGONQUIN - Luigi.



Photos and Documents          Ship's company photos          The Ship's Bell


Commissioning Booklet          SNFL 1983 Commemorative Book          Paying Off Book


HMCS ATHABASKAN - Veterans Day Sail - 08 Mar 2017



Commanding Officers


Cdr Robert Demytre Yanow - 30 Sep 1972 - 06 Sep 1974

Cdr Gordon Lewis Edwards - 06 Sep 1974 - 29 Mar 1976

Cdr John Charles Slade - 29 Mar 1976 - 07 Jul 1978

Cdr James Bernard O'Reilly - 07 Jul 1978 - 07 Jul 1980

Cdr John Windsor McIntosh - 07 Jul 1980 - 02 Aug 1981

Cdr K.R. Scotten - 02 Aug 1981 - 31 Mar 1984

LCdr R.D. Buck - 1984

Cdr David Cogdon - 31 Mar 1984 - 16 May 1986

Cdr Gregory Ralph Maddison - 16 May 1986 - 14 Apr 1988

Cdr Jerome Douglas Peacocke - 14 Apr 1988 - 11 Jul 1990

Cdr K.J. Pickford - 11 Jul 1990 - 06 Sep 1991

LCdr A.G. Munroe - 06 Sep 1991 - 09 Jul 1992

LCdr J.G. King - 09 Jul 1992 - 30 Jun 1993

LCdr H.C. Edmundson - 30 Jun 1993 - 16 Nov 1993

Cdr P.C. Leblanc - 16 Nov 1993 - 15 Dec 1995

Cdr D. Rouleau - 15 Dec 1995 - 01 Dec 1997

LCdr B.A. Mosley - 1997

Capt Jaques .J. Gauvin - 01 Dec 1997 - 18 Aug 1999

Capt D.W. Robertson - 18 Aug 1999 - 06 Jan 2000

Cdr P.V. Dempsey - 06 Jan 2000 - 30 Aug 2001

LCdr S. Bishop - 30 Aug 2001 - 20 Aug 2002

Capt A.B. Donaldson - 20 Aug 2002 - 15 Dec 2004

Capt D.C. Gardam - 15 Dec 2004 - 14 Jul 2006

Capt H.T. Harsch - 14 Jul 2006 - 19 Jul 2007

Cdr S. Jorgensen - 19 Jul 2007 - 27 Aug 2009

Cdr P.R. Crain - 27 Aug 2009 - 17 Dec 2010

Cdr M. Davie - 17 Dec 2010 - 06 Jul 2012

Cdr M. Plaschka - 06 Jul 2012 - 2015

Cdr J. Couillard - 2015 - 10 Mar 2017



     In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice    

They shall not be forgotten


Mohr, Richard W.

PO1 Nav Comm

died - 25 Dec 2008



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


















Fawcett, James C.


























O’Leary, Paul C.




















Urquhart, Glen C.








Valleau, John











Yanow, Robert D.








Zipfel, Ronald








Former Crew Members


Barter, Bill


Caldwell, Eldon, MS.ET


De L'Eveille, Sean Jennifer - 2004


Dempsey, Mike, MS.ET - 1991


Dunn, Mike Anthony


Ellis, Mike - Jan 1974 - Mar 1978


Finch, Corey, OS.ET - 1991


Fox, Adrian L., AB.SG - 1977-1979


Grondin, Roger, AB.ET - 1991


Hobson, Steve, MS.ET - 1991


Holstead, Gordon Ramsey, C2WS

Kelly, Dennis, P1RP4 / CPO2


Kennedy, Dan, P2ET - 1991


Lapierre, Brian, ET


Miller, Duncan E.


Munroe, Eurban, Jr.


Newbury, George, ER,


Reaume, Wayne, 27146-H


Rockwell, Rod L. (Rocky), P2ET


Ross, David, Supp Tech


Rutherford, Robert (Bob), LCdr, Combat O - Sep 1972 - Jul 1974  / XO - Jul 1974 - Jul 1976 

Samms, Emanuel, P2ET - 1991


Simard, Marcel, NCI Op


Sinagra, Danny, RM, 1982 - 1984, 1987-1990 


Tremblay, Gilbert (Gigi), PO1 NESOP - 22 Jan 2001 - 23 Sep 2001


Tremblay, Stephane, LS.ET


Tufts, Ernie, OS.ET - 1991



Photos and Documents


ATHABASKAN being fitted out at the Davies Shipbuilding Company, Quebec - summer, 1971

Courtesy of Richard Larcheveque

Battle Board for HMCS ATHABASKAN 282

Maritime Command Museum, CFB Halifax, NS

Courtesy of Jarrod David

HMCS ATHABASKAN 282 - undated


Courtesy of Mike Ellis

HMCS ATHABASKAN 282 circa 1974

Courtesy of Mike Ellis

HMCS ATHABASKAN 282 - DRES Team, FC / WS Dept. circa 1974

Courtesy of Mike Ellis

HMCS ATHABASKAN 282 - Welcome Aboard Booklet




Courtesy of Nigel Whiteley, LCdr, RCN, Ret'd

HMCS ATHABASKAN 282 - circa 1975


Courtesy of Nigel Whiteley, LCdr, RCN, ret'd



HMCS ATHABASKAN breaking away from PROVIDER and GATINEAU off the coast of California in spring of 1977. WESTEX 77, first 280 in the Pacific Ocean.


Courtesy of Michael Cowen


Photo restoration by Art Turner

HMCS ATHABASKAN with GATINEAU astern off the coast of California in 1977. On the occasion of the first 280 class frigate to sail in the Pacific Ocean as part of WESTEX ‘77. Photo taken from Kiwi frigate HMNZS OTAGO by a much younger (then SLt) Mike Cowen. We really did believe that we were “Sisters of the Space Age”! 


Courtesy of Michael Cowen


Photo restoration by Art Turner

HMCS ATHABASKAN 282 departing Gibraltar, 1982


Photo, with the Rock of Gibraltar in the background, was taken by Brian Lapierre from one of the ship's Sea Kings


Courtesy of Brian Lapierre

© Brian Lapierre 1982









Photos taken from HNLMS ABRAHAM CRIJNSSEN (F816) during an exercise in the Caribbean near Martinique 25 Jan 1985 - 01 Feb 1985


Courtesy of Rob Vlug, Koninklijke Marine


Burial at sea from HMCS ATHABASKAN 282 circa 1983


Courtesy of Stephane Tardif

HMCS ATHABASKAN 282 and HMCS Fraser 233 during Exercise Team Work '88


Credit: Trident Magazine  Photographer: Cpl Herbert

Courtesy of Jarrod David

HMCS ATHABASKAN 282 RASing with USS Wisconsin during the Gulf War 1990-1991, Persian Gulf


Courtesy of Gerald Doutre, CPO1, RCN

HMCS ATHABASKAN 282 Welcome Aboard booklet (Post-TRUMP refit)






Courtesy of Jarrod David


HMCS ATHABASKAN 25th Anniversary crew list

HMCS ATHABASKAN boarding GTS Katie during Op MEGAPHONE, 160 km off Newfoundland, 03 Aug 2000


Courtesy of Gerald Doutre, CPO1, RCN

HMCS ATHABASKAN arriving in Halifax, Feb 2005


Courtesy of Brian Lapierre

© Brian Lapierre

Newspaper article on the visit of HMCS ATHABASKAN 282 to Picton, Ont.


The Wellington Times, 28 Mar 2012


Courtesy of John Lyons

HMCS ATHABASKAN celebrated her 40th and 41st birthday during a dependent day sail on 04 Oct 2013.


They couldn't celebrate the 40th properly due to refit last year.


Courtesy of Rejean Trudeau

HMCS ATHABASKAN 282 - Exercise Joint Warrior - 2015

Courtesy of Scott Murphy

HMCS ATHABASKAN 282 participating in the sail past at Halifax at the start of Exercise Cutlass Fury - 12 Sep 2016


Courtesy of Clarence Hemeon

HMCS ATHABASKAN 282 during transit to participate in the Sub Commanders Course in the Caribbean, on November 9, 2016


Photographer: Cpl Tony Chand, Formation Imaging Services, HS05-2016-1056-2870

© DND Crown Copyright 2016

HMCS ATHABASKAN 282 phone directory


From the collection of Steven Whyte

Commanding Officers of HMCS ATHABASKAN 282


Courtesy of Brian Lapierre

David Porter (left)  the 1st and Commissioning Chief Electrician and CPO2 Russell Smythe  (right), the Paying-off Chief Electrician


Taken in the MCR in front of the Main Switchboard during the former members cruise in March 2017 - just prior to HMCS ATHABASKAN being paid off


Courtesy of Brian Lapierre

Montage that was presented to Mr. Ernie Takalo, a survivor of the sinking of HMCS ATHABASKAN G07, onboard HMCS HAIDA during a Remembrance Ceremony for the crew of ATHABASKAN G07. The montage has the last crew photo taken of HMCS ATHABASKAN G07 and a crew photo from HMCS ATHABASKAN 282


Courtesy of Blair Gilmore


Newspaper article from the Trident Magazine on a memorial service conducted on HMCS ATHABASKAN 282 on 16 Oct 2015, off the coast of France, for those lost on HMCS ATHABASKAN G07 by Slt Blair Gilmore, HMCS ATHABASKAN.


Courtesy of Blair Gilmore


Surviving crew members for HMCS ATHABASKAN G07 onboard HMCS ATHABASKAN 282 in the English Channel near where HMCS ATHABASKAN G07 was sunk - 1974

From the collection of Greg Mackenzie

Courtesy of David H. Brown

Click on the above photo to view a larger image


In 2003, Greg Mackenzie, a commissioning crew member for HMCS ATHABASKAN 282, received a tour of HMCS ATHABASKAN 282 from MS David Brown. Greg sent David a thank you letter for the tour and sent him the above photo with the letter.


Click here to read the letter Greg Mackenzie sent to MS David Brown




Six survivors of HMCS ATHABASKAN G07 on HMCS ATHABASKAN 282 - circa 2002

(1) Wilf Henrickson  (2) Ernie Takalo  (4) Herm Sulkers

































HMCS ATHABASKAN Paying Off Sail Past - 10 March 2017


(BL01) HMCS ATHABASKAN tied up alongside in HMC Dockyard, Halifax  (BL02-BL03) HMCS ATHABASKAN begins her paying-off sail past  (BL04) HMCS ATHABASKAN'S gangway  (BL05-BL06) HMCS ATHABASKAN with Sea King in Halifax Harbour  (BL07) HMCS ATHABASKAN'S badge on display  (BL08-BL09) HMCS ATHABASKAN heading to Bedford Basin  (BL10-BL16) HMCS ATHABASKAN conducts her sail past of HMC Dockyard  (BL17) HMCS ATHABASKAN turns and prepares for her final approach alongside  (BL18-BL21) HMCS ATHABASKAN makes her approach to the jetty in HMC Dockyard  (BL22-BL27) HMCS ATHABASKAN arrives alongside HMC Dockyard. Engines shut down for final time. Crew prepares to disembark ship  (BL28) Crew disembarks HMCS ATHABASKAN  (BL29) Crew assembled on the jetty  (BL30) Former HMCS ATHABASKAN - Ensign and Jack hauled down, out of routine pennant flying on port yardarm  (BL31)  The "Mighty" 282.


© / Courtesy of Brian Lapierre 2017



Demilitarization and disposal of the former HMCS Athabaskan (DDH 282) now complete

The final 15-meter section of the former HMCS ATHABASKAN was dismantled earlier this summer at the SYDPORT shipyard in Sydney, Nova Scotia, effectively concluding the ship’s 16-month disposal effort. Work was conducted by the Marine Recycling Corporation of Port Colborne, Ontario.

This extensive disposal activity included the verification and cataloguing of thousands of parts and controlled goods certificates, witnessed by the National Defence Quality Assurance Region (NDQAR).

The storied life of the former ATHABASKAN came to an end with the issuance of her final Certificate of Demilitarization on July 17, 2019. She was commissioned on September 30, 1972, paid off March 10, 2017, and left Halifax harbour for the last time on March 29, 2018.

This ship was the last of the “TRIBAL CLASS” DDH DESTROYERS, which were aptly called the “sisters of the space age”.

Source: ADM (Mat) MatFlash 9 September 2019