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HMCS HURON G24 / 216




Post wartime badge

HMCS Huron 216

RCN photo


Laid down: 15 Jul 1941

Launched: 25 Jun 1942

Commissioned: 19 Jul 1943

Paid off: 09 Mar 1946

Re-Commissioned: 28 Feb 1950

Paid off: 30 Apr 1963

Fate: Broken up in 1965


Built by Vickers-Armstrong, Ltd., at Newcastle-on-Tyne, she was commissioned there on 19 Jul 1943. She was assigned, like Haida, to the 3rd Destroyer Flotilla of the British Home fleet. She made a trip in Oct 1943 to Murmansk with technical personnel and special naval stores, and for the rest of the year escorted convoys to and from North Russia. In Feb 1944, she joined the 10th Flotilla at Plymouth for invasion duties, spending the next seven months in the Channel and the Bay of Biscay. She was present on D-Day. Huron assisted Haida in sinking torpedo boat T29 and destroyer Z 32, and in Aug 1944 made her fist visit to Canada for refit at Halifax. In Nov 1944 she returned to the U.K. to carry out escort duties in the Western Approaches. In April 1945, HMCS Haida G63, HMCS Huron G24 and HMCS Iroquois G89 made one more round trip escorting a convoy to and from Kola Inlet.


Departing Greenock on 04 Jun 1945, Huron returned to Halifax with Haida and Iroquois, arriving there on 10 Jun 1945, and began tropicalization refit, but this was discontinued owing to VJ-Day and she was paid off on 09 Mar 1946. She was re-commissioned at Halifax for training purposed in 1950, but sailed on 22 Jan 1951 on the first of three tours of duty in Korean waters. Following her Korean tours, she returned to her training role.


On 30 Jul 1962, the RCN sent the 3rd Destroyer Escort Squadron (Atlantic) under Capt. Gordon Edwards, on a good will / work up tour. The squadron consisted of HMCS Sioux 225, HMCS Huron 216 and HMCS Iroquois 217 (as flagship). The ships sailed from Halifax NS to Bermuda and then on to Jamaica, arriving on 05 Aug 1962. The squadron joined a large fleet of naval vessels already assembled, as all Royal Navies and the United States Navy, had sent "good will" ships of various classes to Jamaica. In essence, it served to form one of the largest allied fleets to be assembled since WW II, and spent six days in Jamaica celebrating their independence from Briton which occurred on the 06 Aug 1962. The squadron then sailed back to Bermuda before heading to Prince Edward Island to par-take in their official Lobster Festival. From PEI the squadron returned to Halifax for fuel and provisions, and again departed for Bermuda. From Bermuda it was onto Trinidad & Tobago to take part in their independence celebrations. From 12 Sep to 17 Sep 1962, the 3rd Destroyer Escort Squadron paid a visit to Newfoundland to take part in the 67th annual meeting of the National Council of the Navy League of Canada. (Click here to read more on the visit)


Huron was paid off at Halifax on 30 Apr 1963. She was broken up at La Spezia, Italy, in 1965.


Convoys escorted during WW II


Convoy Desig.

Convoy Departs from

Arrives at

Join as escort

Depart Convoy 


Loch Ewe (15 Nov 1943)

Kola Inlet (24 Nov 1943)

18 Nov 1943

24 Nov 1943


Archangel (26 Nov 1943)

Loch Ewe (09 Dec 1943)

28 Nov 1943

05 Dec 1943


Loch Ewe (20 Dec 1943)

Archangel (30 Dec 1943)

22 Dec 1943

29 Dec 1943


Kola Inlet (31 Dec 1943)

Loch Ewe (08 Jan 1944)

31 Dec 1943

07 Jan 1944


Loch Ewe (22 Jan 1944)

Kola Inlet (01 Feb 1944)

26 Jan 1944

01 Feb 1944


Kola Inlet (03 Feb 1944)

Loch Ewe (11 Feb 1944)

03 Feb 1944

09 Feb 1944


Clyde (14 Feb 1945)

Halifax (21 Feb 1945)

14 Feb 1945

15 Feb 1945


Gibraltar (19 Feb 1945)

Liverpool (27 Feb 1945)

24 Feb 1945

27 Feb 1945


Clyde (16 Apr 1945)

Kola Inlet (25 Apr 1945)

18 Apr 1945

25 Apr 1945


Kola Inlet (29 Apr 1945)

Clyde (08 May 1945)

29 Apr 1945

06 May 1945


HMCS Huron's tours in Korea


1st Tour: Departed Halifax: 22 Jan 1951  //  Arrived Op Area: 15 Mar 1951  //  Departed Op Area: 14 Aug 1951  //  Arrived Halifax: 21 Sep 1951

2nd Tour: Departed Halifax: 29 Apr 1953  //  Arrived Op Area: 18 Jun 1953  //  Departed Op Area:  05 Feb 1954  //  Arrived Halifax: 17 Mar 1954 *

3rd Tour: Departed Halifax: 01 Aug 1954 //  Arrived Op Area: 01 Oct 1954  //  Departed Op Area: 26 Dec 1954  //  Arrived in Halifax: 19 Mar 1955 *


* Returned to Canada via the Suez Canal thus circumnavigating the globe.


RCN Memories:  HMCS Huron Aground off Korea - 13 Jul 1953


Photos and Documents          Ship's company photos


A Pictorial Record of HMC Ships Huron and Iroquois Under U.N. Command 1954 - 1955


Commanding Officers

LCdr Herbert Sharples Rayner, DSC, RCN - 19 Jul 1943 - 22 Sep 1944

LCdr Harold Victor William Groos, RCN - 23 Sep 1944 - 24 Oct 1945

Lt Eric Philip Earnshaw, RCN - 24 Oct 1945 - 21 Feb 1946

Lt John Crispo Leckie Annesley, RCN - 22 Feb 1946 - 20 Mar 1946

LCdr Edwart Thomas George Madgwick, RCN - 28 Feb 1950 - 23 Mar 1950

LCdr T.C. Pullen, RCN - 24 Mar 1950 - 06 Apr 1950

LCdr Edward Thomas George Madgwick, RCN - 07 Apr 1950 - 23 Sep 1951

Cdr J.C. Littler, RCN - 24 Sep 1951 - 12 Oct 1951

Cdr Richard Charles Chenoweth, MBE, RCN - 18 Nov 1952 - 20 Sep 1953

Cdr Thomas Charles Pullen, RCN - 21 Sep 1953 - 24 Jun 1954

Cdr Leo Patrick McCormack, RCN - 25 Jun 1954 - 09 Aug 1954

LCdr E.D. Robbins, RCN - 10 Aug 1954 - 16 Aug 1954

Cdr James Charles Pratt, RCN - 17 Aug 1954 - 07 Aug 1955

Cdr R.A. Webber, DSC, RCN - 08 Aug 1955 - 27 Jan 1957

Cdr Noel Cogdon, RCN - 28 Jan 1957 - 01 Aug 1957

Cdr William Hastings Howe, RCN - 28 Mar 1958 - 06 Dec 1959

Cdr H.H. Smith, RCN - 07 Dec 1959 - 03 Nov 1961

Cdr W.C. Spicer, RCN - 03 Nov 1961 - 04 Oct 1962

Cdr Donald Storrar Bethune, RCN - 04 Oct 1962 - 09 Apr 1963


     In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice    

     Lest We Forget     

GOSNELL, Henry William, M.I.D

LS, 2791, RCN

killed - 26 Apr 1944


     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Abraham, John E.

Addison, Herbert Thomas


Annesley, John Crispo Leckie


4th Commanding Officer

AuCoin, John Sylvester


Baillargeon, Raymond G.

Baker, Donald Forbes


Served in Huron post WW2

Beaton, John Rogerson


Beatty, Patrick J.H.

Beddoe, Charles Emile


Bedell, Russell B.

Bennett, George M.

Bone, Richard M.

Boutilier, Theodore K.

Bourque, Donald Joseph


Bowler, William


Brown, Donald George


Served in Huron during the Korean war

Brownlow, Daniel P.Mc.


Bryan, Charles A.


Budge, Patrick David


Drafted to Huron 07 Mar 1943 as Lt (T), RCN, Stand by / 19 Jul 1943

Burbidge, Frederick Stewart


Drafted to Huron 19 Jul 1943 as Slt, RCNVR

Bush, Charles L.

Butler, William






Chandler, Thomas H.

Ciz, Michael


Coady, Francis E.M.

Comstock, George Walter


Cook, William James Douglas


Copley, Lloyd G.

Cowan, Thomas David


Cox, Peter S.


Crawford, William Thomas


Crossley, Sidney Ross


Daniels, Robert Hugh


Served in Huron during the 3rd Korean tour as an AB.LM

Danko, John Boris


Darveau, J.H. Maurice

David, Ivor George


Davis, Edward McKeown


Served in Huron 28 Mar 1958 - 30 Jul 1959 as X.O.

Demers, Jean-Claude


Driscoll, George R.


Dyck, Henry Waldemar





Edison, Joseph


Edwards, Charles William


Elliott, Ronald Edwin


Flanagan, Leonard G.

Flewelling, Murray H.

Flowersmith, Martin S.

Freeman, Russell






Glover, James Arthur Garwood


Served in Huron during her 2nd Korean tour

Graham, Cecil Charles


Gray, John Teaton


Groos, Harold Victor William


2nd Commanding Officer

Halliday, Richard George


Harris, Robert Leith


Hayley, Al


Hicks, Lorne N.


Hill, Walter John


Hlady, John


Hodges, Leslie J.

Hold, Emerson R.


Served in Huron during WW2

Honeychurch, Raymond


Hrivnak, Louis


Hughson, Geoffrey Drummond Knowlton


Hutton, Gilbert Jerome


Hunt, George Charles






Irving, Thomas Swan


Served in Huron during WW 2 as a Steward

Izsak, Steve


Served in Huron during the Korean War

Jaeger, Roger Maurice





Keithlin, Ronald Sinclair


Kerley, Alfred Horace


Kilbride, Gerald

Kirwin, James Terrance


Koharski, Nicholas


Served in Huron circa 1953-54

Kushner, Francis John


Lahey, Murray

Large, J. Donald

Lawrence, Henry


Linklater, John Reginald


Lysne, Jack M.






MacGillivray, Darroch Norman


MacRae, William Fraser


Madden, James


Served in Huron 13 Jan 1950 - - 11 Apr 1950 and 05 May 1950 - 11 Oct 1951 as an OS/AB, RCN.

Manfield, William A.

Manning, Vivian C.

McCartney, John Lockhart


McGinn, George H.

McCrimmon, William Henry


McKechnie, William Jordan


McLaughlin, Robert (John)


McLeod, Laverne Donald


Served in Huron during the Korean War

McMaster, James Ross


McMillin, Andrew Clark


McRobb, James Francis


Meikle, James Edward


Melanson, Gilbert Paul, Sr.


Miles, Warren


Minchin, Harry Laurence Adye


Moore, Ronald Armor


Morehouse, Robert Ernest


Morningstar, L. Douglas


Moss, Joseph Franklin


Moxam, Jack


Served in Huron during the Korean War as a gunner

Nash, Michael Patrick


Newton, J. David


Osborne, Donald Laurie


Owers, Clifford


Served in Huron in 1958 as Electrical Officer

Panabaker, Jack L.

Patterson, Merville J.

Payne, Douglas Bennett


Peers, Robert Claude Kenrick


Picard, Clifford I.


Plamondon, Orance


Plant, Gordon


Post, Ellery Hugh


Pratt, James Charles


13th Commanding Officer

Pullen, Thomas Charles


10th Commanding Officer





Rann, Walter R.

Rayner, Herbert S.

Reid, William Peter


Reid, John McCammon


Served in Huron post WW 2

Renaud, Albert


Served in Huron during WW II

Rhymes, Reginald Heber


Served in Huron 18 Dec 1950 - 11 Oct 1951 as ABTD1, RCN

Riddell, William M.

Ring, Gordon Russell


Served in Huron during 3rd Korean war tour as a P2EM2

Robinson, Charles MacGregor


Roe, Mervin W.


Roggeveen, Paul Adrian







Sala, J. Henry G.

Scully, William Ernest


Drafted to Huron 24 Mar 1944 as a Lt, RCNVR

Sheppard, Lindsay Ernest


Siddons, John N.


Served in Huron during 3rd Korean war tour as P1RI4

Skeates, Charles William


Small, William James


Smedley, Charles Stanley


Drafted to Huron 19 Jul 1943 as Gnr (T), RCN

Smith, Christopher Gordon


Served in Huron in 1953 as LCdr (P), RCN, XO

Smith, Herbert Hartley


Smith, James Carlson


Served in Huron during the Korean war

Spicer, Wylie Carlyle


Stanbrook, Wilfred Thomas


Served in Huron 10 May 1962 - 29 Apr 1963

Stegen, James William


Served in Huron in 1953

Stymest, Leslie Holt


Suto, Harry

Tilley, Harold R.






Vasey, William H.







Wareham, Raymond Ernest


Warman, Herbert Edgar


Watson, William Norman


Served in Huron during 3rd Korean War tour

Weaver, Thomas Wayne


Webber, Reginald Amand


14th Commanding Officer

Whitby, John Patrick


Served in Huron in 1950

Wilkins, Bradley Laurence


Wilwand, Robert E.

Wright, Kenneth Lloyd


Served in Huron 28 Feb 1950 to 18 Jan 1951



Former Crew Members


(K3) = 3rd Korean tour 

Allen, M., C2ER4, 22019-H (K3)

Allison, S., ABAM1, 12807-H (K3)

Anderson, F., P1QM2, RX-8114 (K3)

Archibald, W., LSCV1, 16207-H (K3)

Ashley, J., LSEM1, 9045-H (K3)

Aspden, R., LSRP2, 15848-H (K3)

Audet, V.J., ABEM1, 14138-H (K3)

Ayres, J., P1EM3, 22103-H (K3)

Bauer, W., P2EM2, 10739-H (K3)

Beaton, N., ABAA1, 13910-H (K3)

Beaudoin, C., ABAA1, 24449-H (K3)

Beaudoin, Y., ABQR1, 18928-H (K3)

Beaulieu, L., LSRP1, 13181-H (K3)

Bell, S., P2LR3, 10404-H (K3)

Bergstrom, L., P1EM4, 9730-H (K3)

Billard, W., LSCV2, 13534-H (K3)

Binger, D., P2SH3, 16836-H (K3)


Bonney, Wayne, OSSN - Paying off crew 

Braun, P., ABTD1, 19094-H (K3)

Brawley, J., ABPH1, 11815-H (K3)

Brewer, A., ABCK, 18819-H (K3)

Brimicombe, L., P1NS, 51122-H (K3)

Brookes, Hugh, Ordance Lt (K3)

Brownell, A., LSEM1, 12253-H (K3)

Cafferty, L., ABQM1, 16102-H (K3)


Carling, John B.C., LCdr, RCN, XO

Cavanaugh, J., P2CA3, 6985-H (K3)


Chaif, R., ABAA1, 18808-H (K3)

Charles, G., P1CK, 51734-H (K3)

Chatterton, J., P1ET4, 5893-H (K3)


Chenoweth, David MacPherson, Slt, RCNVR - 19 Jul 1943


Chestney, S., ABQM1, 25799-H (K3)

Coffin, R., ABNS, 28294-H (K3)

Craik, G., ABLM, 23418-H (K3)

Cullen, LSSW, J., 10495-H (K3)

Curtis, J., ABAA1, 25751-H (K3)

Dauncey, E., C2CK, 40691-H (K3)

Davies, T.W., P1EM3, 22272-H (K3)

Deneau, C., LSEM1, 9556-H (K3)

Dennis, D., ABCR1, 25844-H (K3)

Deville, R., P1EM3, 25154-H (K3)

Dixon, B., ABVS, 19074-H (K3)


Docker, Thomas, Lt (E), RCN - 13 Jun 1946


Dodsworth, W.B., C1EM3, 21455-H (K3)

Donovan, D., ABRC1, 26063-H (K3)

D'Orsay, A., P2MA2, 14986-H (K3)

Douglas, J., ABTD1, 25770-H (K3)

Downey, C., LSRC2, 15980-H (K3)

Duncan, R., ABRP1, 26871-H (K3)

Edwards, C., P2SW, 10508-H (K3)

Efinter, F., P2VS, 50706-H (K3)

Elliot, W., LSCV1, 16094-H (K3)

Ellis, R., LSQR2, 6337-H (K3)

Evans, John C.H., Lt, CD (K3)

Exley, E., P2CR2, 45234-H (K3)

Farquhar, John A., Lt (D) (K3)

Fitzgerald, P., ABEM1, 26743-H (K3)

Flynn, J.F., P2LR1, RX-6156 (K3)

Foley, A., P1VS, 50455-H (K3)

Ford, R., LSCS2, 9208-H (K3)

Forsyth, W., LSRP1, 12416-H (K3)

Forsythe, R., LSCR1, 15237-H (K3)

Fox, J., ABCR1, 23425-H (K3)

Frenette, Y., ABQR1, 19298-H (K3)

Gallagher, B., ABEM1, 20374-H (K3)

Gallant, W., LSQM1, 14499-H (K3)

Garagan, L., P1ER4, 12976-H (K3)

Gardner, J., ABTD1, 12500-H (K3)

Gibson, G., ABEM1, 9263-H (K3)

Gibson, S., LSEM1, 16466-H (K3)

Girouard, S., LSCK, 14618-H (K3)


Gladman, Robert Frederick, Slt, RCN - 20 May 1950


Goodwin, A., P2AA2, 15232-H (K3)

Gravefell, E., LSRP1, 16103-H (K3)


Gray, Norman, RCNVR 


Grisdale, Clarence John Milton, Surg-Lt, RCNVR - 19 Jul 1943


Grosvenor, A., P1EM3, 11751-H (K3)

Hachey, F., P2TD2, 11685-H (K3)


Hacking, Wallace - 1st Korean tour 


Hagen, E., ABAM1, 19722-H (K3)

Hagerty, B., LSEM1, 15891-H (K3)

Hall, R., ABTD1 (K3)

Hamilton, C., LSCV1, 14664-H (K3)

Harris, G., LSEF3, 16307-H (K3)

Harrison, R., ABRP1, 17766-H (K3)

Harvey, R., ABAA1, 10480-H (K3)


Hayward, J., P1EM3, 22297-H  (K3)

Heath, R., ABVS, 19052-H  (K3)


Hefford, L., ABEM1, 13700-H  (K3)


Henderson, Robert McRae, Paym-Lt, RCNVR - 19 Jul 1943

Heon, G., LSSW, 14137-H (K3)


Hirst, P., ABVS, 16564-H (K3)


Holmes, R., Gordon, Surg-LCdr (K3)

House, W., ABAA1, 13917-H (K3)


Howe, William Hastings, Slt, Gnr (T), RCN - 18 Jul 1943


Hughes, G., C2RT4, 51527-H (K3)

Hyrnick, A., ABTD1, 25777-H (K3)

Irving, P., ABQR1, 15322-H (K3)

Irving, R., ABEM1, 16309-H (K3)

Jarrett, H., LSED3, 8923-H (K3)

Johnson, F., ABRP1, 19205-H (K3)

Johnson, J.T., ABEM1, 13652-H (K3)

Johnson, R., ABCV1, 19710-H (K3)

Jones, M., P2TD3, 12012-H (K3)

Kane, K., C2SH4, 51425-H (K3)

Keen, L., P1ET4, 5479-H (K3)


Kendrick, Daniel - 1953

Kenney, M., ABRP1, 14090-H (K3)

Kenny, T.W., C1ER4, 11653-H (K3)


Kerr, David Fleetwood, Lt, RCNVR - 19 Jul 1943


King, Ken, ABLM1 - 23 Jul 1959 - 31 Oct 1960


King, R., LSEM1, 15737-H (K3)


Kirk, P., ABEM1, 12761-H (K3)

LaFortune, P., ABAM1, 26180-H  (K3)

Lameraux, G., ABRC1, 19122-H (K3)

Lamontagne, J., LSRP2, 7248-H (K3)

LaMontagne, P., LSAA1, 14142-H (K3)

Landry, J., ABQM1, 15001-H (K3)

Lapage, J., P1EM3, 21457-H (K3)

Lee, Norman F., Lt (E),CD (K3)

Lees, R., ABAM1, 25007-H (K3)

Legue, M.R., ABEM1, 9570-H (K3)

Lelievre, J., LSAA1, 14151-H (K3)

Lelliot, W., LSCV1,12671-H (K3)

Lemire, M., ABSW, 17672-H (K3)

Lemmon, W., LSRW3, 11817-H (K3)

Lewis, A., C2OT4, 4619-H (K3)

Lewis, H., P2TD3, 6858-H (K3)

Livsey, J., LSEM1, 9015-H (K3)

Loiselle, G., ABQM1, 18933-H (K3)

Lorette, R., P2AW, 10612-H (K3)

Lutzac, A., P1EM3, 23081-H (K3)

MacDonald, J., ABTD1, 12470-H (K3)

Machan, Stanley G., Lt (C) (K3)

MacKay, B., ABEm1, 9082-H (K3)


Mackenzie, Alex - WW 2


MacKinnon, Patrick, Lt (N)


MacTaggart, W., LSQR1, 12538-H (K3)


MacTavish, Stewart (Scotty) Edward, RCNVR - Sep 1944 - Sep 1945


MacVittie, A., LSEM1, 10481-H (K3)


Mahar, James J., A/Lt (K3)

Maidment, A., ABAA1, 13928-H (K3)

Maloney, J., ABLM, 13969-H (K3)

Marcil, G., ABQM1, 19149-H (K3)

Marsden, C., ABRP1, 13850-H (K3)

Marsh, J., ABEM1, 15880-H (K3)

Mason, J., ABRC1, 12738-H (K3)

Matthews, R., ABTD1, 25763-H (K3)

McCormick, R., ABTD1, 22657-H (K3)

McCullough, J., P1er4, 10885-H (K3)


McCutcheon, William Ross, Lt, RCNVR - 19 Jul 1943


McDonald, J.F., P1EM2, 5261-H (K3)

McFadden, R., ABCV1, 17818-H (K3)

McGuigan, E., ABAW, 24894-H (K3)

McKellar, I., P1CV3, 4412-H (K3)

McKiddie, M., LSEF3, 9142-H (K3)

McRae, L.P., C2AA3, 3220-H (K3)

Melanson, P.H., P2RC3, 4530-H (K3)


Mesneck, Otto, LCdr (L), RCN - 29 Jul 1950

Miles, James F., Lt (L) (K3)

Millar, C., LSRC2, 15900-H (K3)

Miller, C., ABCK, 12477-H (K3)

Mitchell, D., LSAA2, 12033-H (K3)

Moffett, W., P2AA2, 5185-H (K3)

Mooney, G., ABEM1, 17608-H (K3)

Morrissey, D., LSRP1, 12266-H (K3)

Mott, R.S., P1EM4, 21893-H (K3)


Munroe, E., ABEM1, 14891-H (K3)

Murphy, J., ABLM, 25606-H (K3)

Murray, I., LSCR2, 15916-H (K3)

Oakley, D., ABRC1, 16880-H (K3)

O'Keefe, R., ABTD1, 25755-H (K3)


Oppe, James Stephen, Lt, RCNVR - 19 Jul 1943


Osborne, W., C2ER4, 25459-H (K3)


Pace, L., LSCK, 12246-H (K3)


Page, Earl, Stoker - Korean war 


Painter, B., ABLM, 23450-H (K3)

Pala, E., ABRP1, 25008-H (K3)

Palmer, L., P1EM3, 21821-H (K3)


Parker, J., ABRP1, 26801-H (K3)


Partington, J., LSTD2, 14606-H (K3)

Patacairk, J., ABRP1, 13179-H (K3)


Pegley, G., LSQM1, 15962-H (K3)

Pelletier N., ABCR1, 18972-H (K3)

Phelan, J., ABCR1, 13931-H (K3)


Phillips, Geoffrey, Lt (E), RCN - 19 Jul 1943


Phillips, N., LSRC2, 25417-H (K3)


Picard, A., ABCS2, 17566-H (K3)

Picard, G., ABEM1, 18698-H (K3)

Plourde, G., ABLM, 23359-H (K3)


Polowin, Alex 


Power, K., ABSW, 24932-H (K3)

Priske, R., LSTD2, 11903-H (K3)

Purnell, F., C1TI4, 2864-H (K3)

Rankin, D., ABTD1, 11864-N (K3)

Rasmussen, R., LSNS, 12288-H (K3)

Rigo, J., ABEM1, 15784-H (K3)

Riley, G., LSCV1, 25411-H (K3)

Robarts, K., LSQM2 , 167390-H (K3)


Robb, Ian 


Robbins, Edward D., LCdr, CD, XO (K3)


Robertson, William, P2ERA, 36716-E, RCN - 1959 - Jan 1960


Rogers, John Peter D., Lt (E), RCNVR - 01 Apr 1945


Rose, R., ABEM1, 9115-H (K3)

Ross, G., LSPW, 14602-H (K3)

Rostek, F., LSQR1, 12438-H (K3)

Roy, Joseph F.H.L., Lt (S) (K3)

Ruddy, C., LSCR1, 18445-H (K3)


Ryckman, Karl, LSEM1, 9595-H  (K3)


Rycroft, E.E., LSEM1, 9538-H (K3)

Sartain, F., C1ET4, 51001-H (K3)


Scoates, Francis Samuel Eric, Lt, RCNR - 19 Jul 1943


Sears, G., C1QM4, 2912-H (K3)

Shea, C., ABAA1, 14695-H (K3)

Signer, G., P1TA3, 6649-H (K3)

Simpson, P., ABTD1, 25608-H (K3)

Sindall, G., ABEM1, 15838-H (K3)

Slack, L., ABRP1, 25600-H (K3)

Slaser, R., P1ER4, 22718-H (K3)

Slemmons, R., LSAA1, 15989-H (K3)

Sloan, John C., LCdr (P) (K3)


Smith, Keith - WW 2


Smith, R., ABLM, 27031-H (K3)

Sovie, R., LSAA1, 24356-H (K3)

Sproule, J., LSPT2, 16409-H (K3)

Squires, G., LSCR1, 16619-H (K3)

Stanislow, F., LSRP1, 19242-H (K3)

Steele, R., ABAA1, 19638-H (K3)

Steeves, R., LSTD2, 7041-H (K3)


Stevenson,  Steve, 54429-H


Summers, E., ABLR1, 16750-H (K3)

Sunderland, N., ABQM1, 24447-H (K3)


Takalo, Sven Arthur, Lt (S), RCNVR - 05 Jul 1945


Theriault, J., ABQM1, 14218-H (K3)

Thompson, W., LSEM1, 11913-H (K3)


Thurber, Reginald (Rex) Calvin, Lt (TAS), RCN - 03 Jul 1950


Tofflemire, Robert (Bob), ABRP1, 18087-H  (K3)


Tourigny, R., ABSW, 9141-H (K3)

Townsend, J., LSNS, 12348-H (K3)

Tracey, D., P2RP3, 11312-H (K3)

Tracey, L., ABCK, 14623-H (K3)

Train, Garth., OSLM, 27254-H (K3)

Trembley, A., P2Em2, 14502-H (K3)

Trickett, G., C2RT4, 51625-H (K3)


VanAlstyne, William (Van), 6454H, TAS - 1950-1951


Walsh, M., ABQR1, 18907-H (K3)

Warren, J., ABQM1, 26744-H (K3)


Watkin, Murray, MA, 38440-H - 1959-1960

Watson, A., LSCK, 11634-H (K3)


Watson, Alan Graeme, Lt, RCNVR - 22 May 1943 (Stand by) / Lt, RCNVR - 19 Jul 1943


Watson, E.E., P1GI4, 4862-H (K3)


Webb, B., ABEm1, 25607-H (K3)

White, L., P2QR2, 10431-H (K3)

White, R., P1CA3, 6382-H (K3)

Whitehouse, E., C2ER4, 25442-H (K3)

Wilberforce, G., ABEM1, 13304-H (K3)

Wilcox, H., ABQR1, 26747-H (K3)

Wilcox, R., P2EM2, 11463-H (K3)

Wilkinson, J., LSAA1, 8984-H (K3)

Willard, J., LSCK, 13266-H (K3)

Wilson, B., ABLR1, 9010-H (K3)

Wilson, H., ABTD1, 25812-H (K3)

Wilson, L., ABTD1, 23335-H (K3)

Withrow, M., ABRC1, 23407-H (K3)

Workman, J., ABTD1 (K3)

Yaworski, J., LSRN3, 12595-H (K3)

Young, P., ABQM1, 18221-H (K3)


Photos and Documents


HMCS Huron G24

HMCS Huron G24

From the collection of John (Jack) Davie Lyon

Courtesy of John Lyon

HMCS Huron G24

From the collection of Henry G. Sala, Sto 2c, RCNVR

Courtesy of Ken Sala

Slt Burbidge, HMCS Huron, Aug 1943 at Scapa Flow

HMCS Huron G24 - date unknown

From the collection of Hamilton Skilling

Courtesy of Chris Skilling

HMCS Huron circa 1949

DND / RCN photo

From the collection of James Madden

Courtesy of Brian McCormick

Canadian Special Service Squadron Certificate for 1950

HMCS Magnificent, HMCS Micmac, HMCS Huron

Courtesy of John Hawley

Postcard showing the Canadian Special Service Squadron Cruise - 1950

Courtesy of Francis Dowdall

AB James Madden (standing) and unknown sailor on HMCS Huron 216 - c1950

Courtesy of Brian McCormick

James Madden (right) and shipmate off HMCS Huron in from the the Sacred Heart Catholic Church - 1950

From the collection of James Madden

Courtesy of Brian McCormick

James Madden (right) and shipmate off HMCS Huron - location unknown

From the collection of James Madden

Courtesy of Brian McCormick

HMCS Huron 216, Halifax

Courtesy of John Knudsen

HMCS Huron with HMCS Micmac outboard - possibly 1951

It is believed this photo was taken in New York when Huron was enroute for Korea and Micmac was her consort for the first part of the journey.

From the collection of Reg (Smokey) Rhymes

Courtesy of Gordon Rhymes

Reg (Smokey) Rhymes with his family in HMC Dockyard, Halifax after HMCS Huron returned from Korea, Sep 1951

"Marguerite and Reginald Rhymes with son Gordon and niece Judy Rhymes"

From the collection of Reg (Smokey) Rhymes

Courtesy of Gordon Rhymes

Damage to HMCS Huron after she ran aground off the Korean Peninsula - 1953

Credit: Library and Archives of Canada - PA194124

Ceremonial Guard during the 1954-55 Korean War Tour of HMCS Iroquois and HMCS Huron.  It is not known if the guard if from Iroquois, Huron or a combination of crews from both ships.

Courtesy of Charles Case

Article on HMCS HURON returning to Halifax after her Korean War tour


Halifax Chronicle-Herald 16 Mar 1954


Courtesy of George Newbury



Irvin Bowman, Pilot, Fleet Air Arm being jackstayed to HMS Theseus from HMCS Huron. Irvin received his wings while in the RCAF then transferred to the British Navy in 1943. He served in the Korean war, was shot down and luckily, rescued by a helicopter from USS Manchester. After a night aboard her he was transferred to HMCS Huron and then later by jackstay back to HMS Theseus.

Courtesy of Hazel Bowman

Damage to HMCS Huron 216 after being hit by a French destroyer during NATO work ups 15 Nov 1958.  The French destroyer cut her bow open right to the paint locker.



Jacksty to HMCS Huron 216 from unknown ship

From the collection of Gordon Arnold (Art) Broster

Courtesy of Cathy Robinson

The crew of HMCS Huron enjoy a performance by Hawaiian dancers, date unknown

Courtesy of the CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum Image # 2016.054.043

HMCS Huron 216 entering Grand Harbour, Malta c1950s

Courtesy of Erling Baldorf

Article on the Paying-off of HMCS Huron 216

Halifax Chronicle-Herald 06 Apr 1963

Researched by / Courtesy of George Newbury