Auxiliary Oil Replenishment Ship





HMCS PROVIDER 508 - 1972

Courtesy of Robert Berbeck

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Laid down: 21 Jun 1961

Launched: 05 Jul 1962

Commissioned: 28 Sep 1963

Paid off: 24 Jun 1998

Fate: Broken up in 2003


Built by Davie Shipbuilding & Repairing Co. Ltd., Lauzon, Que, she was commissioned there on 28 Sep 1963. She was the first Operational Support ship in the RCN and was designed with the capacity for the stowage of fuel, ammunition, supplies, provisions (dry and refrigerated) and replacement helicopters. She was also designed to transfer supplies and personnel underway and provided support to operational forces at sea. At the time, she was the largest ship built in Canada for the RCN. She had 26 fuel cargo tanks which held approximately 14,000 tons of FFO, 1,500 tons of diesel and 900 tons of aviation gas (JP5) along with 430 tons of ammunition, provisions and spare parts. HMCS PROVIDER had the capability of replenished and refueling up to 4000 gals/min at 18 plus knots. Late in 1969, with the arrival of the two follow-on AORs, HMCS PRESERVER and HMCS PROTECTEUR, she was transferred to the west coast.


On 04 May 1970, HMCS PROVIDER 508, HMCS MACKENZIE 261, HMCS YYUKON 263 and HMCS TERRA NOVA 259 departed Esquimalt for a Far East cruise.


On 08 May 1986, HMCS PROVIDER 508, HMCS RESTIGOUCHE 257, HMCS TERRA NOVA 259 and HMCS KOOTENAY 258, departed Esquimalt for Exercise RIMPAC 86 and returned on 21 Jun 1986.


In the spring of 1990 she took part in the Pacific Rim countries' exercise RIMPAC 90, along with units of the 2nd and 4th Destroyer Squadrons, which afterward visited Vladivostok, the first western warships to do so since 1939. Afterward, en route to visit Manila, she rescued a large number of Vietnamese boat people that had spent nine days without food or water after their boat had broken down.


In late 1993 and early 1994 she took part in the UN embargo of Haiti. She returned to Halifax in June 1996. The ship was paid off 24 June 1998, two years later than originally planned, and remained in Halifax Harbour until 2002 while she awaited auction. She was sold to Greek interests and on 26 Jul 2002 left Halifax under tow for Greece, to become a water storage vessel. The following year she was towed to Turkey and broken up.



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Photos and Documents          Ship's company photos          The Ship's Bell


Commissioning Booklet          Crossing the Line (Equator) - 02 Feb 1978          Reactivation Booklet - 1982



Commanding Officers


Capt Thomas Charles Pullen, RCN - 28 Sep 1963 - 08 Dec 1964

Capt Kai Hugh Boggild, RCN - 08 Dec 1964 - 24 Aug 1966

Capt D.W. Knox, RCN - 24 Aug 1966 - 16 Aug 1967

Capt W.J.H. Stuart, RCN - 16 Aug 1967 - 05 Sep 1969

Capt James Andrew Fulton - 05 Sep 1969 - 02 Aug 1972

Capt Frederick William Crickard - 02 Aug 1972 - 30 Sep 1974

Capt Colin Heggerston Purves Shaw - 30 Sep 1974 - 05 Aug 1976

Capt Keith Murray Young - 05 Aug 1976 - 21 Jul 1978

Capt Richmond (Rip) Hill Kirby - 21 Jul 1978 - 20 Jun 1980

Capt Richard Lockwood Donaldson - 20 Jun 1980 - 12 Apr 1982

Capt Jan Jansz Drent - 12 Apr 1982 - 09 Jul 1984

Capt Dale Edward Gibb - 09 Jul 1984 - 15 Jul 1986

Capt Russell Donald Moore - 15 Jul 1986 - 05 Dec 1988

Capt K.R. Scotten - 05 Dec 1988 - 13 Jul 1990

Capt I. Stephan Foldesi - 13 Jul 1990 - 27 Jul 1992

Capt M.B. McLean - 27 Jul 1992 - 05 Aug 1994

Cdr I.G. Parker - 05 Aug 1994 - 15 Dec 1995

Capt S.D. Andrews - 15 Dec 1995 - 25 Jun 1997

Cdr D.O. Thamer - 25 Jun 1997 - 24 Jun 1998



     In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice    

     Lest We Forget     


deBALINHARD, William

AB.SW, C.A.F. (Navy)

died - 22 Sep 1971

MURRAY, D. Shawn

OS.BN, C.A.F. (Navy)

died 20 Sep 1975



died - 25 Oct 1963



died - 16 Jun 1964

URIE, Joseph C.


died - 11 Feb 1966



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


































Lambert, Ronald G.P.














O'Donnell, Edward T.











Quick, Fred A.

























Former Crew Members


SH - pers identified in photos from the collection of Steve Hlasny - 1972 to 1976


Abbott, Freeman, AB.BN - (SH)


Adamthwaite, Dave V., Slt/Lt (N), DeckO - Aug 1969 - Oct 1971 


Akhurst, AB.BN - (SH)


Alexander, LS - (SH)


Alleyne, LS.BN - Nov 1967


Armstrong, Dave, LS.AW - (SH)


Badiuk, LS.ER - (SH)


Barlow, C1BN - (SH)


Baumann -


Becevel, Michael


Berbeck, Robert, LS - Aug 1969 - Jul 1972


Bertrand, Lou, P2HT - (SH)


Booth, Brian, P2BN - (SH)


Bone, Norman, P2BN - (SH)


Boucher, Butch, HT


Brain, LCdr - (SH)


Brydon, Glen, P2MET - (SH)


Cain, P2RP - (SH)


Catchpole, Eric, C2ER - (SH)


Chan, Victor, P2HT - (SH)


Chandler, CPO - Nov 1967


Charette, L., OSS, R-33052 - until 30 Oct 1967


Chenier, Allan, OS/AB.BN - (SH)


Clarabut, D.G., AB.HT, 59337-H - until 30 Oct 1967


Cooper, Mike, Lt (N) - (SH)


Cornell, B., P2 Cadet - until 30 Oct 1967


Cryer, John, LS.HT - (SH)


Davidson, AB.RM - Nov 1967


Davorin, P2HT - (SH)


Dennings, MS - 1985


Desroche, Mel, LS.BN - (SH)


Dickson, AB.SW - Nov 1967


Downing, J., AB.NQ, R-25801 - until 30 Oct 1967


Dunfield, LS.HT - Nov 1967


Eatmon, LS.ER - Nov 1967


Fenton, ABET - Nov 1967


Fitzsimonds, C1WS, Cox'n - (SH)


Gallagher, Jean, Cook


Gardner, AB.ER - Nov 1967


Gasse, AB.BN - Nov 1967


Gloor, R., C2TM, R-10185 - until 30 Oct 1967


Gosling, Steve, LS - 1985


Gravelle, AB.CK - Nov 1967

Gunther, Mel, P2ET - (SH)


Harris, B., P2 Cadet - until 30 Oct 1967


Hill, Bill, RM


Hlasny, Stephen, P2RT - 1972 - 1976


Hollands, Fred, WU


Hossman (Moritz), Carin - Jul 1994-Aug 1996 as A/SYO with a 1 yr extension as SYO to see her through refit and the Panama Canal to Halifax for paying-off.


Hunt, P2ER - (SH)


Hutchings, Steve - May 1974 - Jun 1978


James, G., P2 Cadet - until 30 Oct 1967


Jefferies, Al, PO1 - 1985


Jenkins - Nov 1967


Jolicoeur, LSST - Nov 1967


Johnson, Clair, P2ER - (SH)


Kelley, Clem, P2RM - (SH)


Kesler, LS - (SH)


King, T. Michael, OS, LS and P1BN


Kinsey, David - 1969-1974


Knox, LS.BN - (SH)


Lance, Mark


Lascelle, Ed, P1BN - (SH)


Lefebvre, Pierre, LS.CK - 1984-1986


Lemier, P2 - (SH)


Lemieux, Pierre, c1969-70


Little, Don, CPO2 - 1985


Lothian, P2 - (SH)


Lowrie, Lt (N) - (SH)


Lythall, R., LS.AW, R-22544 - until 30 Oct 1967


MacDonald, C., A Cadet - until 30 Oct 1967


MacLean, H., C2CV, R-12062 - until 30 Oct 1967


Maddeaux, AB.BN - Nov 1967


Malott, Fred


Marion, Jean-Marie, HT - 1969-1970


Marsh, P1ER - (SH)


McConnell, J., P2AW, R-8695 - until 30 Oct 1967


McCormick, K., P2WS, 10487-H - until 30 Oct 1967


McDougall, C1ER - (SH)


McDougall, Keith, P1ER, Dec 1983 - Jan 1988   


McEvoy, Tom - 1969


McFarland, Doug - 1970-1972, 1983-1985, 1993-1995


McLellan, W, P2CK - (SH)


Mitchell, Mike


Moore, Basil Patrick, Cdr, XO - 1974 - 1976

Montgomery, P1ER - Nov 1967


Murray, Lawrence Edward, Cdr, OpsO/Navo - 1974 - 1976


Negrich, Ray, C1SG, Cox'n - (SH)


Nowle, Tony, C2RT - (SH)


Oliver, L., P1HT, R-25957 - until 30 Oct 1967


Parenteau, Gerry, P2NS - (SH)


Parr, Westall H., AB 43164-H - 1957-1960


Parsons, Jim, P2NS - (SH)


Patterson, AB.ST - Nov 1967


Perry, J., Major, ZA-4987 - until 30 Oct 1967


Piel, P1AW - (SH)


Porter, LS.ST - Nov 1967


Potter, John, C2SW - (SH)


Reardon, P2CK - (SH)


Roberge, AB.BN - (SH)


Sailor, Frank, C1, Cox'n - (SH)


Sawatsky, Larry, P2HT - (SH)


Seddon, Nov 1967


Seminuk, Ben, PO1 - 1985


Silcox, P2VS - (SH)


Spooner, Sydney, P2ER - (SH)


Stewart, Allen, LS, MS, PO2, Pay Writer - Feb 1973 - Aug 1978 


Storey, Ed, C2RT - (SH)


Sullivan, Leo, P2ER - (SH)


Taylor, Barry, Slt - (SH)


Thibault, MS.BN - (SH)


Tiffin, Rick - 1988-1988


Torris, Ralph, P2ER - (SH)


Valleau, P2CK - Nov 1967


Verhuel, (Dutch), P2ER - (SH)


Vircoe, Jeff, SW - Jun 1977 - Jul 1981


Voss, John, C1ET - (SH)


Vuillemin, Patrick, Leading Cadet - until 30 Oct 1967


White, AB.SG - (SH)


Wildin, Matthew R., P2PW


Wilkinson, G., Leading Cadet - until 30 Oct 1967


William, Brian L. - 1964-1967, 1979-1985, 1986-1988


Wilson, A., P2 Cadet - until 30 Oct 1967


Woychuk, PO.NS - (SH)


Yates, Andy (Amy), P2BN - (SH)


Yerrill, R., P1RM, 34257-H - until 30 Oct 1967


Younger, LS.SG - Nov 1967


Zwicker, R., LS.CO, R-26956 - until 30 Oct 1967



Photos and Documents


"The hull of PROVIDER awaits to slip down the ways at David Ship Building, Lauzon, QC - 05 Jul 1062


Courtesy of Hugh Muir

Basic diagram of PROVIDER's layout

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

HMCS PROVIDER 508 - undated



DND photo # 508-234


Courtesy of the Comox RCAF Museum

Newspaper article dated 26 Sep 1963 on Capt. Pullen, HMCS PROVIDER'S soon to be Commanding Officer when she is commissioned on 28 Sep 1963


Courtesy of Art Moore



Courtesy of Robert Norris

Routine Orders - 01 Nov 1967



Courtesy of Patrick Vuillemin

HMCS PROVIDER at sea - 1967


Photo taken from HMCS BONAVENTURE


Courtesy of Brian Lapierre

© Brian Lapierre 1967

HMCS PROVIDER arrival in Esquimalt Dec 1969

Courtesy of Robert Berbeck.









(JM01) HMCS PROVIDER in rough seas - 1969  (JM02) Jean-Marie Marion on HMCS PROVIDER - 1969  (JM03) Jean-Marie racked out  (JM04) Mess deck on HMCS PROVIDER  (JM05-JM06) Pierre Lemieux on HMCS PROVIDER  (JM07) Seaman's mess / Rec space






HMCS PROVIDER conducting a RAS with HMCS Mackenzie 261


Courtesy of Jean-Marie Marion


Newspaper article on EX RIMPAC 72

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny





(1) HMCS RESTIGOUCHE RAS with HMCS PROVIDER  (2) USS TICONDEROGA  (3) USS MORTON coming along side HMCS PROVIDER for a RAS  (4) Dental truck on HMCS PROVIDER for EX RIMPAC 72. PO1 Ed sitting on the back of the truck  (5) Dolphins between HMCS GATINEAU and HMCS PROVIDER during a RAS  (6) HMCS QU'APPELLE conducting RAS with HMCS PROVIDER


Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

Crossing the Line on HMCS PROVIDER, 25 Sep 1972 - EX RIMPAC 72




(1) Akhurst, John Potter, Marsh   (2)  Akhurst, Dauoren, Brane   (3) Johnston   (4) Steve Hlasny, Dauoren   (5) Birch-Jones (XO), Crickard (CO)   (6) Sailors getting dunked




(7 & 8) List of Neptune's Court and Tadpoles  (9 & 10) Article from the Esquimalt LOOKOUT, 26 Oct 1972 on the Crossing the Line Ceremony on HMCS PROVIDER during EX RIMPAC 72


Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

HMCS PROVIDER having a "No Day", crossing the International Date Line, EX RIMPAC 72




(1) White   (2) Ackhurst and White   (3) Frank Sailor, foreground, right, looking at camera   (4) Birch-Jones   (5) Silcon and Dick Story, front left   (6) Two storesmen, foreground


Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

Bob Bader, Mel Gunther, Arny Yates, renting a car at Suva, Fiji and going on a tour


Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

Mel Gunther, Steve Hlasny, Arny Yates and Bob Bader, Suva, Fiji, 28 Sep 1972


Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

Steve Hlasny and Mel Gunther, Suva, Fiji, 28 Sep 1972


Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

HMAS STUART conducting RAS with HMCS PROVIDER during LONGEX 72


Courtesy of Steve Hlasny


HMCS PROVIDER 508 entering Sydney, Australia, 1972


Courtesy of Don Little

HMCS PROVIDER at Garden Island, Australia, 1972


Courtesy of Steve Hlasny






(1) Ed Lascelle (no shirt), on HMCS PROVIDER, Sep 1973, USS Midway in the background   (2) PROVIDER's Helos, San Diego, Sep 1973   (3) HMCS PROVIDER   (4) Ralph Torris, Mel Gunther, HMCS PROVIDER   (5) PO2 Steve Hlasny receiving his first clasp to his CD at divisions on HMCS PROVIDER during EX RIMPAC 73




One of the USN Helo crew members (and holder of the golden mattress award) on HMCS PROVIDER, EX RIMPAC 73


Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

USS Constellation with a flight deck area of 4 acres


Photo taken from HMCS PROVIDER

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

HMCS PROVIDER's boat crew bring over 2 injured crew from HMCS Rainbow, Mar 1974


Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

Helos joining HMCS PROVIDER from North Island, Mar 1974


Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

Turkish sailors on board HMCS PROVIDER for the day, Mar 1974


Also in photo - Frank Sailor, Jim Parson, Larry Sawatsky, Glen Brydon


Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

RAS Teams Close Up - Mar 1974




(1) Guided missile cruiser USS Chicago coming along side HMCS PROVIDER for fuel   (2) USS Bradley conducting RAS with HMCS PROVIDER  (3) HMCS St Croix conducting a jackstay with HMCS PROVIDER   (4) HMCS Mackenzie pulls away after a RAS with HMCS PROVIDER   (5) HMCS Gatineau conducting a RAS with HMCS PROVIDER


Courtesy of Steve Hlasny



Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

Judy, standing on the jetty, waiting for HMCS PROVIDER's arrival alongside, 07 Jun 1974


Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

HMCS PROVIDER's tour of Vancouver Island ports, Jun/Jul 1974




(1) Tahsis Sawmill  (2) Crown Zellar, Elk Bay  (3) Jervis Inlet  (4) Halifax Range Inland Passage  (5) Ripple Rock, Seymour Narrows  (6) Tahsis, West Coast Vancouver Island


Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

EX POTLACH, Aug-Sep 1974




  (1) Jervis Bay   (2) Kodiak, Alaska   (3)  USS Mount Vernon LSD 39   (4) LCM and troops alongside HMCS PROVIDER   (5) Labrador Air Sea Rescue Helicopter landing on HMCS PROVIDER


Courtesy of Steve Hlasny



R & R before sea phase, Mar 1975




(1) Honolulu   (2) Frank and Ralph   (3) a blow hole   (4) Steve and Frank   (5) Lookout from the Pali   (6) USS ARIZONA Memorial   (7) USS HANCOCK enroute to Vietnam, Mar 1975


RIMPAC 75 - Sea phase




(1) USS KITTY HAWK and USS PONCHUTLA  (2) HMAS MELBOURNE  (3) USS KIRK conducting RAS with HMCS PROVIDER  (4) HMCS KOOTENAY  (5) HMCS KOOTENAY personnel jackstay transfer - Tom Pleskivich  (6) USS ALBERTA DAVID  (7) USS BADGER  (8) USS KISKA  (9) USS REEVES


Courtesy of Steve Hlasny





(1) Map of WESTPLOY Far East port visits  (2) Heavy jackstay - HMCS PROVIDER  (3) Light jackstay transfer of stretch patient from HMCS QU'APPELLE to HMCS PROVIDER  (4) HMCS QU'APPELLE, HMCS MACKENZIE and HMCS SASKATCHEWAN receive "Moon Shot" during their sail past prior to their departure to Japan  (5) Capt Shaw's 50th Birthday - receiving his new bridge chair as a birthday gift from the Chief's and PO's Mess.  (6) ROK Gunboat, Apr 1975  (7) Ship open to visitors, Pusan, Korea




(8) Old temple being restored  (9) Steve Hlasny in front of temple  (10) Steve and Frank  (11 - 14) Information booklet on the UN Memorial Cemetery in Korea




(15 - 22) HMCS PROVIDER conducts a Service of Remembrance for Canadian War Dead at the UN Cemetery, Pusan, Korean  (18) Guard officer, Lt(N) Guy  (20) Frank and Steve




(23)  500 Won, Korean currency  (24) HMCS PROVIDER entering Yokosuka, Japan, Apr 1975




No-Day at sea

(25) Frank (standing), Steve Hlasny to Frank's right  (26) Steve, centre,  moonlighting as a cook during the No-Day  (27) CO Capt. Colin Shaw to the left of Miss PROVIDER and to the right is the XO Cdr Moore  (28) Volleyball cheerleaders - Lou, Max, Lt(N) Mike Cooper, CPO2 Bash Callaghan, unk  (29) A No-Day At the horse races  (30) Steve Hlasny - jockey  (31) Ralph Torris - jockey




(32) 503 in holding position on HMCS PROVIDER's flight deck  (33) Preparing for a heavy jackstay  (34) Heavy jackstay set-up on HMCS PROVIDER  (35 & 36) HMCS PROVIDER conducting a heavy jackstay  


Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

HMCS PROVIDER fueling an USN supply ship during Ex Valiant Heritage off San Diego, Mar 1976


Courtesy of Steve Hlasny 





HMCS PROVIDER Engineering Drawings


(PM01) Auxiliary Desuperheated  (PM02) L.P. Steam range  (PM03) Main Steam


Courtesy of Pat Meloy


Storing beer on HMCS PROVIDER 508 circa 1977


Courtesy of William Lepp

HMCS ATHABASKAN breaking away from PROVIDER and GATINEAU off the coast of California in spring of 1977. WESTEX 77, first 280 in the Pacific Ocean.


Courtesy of Michael Cowen


Photo restoration by Art Turner

HMCS PROVIDER refueling HMCS RESTIGOUCHE on the left, HMCS GATINEAU on the right with HMCS TERRA NOVA in the back in the Lifeguard Station. Photo was taken in May 1983, en route to Japan.


Courtesy of Robert Berbeck

HMCS PROVIDER 508 - date unknown


From the collection of Sid Dobing

Courtesy of Brian Dobing



Crossing the Line Ceremony on HMCS PROVIDER 508, 31 March 1981  The booklet has 28 March 1981 but the Op Sched changed after the booklet was printed off


Courtesy of Matthew McBride



(L-R) MS Dennings (Evaporator Watchkeeper), PO1 Ben Seminuk (Throttle Watchkeeper) PO1 Al Jefferies (Boiler Watchkeeper), LS Steve Gosling, CPO2 Don Little - Chief of the Watch, unknown


Courtesy of Don Little

Crossing the Line Ceremony on HMCS PROVIDER 508


EO LCDR Jones aka "Charlie two feathers" in the dunk chair


Courtesy of Jeff Boccabella

Crossing the Line Ceremony on HMCS PROVIDER 508


I think that is the Doc in the stocks, Ernie Peaker doing the honors to kiss the fish, Tom Landry and Art Wonga


Courtesy of Jeff Boccabella

Crossing the Line Ceremony on HMCS PROVIDER 508


Jim Gutteridge in the stocks with Cuthbertson, Billsten with Bill Layman and Terry Mamloff on the stairs


Courtesy of Jeff Boccabella

HMCS PROVIDER 508  fuelling USS Carl Vinson CVN-70

Courtesy of Keith McDougall


Crew list from HMCS PROVIDER Re-Activation booklet - 1987

Courtesy of Chris Kenny


HMCS PROVIDER Stores Dept. - Beard Growing Contest Day - 1989

Courtesy of Chris Kenny


See the ship's company photo page to see the photo with names



HMCS PROVIDER welcome aboard pamphlet - late 1980


Courtesy of Chris Kenny


HMCS PROVIDER in Turkey prior to being scrapped 28 August 2002.  Photograph by Selim San

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