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Post WW2 badge


Battle honours and awards:  Atlantic 1943,  Arctic 1943-45,  Biscay 1943-44,  Norway 1945,  Korea 1952-53



Laid down: 19 Sep 1940

Launched: 23 Sep 1941

Commissioned: 30 Nov 1942

Paid off: 22 Feb 1946

Re-commissioned: 24 Jun 1949

Paid off: 24 Oct 1962

Fate: Broken up in 1966


The first of the Canadian Tribals to commission, she did so at Newcastle-on-Tyne, on 30 Nov 1942. IROQUOIS was assigned to the 3rd Flotilla, Home Fleet, but proved to have structural flaws and was not fully operational until 30 Jan 1943. On a quick round trip to Canada in Mar 1943 she incurred weather damage that kept her under repairs at Plymouth until early Jun 1943, following which she was employed on Gibraltar convoys. In Jul 1943 three troopships she was escorting to Freetown were attacked by German aircraft 300 miles off Vigo, Spain, and two were sunk, IROQUOIS rescuing 680 survivors from the Duchess of York. IROQUOIS then spent several months escorting Russian convoys. In Feb 1944, she arrived at Halifax for a refit, returning to Plymouth early in Jun 1944 to join the 10th Flotilla for invasion duties. After D-Day she carried out patrols in the Channel and the Bay of Biscay, and for some months escorted capital ships and troopships in U.K. coastal waters. She rejoined the Home Fleet at Scapa Flow in Mar 1945. On 16 Apr 1945, HMCS HAIDA G63, HMCS HURON G24 and HMCS IROQUOIS G89 departed Clyde with convoy JW.66 for Kola Inlet; arriving at Kola Inlet on 25 Apr 1945. They departed Kola Inlet for Clyde with convoy RA.66 on 29 Apr 1945. On 29 Apr 1945 HMCS HAIDA G63 and HMCS IROQUOIS were G89 attacked by U-427 (Oblt Karl-Gabriel Graf von Gudenus). The attack resulted in near misses by U-427. They arrived at Clyde on 08 May 1945. Following D-Day, she sailed to Oslo as an escort to Crown Prince Olaf, who was returning to liberated Norway. Shortly afterward she visited Copenhagen, whence she escorted the German cruisers PRINZ EUGEN and NURNBERG to Kiel for their formal surrender. On 04 Jun 1945 she left Greenock with HAIDA and HURON, arriving at Halifax on 10 Jun 1945.


The end of the Pacific war brought a halt to her tropicalization refit, and IROQUOIS was paid off on 22 Feb 1946. The following year she began a long refit and on 24 Jun 1949, was re-commissioned as a cadet training ship.


IROQUOIS completed 3 tours of duty in the Korean theatre. During her first tour, on October 2, 1952, IROQUOIS was making a daylight interdiction bombardment on a coastwise stretch of the main North Korean railway line when she received fire from the shore battery. A shell hit B gun deck and killed LCdr Quinn and AB Baikie instantly. AB Burden was critically wounded and died several hours later. 


The following members of IROQUOIS were wounded in action on 02 Oct 52: Adam, Aimee, A.B., Berggrenn, Waldo, A.B., Dynna, Gilbert, A.B., Fortin, Emilien, MiD, P.O., Gaudet, Joseph, A.B., Jamieson, Gerald, DSM, P.O., Jodoin, Edwin, A.B., Moslin, Edward, P.O., Riley, Eugene, A.B., Wrigley, Walter, A.B.  (Source: Korean Veterans Association of Canada)


HMCS IROQUOIS' tours in Korea


1st Tour:  Departed Halifax: 21 Apr 1952  //  Arrived in Op Area: 12 Jun 1952  //  Departed Op Area: 26 Nov 1952  //  Arrived in Halifax: 08 Jan 1953

2nd Tour:  Departed Halifax 29 Apr 1953  //  Arrived in Op Area: 18 Jun 1953  //  Departed Op Area: 01 Jan 1954  //  Arrived in Halifax: 10 Feb 1954 *

3rd Tour:  Departed Halifax: 01 Jul 1954  //  Arrived in Op Area: 22 Aug 1954  //  Departed Op Area: 26 Dec 1954  //  Arrived in Halifax: 19 Mar 1955 *


* After both her 2nd and 3rd Korean War tours, IROQUOIS returned to Canada via the Suez Canal thus circumnavigating the globe. Following her Korean tours, she returned to her training role. 


In Nov/Dec 1959, during a 6-week deployment that included a NATO Exercise, HMCS BONAVENTURE, in company with HMCS ALGONQUIN, HMCS IROQUOIS, HMCS SIOUX and HMCS ATHABASKAN encounter a major storm that battered the squadron.



Four newspaper articles on the Nov/Dec 1959 deployment during which 5 RCN sailors died.


On 30 Jul 1962, the RCN sent the 3rd Destroyer Escort Squadron (Atlantic), under Capt. Gordon Edwards, on a good will / work up tour. The squadron consisted of HMCS SIOUX 225, HMCS HURON 216 and HMCS IROQUOIS 217 (as flagship). The ships sailed from Halifax NS to Bermuda and then on to Jamaica, arriving on 05 August 1962. The squadron joined a large fleet of naval vessels already assembled, as all Royal Navies and the United States Navy, had sent "good will" ships of various classes to Jamaica. In essence, it served to form one of the largest allied fleets to be assembled since WW II, and spent six days in Jamaica celebrating their independence from Briton which occurred on 06 Aug 1962. The squadron then sailed back to Bermuda before heading to Prince Edward Island to par-take in their official Lobster Festival. From PEI the squadron returned to Halifax for fuel and provisions, and again departed for Bermuda. From Bermuda it was onto Trinidad & Tobago to take part in their independence celebrations.


Shortly after entering the Caribbean Sea, the fresh water evaporator broke down and the Admiralty in Halifax was advised, and a replacement requested. This was easier said than done. HMCS IROQUOIS was a WWII Tribal class Destroyer, built in the UK in 1941. Although some spares were on hand in Halifax, an evaporator was not one of them. A request was sent to the Royal Navy in Britain, and they in turn advised that they could supply. When IROQUOIS reached Port of Spain, she received the replacement evaporator. The unit was brought onboard, still packed in its original crate. There was the usual adornment of numbers and code letters printed on the wooden crate. What caught everyone's eye however was the name printed on the crate in block letters "HMS HOOD" Apparently not all of the spares for Hood were disposed of. The unit was identical and fitted nicely, but not everyone was happy. Some of the older members of the crew (veterans of the Battle of the Atlantic) saw it as an "omen". They predicted it was the end of the IROQUOIS. IROQUOIS departed Port of Spain and headed for Bermuda again.


From Bermuda, the Squadron proceeded to Newfoundland where on 12 Sep to 17 Sep 1962, the Squadron took part in the 67th annual meeting of the National Council of the Navy League of Canada. While at St. John's, the squadron's actives included onboard entertainment of local dignitaries, day cruises for members of HMCS AVALON, HMCS CABOT and RCSCC Terra Nova and open house to the general public. Prior to leaving port IROQUOIS was advised to wear our "Paying off Pennant" upon leaving harbour, as this was to be her last port of call. On 24 Oct 1962, IROQUOIS was paid off at Halifax and placed in operation reserve (Moth balled) Point Edward Naval Station, Cape Breton N.S. She was broken up at Bilbao, Spain, in 1964.


She never sailed again ... OMEN?



Photos and Documents          Ship's company photos          The Ship's Bell


The Biscay Blockage: Operation KINETIC          Twelve Feet From Death


A Pictorial Record of HMC Ships Huron and IROQUOIS Under U.N. Command 1954 - 1955



Commanding Officers


Cdr William Boyd Love Holms, RCN - 30 Nov 1942 - 29 Jul 1943

Cdr James Calcutt Hibbard, DSC, RCN - 30 Jul 1943 - 07 Feb 1945

Cdr Kenneth Frederick Adams, RCN - 08 Feb 1945 - 02 Jul 1945

Cdr Edward W. Finch-Noyes, RCN - 03 Jul 1945 - 10 Nov 1945

Lt Christopher Gordon Smith, RCN - 11 Nov 1945 - 30 Jan 1946

Lt Arthur Hatheway McDonald, RCN - 31 Jan 1946 - 22 Feb 1946

Lt Deryck Adamson, RCN(R) - 27 May 1946 - 23 Dec 1946

LCdr James Plomer, DSC, RCN - 01 Mar 1947 - 01 Jun 1947

LCdr James Sinclair Davis, RCN - 02 Jun 1947 - 13 Nov 1947

LCdr Breen P. Young, MBE, RCN - 14 Nov 1947 - 02 May 1949

LCdr Thomas Charles Pullen, RCN - 24 Jun 1949 - 30 Sep 1949

LCdr Marcel Joseph Alphonse Jette, RCN - dates unknown

Cdr William Moss Landymore, RCN - 21 Oct 1951 - 31 Oct 1953

LCdr Stuart Grant Moore, RCN - 01 Nov 1953 - 22 Mar 1954

Cdr Maurice Faulkman Oliver, RCN - 23 Mar 1954 - 07 Aug 1955

Cdr D.L. Hanington, DSC, RCN - 08 Aug 1955 - 23 May 1957

LCdr Mark William Mayo, RCN - 24 May 1957 - 19 Nov 1957

Cdr William David F. Johnston, RCN - 17 Oct 1958 - 07 Sep 1960

Cdr H.W. Moxley, RCN - 08 Sep 1960 - 19 Mar 1962

Capt Gordon C. Edwards, RCN - 20 Mar 1962 - 30 Sep 1962

LCdr W.D. Munro, RCN - 01 Oct 1962 - 24 Oct 1962



     In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice    

     Lest We Forget     


COUGHLIN, Clifton R.


died - 19 Oct 1944

DWYER, Joseph C.


MPK - 26 Sep 1942



MPK - 20 Mar 1943

TARASOFF, Frederick


MPK - 20 Mar 1943


BAIKIE, Elburne A.


killed - 02 Oct 1952

BURDEN, Wallis M.


killed - 02 Oct 1952

QUINN, John L.


killed - 02 Oct 1952



killed - 05 Aug 1952



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten



























Isles, Kenneth M.


























Quick, Fred A.






















Former Crew Members


K3 = Crew list from 3rd Korean war deployment - 1954-1955


Ackert, S., P2CK2, 51736-H (K3)

Anderson, H.R., LSTD2, 17568-H (K3)

Anderson, J.R., ABTD1, 17840-H (K3)

Andrews, J.A., P2RC2, 11806-H (K3)

Anthony, K.L., ABEM1, 16286-H (K3)

Arsenault, R.J., ABRP1, 14152-H (K3)

Arthurs, D.B., ABRP1, 14690-H (K3)


Babcock, W.R., ABCR1, 26703-H (K3)

Bannister, F.A., P2QR2, 9505-H (K3)


Barron, Jules, Sto - 1944 (of Montreal)

Batchelor, K., ABPR2, 16838-H (K3)

Batey, W.G., P1EM2, RX-8236 (K3)

Beeston, J., LSSW1, 15853-H (K3)


Berggrenn, Waldo, AB


Blackie, Arthur Robert, Lt (E), RCN - 24 Jun 1949


Bladon, M., ABLM1, 27014-H (K3)

Blanchet, J.M. ABEM1, 14127-H (K3)

Blommeart, A., ABEM1, 14470-H (K3)


Bonney, Wayne, OSSN - Paying off crew 


Bottomly, Tom, CPO, Hull Tech - 1961


Boule, L.P., P2NS2, 50088-H (K3)

Bourne, S., ABCK1, 16872-H (K3)

Bradford, D.G., ABAA1, 19020-H (K3)

Brassard, R., ABRC1, 17723-H (K3)

Brockhurst, Geoffrey J., CD, Lt (G) (K3)

Broome, G., P1LR3, 6392-H (K3)

Brown, G.J., P2AC3, 5910-H (K3)

Brown, T., ABVS1, 16318-H (K3)


Burke, A.O., C2ET4, 5059-H (K3)


Carder, A.A., C2ER4, 23159-H (K3)


Carling, John B.C., Lt (C), RCN

Case, Charles - 1954-1955

Casselman, C.J., LSQM2, 13258-H (K3)

Chapman, J.M., ABTD1, 12692-H (K3)


Cladwell, John - WW 2


Clark, R.D., ABLM1, 26238-H (K3)

Coffill, G., P2CR2, 12183-H (K3)

Coffin, A.G., ABAA1, 18811-H (K3)


Colletti, J., ABRP1, 12809-H (K3)

Compeau, R.J., LSEM1, 12569-H (K3)

Connelly, E.J., ABCR1, 28319-H (K3)

Corey, G.L., P1EM4, 22278-H (K3)


Coughlin, Clifford Rxford, A/LCdr, RCNVR - 12 Apr 1944


Cowie, W.F., ABEM1, 16410-H (K3)

Crawford, J., ABEM1, 16214-H (K3)

Cridland, W.M., ABPH1, 16672-H (K3)


Cringle, George, Cdr (S), RCNVR - 23 Jul 1945


Crossan, R., LSEM1, 14457-H (K3)

Crump, David A., Lt, TAS (K3)


Cunningham, R.D., ABRC1, 25801-H (K3)


Davies, C., LSNS2, 7055-H (K3)

Davis, B., LSVS1, 15715-H (K3)

Deon, D.A., LSEG3, 24912-H (K3)

Deslaurier, R.I., LSRP1, 18131-H (K3)

Desmeules, J., LSQM2, 14095-H (K3)

Dion, J.A.F., ABRP1, 18754-H (K3)

Donnohue, G.R., P1ER4, 22491-H (K3)


Duffy, W., ABLR1, 15333-H (K3)


Dynna, Gilbert, AB


Elliott, R.L.S., ABTD1, 17759-H (K3)

Estabrooks, R., LSEM1, 22573-H (K3)


Fall, W.J., P1TD3, 11319-H (K3)


Farquhar, John Anderson, SLt, RCN - 24 Jun 1949


Faulkner, R.S., P2EM2, 10618-H (K3)

Fletcher, R., ABLM1, 28349-H (K3)


Forbes, Jack Deinstedt, Lt (S), RCN - 08 Jun 1947


Forcher, R.R., P2EM2, 13431-H (K3)


Ford, Gordon Winfield, A/Paym/LCdr, RCNVR - 13 Mar 1944


Fortin, Emilien, AB, MiD


Fortin, J., P2MA3, 9916-H (K3)

Fortin, J.A., ABEM1, 18805-H (K3)


Fraser, Walter Scott, Lt (S), RCNVR - 12 Jun 1945


Freund, N.M., LSCS2, 11274-E (K3)

Friis, G.A., LSCV1, 19549-H (K3)

Frith, R., LSCK2, 10146-H (K3)


Fuller, D., ABLM1, 24537-H (K3)

Fyfee, George M., LCdr, B.E.M., Ordnance Officer (K3)

Gagne, G.J.A., ABAA1, 17892-H (K3)

Gagnon, H.L., C2SW1, 40575-H (K3)


Gaudet, Joseph, PO


Geddes, George Scott, A/LCdr (S), RCN - 19 Jul 1948


Gibson, F.W., ABAA1, 12800-H (K3)

Giguere, J.C., LSCK1, 9875-H (K3)


Gilbertson, David Harland, Paym/Lt, RCNVR - 26 May 1943


Gilhen, Augustus, Wt/Shpt, RCN - 02 Jun 1948


Graham, T., P2VS2, 51260-H (K3)

Greczkowski, V., LSEM1, 9267-H (K3)

Green, A.G., ABTD1, 2628-H (K3)

Guy, C.G., LSQR1 - 13694-H (K3)

Hall, E.J., LSQR1, 12013-H (K3)


Harold C., ABQM1, 13791-H (K3)


Harold, Joseph, Sto - 1944 (of Calgary)


Harrison, Tom, Hull Tech - Aug 1961

Hart, T., ABLM1, 12871-H (K3)


Hartling, N., ABAA1, 24977-H (K3)

Henley, R.R., LSCK2, 8348-H (K3)


Hesketh, Richard Chisholm, SLt, RCN(R) - 27 May 1946


Hewitson, R.H., ABEM1, 16335-H (K3)

Hewitt, G., C1ER4, 22244-E (K3)


Hewitt, LSEM1, 15762-H (K3)

Holden, H.L., ABAA1, 16185-H (K3)

Hood, W.A., ABTD1, 16818-H (K3)

Hooper, J., QBQR1, 16729-H (K3)

Houle, J., ABEM1, 18300-H (K3)

Howe, C., C2CR3, 3713-H (K3)

Howe, G., P1EM4, 22031-H (K3)

Howlett, F., ABAA1, 19581-H (K3)

Hue, G., C2EM3, 21398-H (K3)

James, H.C., ABEM1, 16746-H (K3)

James, W.T., LSLR1, 13272-H (K3)


Jamieson, Gerald, AB, DSM


Jay, G.E., ABEM1, 15246-H (K3)

Jenson, E., ABAM1, 26822-H (K3)


Johnson, K.D., LSRP2, 9577-H (K3)

Johnston, E., ABCK1, 18541-H (K3)

Jones, Donald S., LCdr (E) (AE) (K3)


Jordan, Jean Paul, Lt (S), RCN - 20 Jun 1949 (Stand by) / 24 Jun 1949

Joynt, W., P2RP3, 7281-H (K3)

Kelly, R.G., LSRC2, 14410-H (K3)

Kelly, R.I., ABRC1, 19630-H (K3)

Kennedy, J.A., ABRP1, 25820-H (K3)

Kirk, K.H., LSAA2, 10202-H (K3)


Kirk, Ron, ABCV1, 18701-H  (K3) 


Knickle, D.E., ABAA1, 12375-H (K3)

Lajoie, A.J., LSSW1, 9223-H (K3)

Landriault, J., ABCK1, 26157-H (K3)

LaPlante, J.E., LSEM1, 9025-H (K3)

Lapointe, F., ABRP1, 14231-H (K3)

Leblanc, J.F., ABAA1, 23351-H (K3)


Lee, Norman Frederick, Wt (E), RCN - 21 Mar 1946


Leith, Thomas Wellesley McDonald, A/Gnr (T), RCN - 10 Apr 1944


Lentz, Herbert Stanley, A/Gnr (T), RCN - 27 May 1946 / A/Wt (L), RCN - 28 Apr 1947


Levandier, D.J., ABQM1, 24952-H (K3)


Long, John William, Lt (L), RCN - 24 Jun 1949


Long, M.A., P2TD3, 11467-H (K3)

MacArthur, F.S., LSCR1, 12187-H (K3)

MacArthur, L.G., C2CK3, 40827-H (K3)


MacDonald, Arthur Hatheway, Lt, RCN - 16 Jun 1947, XO


MacDougall, G.K., ABAA1, 15313-H (K3)


MacKnight, David Llewellyn (Tuffy), Lt, RCN - 08 May 1945


MacQueen, A., ABTD1, 26738-H (K3)

Mallett, G.H., P1ER4, 22210-E (K3)


Mason, Cecil Henry - c1961-62


Maranda, Theodore - WW 2

Martin, D., P1GA3, 25126-H (K3)

Martin, S., ABSW1, 13806-H (K3)

Martin, S.M., LSEM1, 13723-H (K3)

Matfield, D., ABEM1, 9123-H (K3)


Mathes, Claus, Steward, RCN - Served in IROQUOIS from completion of the 1961 refit until 24 Oct 1962 as the Wardroom Steward then as Captain's Steward.


Mathieson, Andrew Fraser, A/LCdr (E), RCNR - 18 Jun 1945


Maurice, J., ABSW1, 17655-H (K3)


McCabe, T.H., ABEM1, 12568-H (K3)

McCulloch, J., P2EM3, 11532-H (K3)

McCullough, J.B., LSTD2, 16368-H (K3)

McCullough, P2CV2, 6836-H (K3)

McCutcheon, A., LSQM2, 11871-H (K3)

McGinnis, D.K., LSEM1, 11920-H (K3)

McGuire, G.T., ABEM1, 50913-H (K3)


McIntyre, Raymond Joseph Arthur, A/Bos'n, RCN - 14 Mar 1947


McIsaac, D.M., ABCR1, 16181-H (K3)

McIsaac, J., ABRQ1, 13810-H (K3)

McKee, G., LSQR1, 9000-H (K3)

McKelvie, W.D.K., ABTD1, 19187-H (K3)

McKone, B.A., LSEM1, 14413-H (K3)

McLaughlin, D.H., ABQM1, 23304-H (K3)

McLean, R.M., LSCV1, 13827-H (K3)

McLelland, C.S., P2RN3, 11502-H (K3)

McMillan, R.A., P2AA2, 7006-H (K3)

McNally, H., ABAM1, 26843-H (K3)

Meadows, R.E., C2CV3, 6534-H (K3)


Middleton, Robert Earl, RCN


Milne, Thomas Robert (Bob)


Moffatt, William, ABSG, RCN - served in IROQUOIS during 1st Korean War tour

Montpetit, P., ABAM1, 19168-H (K3)

Montreuil, Y.J.L., ABLR1, 18999-H (K3)

Morrison, H.V., LSCS2, 9189-H (K3)

Moses, W.Q., P1AW2, 51543-H (K3)


Moslin, Edward, PO


Muise, E.A., LSQM2, 13727-H (K3)


Murray, John Malcolm, Surg/Lt, RCNVR - 30 Mar 1944


Nettleton, S.J., C2ER4, 22094-H (K3)

Neuman, M., ABRC1, 18938-H (K3)


Nieuwstad, Pieter Cornelius, A/LCdr, RCNR - 27 Jan 1944

Noble, J., ABQM1, 19599-H (K3)


O'Connor, A.W., C2EM3, 22261-H (K3)


O'Neil, Charles H., Surg-Lt (K3)

O'Neill, W., ABAA1, 24454-H (K3)

Orr, R.J., P1ER4, 22599-H (K3)

Ostrosky, M., LSAA1, 8743-H (K3)

Oulette, G., ABQM1, 18947-H (K3)

O'Very, H.W., LSEF3, 16317-H (K3)

Pacaud, L., P1EM3, 21995-H (K3)

Pace, E.B., C2sH4, RX-8179 (K3)

Paquin, J., ABRP1, 17849-H (K3)

Pare, R., ABCK1, 19216-H (K3)

Park, H., ABAM1, 26880-H (K3)

Patterson, J.L., LSQM2, 3960-H (K3)


Pearson, Don


Pellerine, A., ABAA1, 16825-H (K3)

Pelly, L., ABQR1, 13848-H (K3)


Pennie, Duff Morrison, Wt (E), RCN - 27 Jun 1949


Ploughman, H., Chaplain, CL IV, C of E (K3)

Plunkett, C., ABNS1, 9113-H (K3)

Poulin, R., ABRP1, 17741-H (K3)


Pratt, Denis H., Midshipman (L), RCN - 19 Jun 1949 (Stand by) / 24 Jun 1949


Price, H., P1ET4, 6107-H (K3)


Riley, Eugene, AB


Ritchie, G., C1ST4, 3392-H (K3)

Robertson, F., LSRP1, 12610-H (K3)

Rolfe, M.W., ABTD1, 24442-H (K3)

Roscoe, W., P2EM2, 10595-H (K3)


Rose, H.R., ABQM1, 25793-H (K3)


Ross, Joseph Donovan, Surg/Lt, RCNVR - 19 Jun 1943


Roy, P.A., LSCR1, 14078-H (K3)


Rutherford, ERA - 1962


Rutledge, J.W., ABLM1, 24974-H (K3)

Salman, G.J., ABEM1, 9081-H (K3)

Sarrazin, A., ABTD1, 18935-H (K3)

Saucier, J.L.A., ABTD1, 14240-H (K3)

Saunders, C., ABLM1, 19041-H (K3)

Saunders, R., EM1, 11941-H (K3)


Schleen, Donald C. 


Schroprfer, G., P1ER4, 9105-H (K3)


Scrivener, Richard Harding, A/LCdr (E), RCNVR - 06 Mar 1944


Sellars, W., LSEM1, 13680-H (K3)

Shannon, W., ABQR1, 26143-H (K3)

Shaw, G., P1CA3, 5868-H (K3)

Shields, R., LSEM1, 9126-H (K3)


Shirley, Roger John, Lt, RCNVR -04 May 1944


Simard, Pierre Edouard Gerard, Lt, RCN - 24 Jun 1949


Sidwell, S., P1EM3, 23248-H (K3)


Smith, H.R., ABEM1, 16424-H (K3)


Smith, Thomas J. (Snuffy), ABLR1, 16424-H - 1954-1956 (K3)


Smithers, W.O., ABRC1, 19627-H (K3)

Snider, K., ABRP1, 25767-H (K3)

Snow, L.R., LSED3, 12264-H (K3)

Soloduk, J.M., ABCR1, 26850-H (K3)


Spencer, (Spook), Hull Tech - 1961


Sproatt, Henry Anglos, Lt, RCN - 30 Jun 1949


St. John, R.G., ABCV1, 25067-H (K3)


Stead, Gordon Wilson, A/LCdr, RCNVR - 10 Mar 1944


Steen, ERA - 1962


Stoner, R., ABEM1, 17594-H (K3)

Stuckless, D.R., ABTD1, 16522-H (K3)

Sutherland, D.H., ABRC1, 12737-H (K3)


Sutherland, John Robert, Lt (S), RCN - 24 Jun 1949


Takoff, B.D., LSCV1, 16528-H (K3)

Taylor, D., P1SH4, 12617-H (K3)

Taylor, H.E., C2QR3, 3953-H (K3)

Taylor, R., P2EM2, 22765-H (K3)


Tessier, J., ABCK1, 14196-H (K3)

Townsend, K.H., LSCV1, 16083-H (K3)

Tyson, S., ABRP1, 26877-H (K3)

Wales, W., P1OT4, 5561-H (K3)

Walker, Lawrence J., LCdr, XO (K3)

Walsh, F., LSRP2, 13653-H (K3)

Ward, G., ABNS2, 15860-H (K3)

Wark, R., P1EM3, 22340-H (K3)

Warne, R., C2GI4, 3664-H (K3)


Wells, C., ABLM1, 12850-H (K3)

Wheeler, D., LSRW3, 11620-H (K3)

White, R.E., ABRP1, 10249-H (K3)

Whitney, K., LSTD1, 16430-H (K3)

Wiens, F., LSEM1, 10880-H (K3)

Wildman, J.W., ABTD1, 16177-H (K3)

Wilson, J., C2TI4, 4053-H (K3)

Wood, L., C2EM3, 21845-H (K3)


Wright, C., C2RT4, 51061-H (K3)


Wrigley, Walter, AB


Yuille, C., P2RC2, 5619-H (K3)


Zoschke, Paul Ambrose, CV - 1958



Photos and Documents





(JVW277) HMCS IROQUOIS G89 A Seagoing Village  (JVW278) HMCS IROQUOIS G89 Joins Canada's Fighting Fleet  


From the collection of J. Vincent Wesley, CPO, RCNVR


Courtesy of Marilynn Taylor




From the collection of Cdr Bernard Summers Lake, RCN


Courtesy of Barry Lake



RCN Photo # LX-0126-R


Courtesy of the Comox RCAF Museum


DND / RCN photo Negative # L0131A


Courtesy of Dave Shirlaw

Jacket patch for HMCS IROQUOIS G89

Courtesy of Terrance Edwards


From the book Designs of Distinction : In his book "Tribal Captain", in a photograph between pp 100 and 101, Edward TG Madgwick, retired Captain, RCN, says he produced this design as 1st Lieutenant of IROQUOIS when she commissioned. the design came from a book on the IROQUOIS nation found in an English library. The design became a jacket patch in 1945. Minus the rope shield, this design appeared on the ship's stationary, but in black and white.


Man Overboard - Ernest G. Edward fell over board while serving in HMCS IROQUOIS during WW2.  He was rescued.

Courtesy of Terrance Edwards

HMCS IROQUOIS G89 iced-up in the North Atlantic

Courtesy of Bill Gard

Newspaper article on the death of LCdr COUGHLIN, XO of HMCS IROQUOIS G89

Ottawa Citizen, 23 Oct 1944

Source: Canadian Virtual War Memorial

Funeral of LCdr Coughlin at Scapa Flow

Source: Canadian Virtual War Memorial


Newspaper article on HMCS IROQUOIS G89 sinking German Flak ship off France

Crow's Nest Newspaper - Nov 1944


Historical note:  This action happened on 23 Aug 1944 as part of the Battle of Audierne Bay. IROQUOIS sank a flak ship by gunfire. This photo is of a German minesweeper being torpedoed by IROQUOIS, not the sinking of the Flak ship as indicated in the news article.

AB Brown Bruce A. V70663 of Lindsay received his discharge from the Navy on 19 Jan 1946 after service on the IROQUOIS from 01 May 1944

Source: City of Kawartha Lakes Digital Archives

Headstone for LCdr C.R. Tony Coughlin, DSC, RCNVR 19 Oct 1944 Age 31

Location: Lyness Royal Naval Cemetery

ERA Arthur Kyle on HMCS IROQUOIS G89 with the ship's mascot, Kipper

Courtesy of Tim Kyle

Newspaper article on SLt J.M.Dowler, HMCS IROQUOIS

The Winnipeg Evening Tribune, 06 Apr 1943

Sailors or HMCS IROQUOIS write letters home

Crow's Nest newspaper - Dec 1944

Two sailors on HMCS IROQUOIS display a wartime souvenir


Sto Jules Barron and Sto Joseph Harold


Crow's Nest newspaper - Dec 1944


Unknown sailor off HMCS IROQUOIS G89 - circa 1948

From the collection of Ivan Chamberlain

Courtesy of Dave Chamberlain





From the collection of William Connor

Courtesy of Jason Salter





(AM19) Fo'c's'le of HMCS IROQUOIS - photo taken from by the bull ring  (AM19a)  HMCS MICMAC under repair after being rammed by SS Yarmouth County on 16 Jul 1947. Photo taken from HMCS IROQUOIS  (AM20) Divisions on HMCS IROQUOIS


From the collection of CPO1 Archie MacArthur, RCN


Courtesy of Colleen Coons




HMCS IROQUOIS 217 - date unknown

From the collection of Francis Walsh

Courtesy of Mike O'Keefe

RCN Sustains First Korea Battle Casualties

Newspaper article from the CROWSNEST Vol 5 No 1 Nov 1952

4-inch gun crew on HMCS IROQUOIS 217.  Edwin Jodoin looking at the camera

From the collection of Edwin Jodoin

Courtesy of Jacqeline Jodoin

Edwin Jodoin (left). Woman and sailor on right unknown.

From the collection of Edwin Jodoin

Courtesy of Jacqeline Jodoin

Edwin Jodoin working in the ship's laundry on HMCS IROQUOIS 217

From the collection of Edwin Jodoin

Courtesy of Jacqeline Jodoin

Able Seaman Edwin Jodoin in the US Army Hospital, Sasebo, Japan, recovering from injuries received when HMCS IROQUOIS 217 was his by shellfire off the Korean coast on 02 Oct 1952.

From the collection of Edwin Jodoin

Courtesy of Jacqeline Jodoin

Article on HMCS IROQUOIS'S casualties after she was hit by shellfire off the Korean Coast on 02 Oct 1952

HMCS IROQUOIS 217 circa 1954-1955

Courtesy of Charles Case

Ceremonial Guard during the 1954-55 Korean War Tour of HMCS IROQUOIS and HMCS Huron.  It is not known if the guard if from IROQUOIS, Huron or a combination of crews from both ships.

Courtesy of Charles Case

Charles Case on HMCS IROQUOIS during the 1954-55 Korean War Tour

Courtesy of Charles Case

Newspaper article on HMCS IROQUOIS 217's final visit to St. John's, NFLD, just prior to being paid off

Courtesy of Bud Rose

Jamaica Independence Day Cruise Certificate

Courtesy of Bud Rose

Capt Edwards being piped aboard HMCS IROQUOIS as Commanding Officer and Commander of the 3rd Escort Sqn

Courtesy of Bud Rose

ABHM Bud Rose on the 3"50 of HMCS IROQUOIS 217, Apr 1962

Courtesy of Bud Rose

ABHM Bud Rose on HMCS IROQUOIS 217, Apr 1962. HMCS BONAVENTURE in the background

Courtesy of Bud Rose 

ERA Rutherford (right) and ERA Steen (left) playing chess. Photo taken in stoker's mess onboard HMCS IROQUOIS; Apr 1962

Courtesy of Bud Rose

Lt. Gov. Hon. Campbell Leonard Macpherson and Capt. Edwards arrive at the War Memorial in St. John's, Sep 1962

Courtesy of Bud Rose

Ship's companies of HMCS Sioux and HMCS IROQUOIS at the War Memorial on Water St., St. John's, Sep 1962

Courtesy of Bud Rose 

HMCS IROQUOIS 217 in St. John's Harbour, Sep 1962. Photo taken from old RCN dockyard

Courtesy of Bud Rose

HMCS IROQUOIS 217 moves away from the jetty as she prepares to leave St. John's, NFLD for the final time

Courtesy of Bud Rose

HMCS IROQUOIS 217 just prior to being placed in reserve, alongside HMCS Mackenzie, the RCN's newest destroyer escort

Courtesy of Bud Rose

HMCS IROQUOIS 217 - Halifax, April 1962. HMCS Sioux outboard (left side of photo)

Courtesy of Bud Rose



Photos on and from HMCS IROQUOIS 217







(CM01-CM05) HMCS Cape Scott 101 - Photos taken from HMCS IROQUOIS







(CM06) HMCS Cape Scott 101 - Photo taken from HMCS IROQUOIS








(12-15) HMCS IROQUOIS approaching and conducting a RAS with HMCS BONAVENTURE

(CM14) Unknown destroyer astern of IROQUOIS and BONAVENTURE as man overboard and plane guard

(CM15) Helo taking off from BONAVENTURE to deliver mail during RAS with IROQUOIS






(CM18) RAS complete, IROQUOIS pulls away from BONAVENTURE





(CM19-CM21) Helo delivering mail to HMCS IROQUOIS







(CM22-CM26) HMCS SIOUX 225









(CM29-CM31) HMCS ATHABASKAN 219 - 1961







(CM32) HMCS IROQUOIS, Starboard side looking forward from after 3"50

(33) Destroyers in formation astern of HMCS IROQUOIS

(CM34-CM35) Supply Branch Aft Mess Deck in HMCS IROQUOIS - 1961

(CM36)  HMCS BONAVENTURE and an unknown submarine secured alongside in Halifax astern of HMCS IROQUOIS






Taken from the flight deck of HMCS BONAVENTURE - 1962


Courtesy of Claus Mathes








(RD16) Lt Madgwick on HMCS IROQUOIS G89

(RD17) Sailors on HMCS IROQUOIS G89 Russell Dewe, back, 1st on left - Eric Snell, back, centre. Two of other sailors in the photo are B. Evasik and Robert Willis though it is not known which sailors they are in the photo

(RD18) Russell Dewe on HMCS IROQUOIS G89

(RD19)  Russell Dewe (centre) other two sailors unknown on HMCS IROQUOIS G89

(RD20) Unknown sailor on HMCS IROQUOIS G89







(RD21) HMCS IROQUOIS G89 (foreground) at Scapa Flow with unknown destroyer coming alongside

(RD22) L-R: Cdr Harry Dewolf, Adm Fraser (Royal Navy) and, Cdr James Calcutt Hibbard on HMCS IROQUOIS G89

(RD23) Russell Dewe (centre) and two unknown shipmates

(RD24) Starshells during night action in the Bay of Biscay

(RD25) Unknown ship making smoke screen - photo taken from HMCS IROQUOIS who was also laying smoke







(RD26) Plaque presented to HMCS IROQUOIS G89 in appreciation of her rescuing 680 survivors from the troopship SS DUCHESS OF YORK that was sunk by German Aircraft on 11 Jul 1943 300 miles of Virgo, Spain

(RD27) Unknown troop ship seen from HMCS IROQUOIS G89

(RD28) Drawbridge at unknown location  (RD29) Unknown Algerine Class Minesweeper

(RD30) Unknown coastline seen from HMCS IROQUOIS G89




(RD31) Funeral procession for Capt Walker of HMS STARLING - Jul 1944

(RD32) Honour guard from HMCS IROQUOIS G89 for the funeral of Capt Walker of HMS STARLING


From the collection of Russell James Dewe, AB, RCNVR


Courtesy of Robin Dewe