St Laurent Class Destroyer





HMCS SAGUENAY 206 - 19 August 1960

Photograph by Walter E. Frost

Source: City of Vancouver Archives


Battle honours and awards:  Atlantic  1939-45



Laid down: 04 Apr 1951

Launched: 30 Jul 1953

Commissioned: 15 Dec 1956

Paid off for DDH conversion: : 22 Aug 1963

Re-Commissioned: 14 May 1965

Paid off for DELEX refit: 29 Oct 1979

Re-Commissioned: 23 May 1980

Paid off: 26 Jun 1990

Fate: Scuttled as an artificial reef 25 Jun 1994


Built by Halifax Shipyards Ltd., SAGUENAY was commissioned on 15 Dec 1956. On 11 Jun 1957, SAGUENAY was presented with the "Kingdom of SAGUENAY" flag by Chicoutimi, Que. She transferred to the west coast in 1959. On 28 Mar 1960, SAGUENAY, in company with OTTAWA 229 and, ST LAURENT 205 departed Hong Kong after a port visit during an operational cruise in the Pacific. They returned to Esquimalt on 29 Apr 1960. On 02 Mar 1961, SAGUENAY, in company with OTTAWA 229 and, ST LAURENT 205 departed Esquimalt for Operations with US Carrier Division 17 off Hawaii; returning to Esquimalt on 04 Apr 1961. Burrard Dry Dock Ltd started her conversion to a DDH on 22 Aug 1963. Re-commissioned on 14 May 1965, she returned that July to Halifax. On 15 Jul 1970, SAGUENAY was grounded off Port Hood, NS. She was re-floated the next day - she received no damage from the grounding. In October 1977 she took part in Exercise Ocean Safari and in Jan/Feb 1978 she was on Fish Pat. (click here to see her schedule for that time period) She began her DELEX refit at Versatile Vickers, Montreal, on 29 Oct 1979, returning to service on 23 May 1980. On 03 Apr 1986, SAGUENAY has a misfire of her 3"50 gun off Osborne Head, NS. The guns crew and one civilian received non life-threatening injuries. On 16 Aug 1986, while on SNFL exercise in the Baltic, she collided with the German submarine U-17. Returning home for repairs, she was again in service in Mar 1987. SAGUENAY was paid off on 26 Jun 1990 and, on 25 Jun 1994 at 1100 hrs, she was scuttled as recreational divers' wreck between Cross Island and Sculpin Shoal, outside Lunenburg, N.S.


During her career, SAGUENAY steamed 780,000 nautical miles and visited the following ports:  Adak Naval Station, Aleutians; Argentia, NFLD; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Aalborg, Denmark; Aarhus, Denmark; Bridgetown, Barbados; Butedale, BC; Becher Bay; Bellingham, Washington, USA; Buffalo, NY, USA; Boston, MA, USA; Bordeaux, France; Bremerhaven, Germany; Bergen, Norway, Charlottetown, PEI; Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas; Chicoutime, QC; Charleston, South Carolina, USA: Canso, NS; Comox, BC; Copenhagen, Denmark; Chatham, UK; Corner Brook, NFLD; Cortegena, Columbia; Collingwood, ON; Calieri, Sardina; Cornwall, ON; Cadiz, Spain; Cherbourg, France; Devonport, UK; Digby, NS; Dublin, Ireland; Den Helder, Netherlands; Esquimalt, BC; Fort Lauderdale, FLA, USA; Faseland, Scotland; Funchal, Madeira; Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; Grand Manan, NS; Galveston, TX, USA; Gibraltar; Goteberg, Sweden; Goderich, ON; Ghent, Belgium; Hamilton, Bermuda; Hamilton, ON; Helsinki, Finland; Hong Kong, China; Hilo, Hawaii; Haugesund, Norway; Halifax, NS; Ireland Island, Bermuda; Jacksonville, FLA, USA; Juneau, Alaska, USA; Kobe, Japan, Key West, FLA, USA; Kiel, Germany, Kitimat, BC; Kinston, Jamaica; Kingston, ON; Lasalally, Ireland; Long Beach, CAL, USA; Liverpool, England; Lauzon, QC; Lisbon, Portugal, Montreal, QC; Midway Islands; Mayne Bay, BC; Masset, BC; Miami, FLA, USA; Mitchipicoten, ON; Marsielles, Francis; Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico; Mirimachi, NB; New York, NY, USA; New London, Conneticut, USA; Nanoose, BC; Nanaimo, BC; New Orelans, Louisiana, USA; Newport, RI, USA; Nice, France; Nyhavn Basin, Aabenraa; Norragansett Bay, RH, USA, Norfolk, VA, USA; North Island, Bermuda; Nassau, Bahamas; Oslo, Norway; Ocean Falls, BC; Okinawa, Japan; Oshawa, ON; Portland, England; Portsmouth, England; Prince Rupert, BC; Port Angeles, Washington, USA; Portland, Oregon, USA; Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, USA; Patricia Bay, BC; Port Simpson, BC; Port Hardy, BC; Petersburg, Alaska, USA; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, Ponta Delgada, Azores; Port Royal Bay, Bermuda; Port Allen, Kawai, Hawaii; USA; Palma Majorca, Spain; Plymouth, England; Port Colborne, ON; Port Stanley, ON; Prescott; ON; Queen Charlotte City; Quebec City, QC; Quonset Point, RI, USA; Rooman Naval Base, Panama City, Panama; Roosey Roads, PR; Rosyth, Scotland; San Juan, PR; South West Roads, St. Thomas; Sept Iles, QC; Stockholm, Sweden; Sydney, NS; St. John's, NFLD; St. John, NB; St. Andrews, NB; Sitka, Alaska, USA; San Diega, CAL, USA; Stewart, BC; Seattle, Washington, USA; Skagway, Alaska, USA; Stephenville, NFLD; Shearwater, NFLD; St. George's, Bermuda; Shelburne, NS; Sarnia, ON; St. John's, Antigua; St. Petersburg, FLA, USA; Sorel, QC; Stavanger, Norway; Sault Ste Marie, On; Topaz Harbour, BC; Trinity Bay, NFLD; Treasure Island, San Francisco, USA; Tortola Island, Virgin Islands; Toronto, ON; Trois-Rivieres, QC; Thunder Bay, ON; Tromso, Norway; Vancouver, BC; Vera Cruz, Mexico, Wrangella, Alaska, USA; Wolfe's Cove, QC; Welland, ON; Whale Island, Portsmouth, UK; Windsor, ON; Willemstad, Curacao, Wilhelmshaven, Germany; Yokosuka, Japan and Zeebrugge, Belgium.



RCN Memories:  Fond Memories


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"The SAGUENAY Latest" - Final Edition - At Sea - June 1990



Commanding Officers


Cdr Godfrey Harry Hayes, RCN - 15 Dec 1956 - 13 Mar 1958

Cdr John Henry Gordon Bovey, RCN - 31 Mar 1958 - 02 Mar 1959

Cdr Douglas Seaman Boyle, RCN - 02 Mar 1959 - 14 Oct 1959

Cdr Ernest Maurice Chadwick, RCN - 14 Oct 1959 - 23 Aug 1961

Cdr Harold Richard Tilley, RCN - 23 Aug 1961 - 22 Aug 1963

Cdr Henry Hugh W. Plant, RCN - 14 May 1965 - 13 Jul 1966

Cdr David Austin Avery, RCN - 13 Jul 1966 - 23 Aug 1967

LCdr Lawrence A. Dzioba, RCN - 23 Aug 1967 - 15 Dec 1967

Capt D.H.P. Ryan, RCN - 15 Dec 1967 - 23 Jan 1969

Cdr Robert Demytre Yanow - 23 Jan 1969 - 13 Aug 1970

LCdr Reginald James M. Hardy - 13 Aug 1970 - 01 Nov 1970

Cdr Keith Murray Young - 01 Nov 1970 - 17 Jul 1972

Cdr Hugh Malcolm David MacNeil - 18 Jul 1972 - 17 Jun 1974

Cdr John Harwood - 17 Jun 1974 - 10 Jan 1975

Cdr Robert John Luke - 10 Jan 1975 - 18 Jan 1977

Cdr Terrance Clifford Milne - 18 Jan 1977 - 04 Aug 1978

Cdr J. Goode - 04 Aug 1978 - 18 Apr 1980

Cdr Arthur George Schwartz - 18 Apr 1980 - 24 Jul 1982

Cdr Edward Ernest Davie - 24 Jul 1982 - 18 Jul 1983

Cdr James MacCuish Barlow - 18 Jul 1983 - 17 Jul 1985

Cdr Roger Michael L. Bernard - 17 Jul 1985 - 22 May 1987

Cdr R.I. Clayton - 22 May 1987 - 06 Jan 1989

Cdr Eric J. Lerhe - 06 Jan 1989 - 26 Jun 1990



Captain for the day


Captain for the day is a tradition in the RCN where during the ship's Christmas celebrations, the Commanding Officer changes places with the youngest member of the ship's company.


Rick Olsson - 1968



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten



























Irwin, Daniel C.














































Former Crew Members


Allan, Doug, AB Stoker - 1965-1966


Archer, Ross - 1967


Bakody, David, Petty Officer 1st Class Engineer


Barter, Bill


Barwell, Bob - 1967


Beauchamp, Maurice (Moe), PA / MedA - 1989-1990


Brannen, James


Brazier, John - 1967


Butler, Rick


Duffy, Terry, Storesman - 1987-1990


East, Les - 1967

Fortin, Henry - 1967


Garratt, Greg, LS.ER (Mar Eng Tech)- 1988-1989


Kloosterman, Steve, HT - 1987-1989


Latcham, Garry J. 


Lovitt, Norm - 1967


Malott, Fred


McCann, John Albert, Radioman, RCN


McLellan, Garry, ABQM - 1960


Miller, Duncan E.


Mullett, Byron R, OS.RM - Jun 1969 - Sep 1970

Price, Tom, Stoker


Riedlinger, Jack, ABRP - 1965-1966


Ross, David, Supp Tech


Ruff, Eric


Stephens, Dave - 1967


Walker, Don - 1967


Wardell, Ken


Wilson, Terry - c1965-1966


Wrigley, Gerry - 1967


Yeo, John, MedA., 1985-1987, 1988-1989



Photos and Documents


RCN photo shoot news release for the blessing of HMCS SAGUENAY 206, July 30, 1953


From the photo collection of Lt VS Curry, CD, RCN (Ret'd)


Courtesy of Gerry Curry

The Blessing of HMCS SAGUENAY, 30 July 1953


From the photo collection of Lt VS Curry, CD, RCN (Ret'd)


Courtesy of Gerry Curry

The launching of HMCS SAGUENAY, 30 July 1953


From the photo collection of Lt VS Curry, CD, RCN (Ret'd)


Courtesy of Gerry Curry

The launching of HMCS SAGUENAY, 30 Jul 1953


From the photo collection of Lt VS Curry, CD, RCN (Ret'd)


Courtesy of Gerry Curry

RCN Photo shoot news release on the launching of HMCS SAGUENAY 206, 30 Jul 1953


From the photo collection of Lt VS Curry, CD, RCN (Ret'd)


Courtesy of Gerry Curry

Article on HMCS SAGUENAY's builder's trials


Halifax Chronicle-Herald 08 Dec 1956


Research by / Courtesy of George Newbury

HMCS SAGUENAY's First Christmas


AB Donald Ross prepares to hoist the Christmas tree up to the yardarm on HMCS SAGUENAY, Dec 1956


Courtesy of Donald Ross

HMCS SAGUENAY 206 somewhere near Vancouver Island c1960-61


Courtesy of Gary King


Daily Orders - HMCS SAGUENAY 206 - 27 Sep 1967


Courtesy of Bill Barter








(JC01) Banyan on HMCS SAGUENAY during paint ship routine

(JC02) Cox'n (centre) at Banyan on HMCS SAGUENAY

(JC03) C.O. (with camera) at the Banyan on HMCS SAGUENAY

(JC04) My good buddy Hull Tech Wiggins  on HMCS SAGUENAY says "cheese"

(JC05) A great guy - either an ET or Stoker  on HMCS SAGUENAY







(JC06) Heading south for CARIBOPS

(JC07) American Boomer during CARIBOPS

(JC08) HMCS NIPIGON on our beam

(JC09) Unknown Supply Ship on our beam






(JC11) Jacque Cousteau's "Calypso"

(JC12) "Me and my friend . . . the Bathy"

(JC13) "Me taking a break"






(JC14) HMCS OTTAWA 229 and HMCS SKEENA 207 in HMC Dockyard, Halifax.  Photo taken from the MacDonald Bridge

(JC15) HMCS PRESERVER alongside in HMC Dockyard, Halifax

(JC16) Gun and bridge of HMCS SAGUENAY - photo taken from by bullring. MacDonald Bridge and Halifax in the background. Photo taken from Dartmouth Annex

(JC17) Sea King Helo on the flight deck of HMCS SAGUENAY







(JC018) Ships of NATO Squadron in Halifax

(JC19-JC22) HMCS SAGUENAY shipping seas







(JC23) Unknown warship

(JC24) HMS INVINCIBLE, Portsmouth, England

(JC25) HMS VICTORY, Nelson's Flagship, Portsmouth, England

(JC26-JC27) HMCS SAGUENAY playing Cat and Mouse with a Soviet Krivak Class Frigate







(JC28-JC29) Porpoises off Portugal

(JC30) Flight deck and hangar on HNLMS DE RUYTER

(JC31) Radar dome cover on HNLMS DE RUYTER

(JC32) Mast and Radar dome cover on HNLMS DE RUYTER



(JC33) Three Canadian destroyers in Amsterdam



Eric Ruff going ashore in Nice, France from HMCS SAGUENAY 206 wearing his special outfit which included a wig that was borrowed later that day the CO, Commander Bob Yanow

On 16 Aug 1986, during a SNFL exercise in the Baltic, HMCS SAGUENAY collided with the German submarine U-17. This sketch, drawn by LS Garry Waldram, was used for a HMCS SAGUENAY Sub-Buster t-shirt.


Courtesy of Garry Waldram

Cdr Bob Clayton and LS Garry Waldram check out SAGUENAY's new gun shield art


Courtesy of Garry Waldram

'56 Cadillac Cruises the Great Lakes


The Trident 14 Oct 1987


Courtesy of Garry Waldram 

HMCS SAGUENAY 206 - undated.


Note the NATO emblem on the side of her mast


DND / RCN photo

HMCS SAGUENAY Full Power Trials 


Full power trials on SAGUENAY. She reached full power and had her number 206 on the rev counter. Capt and XO down to try and understand what was going on. Two stokers in work shirts on left - Tom Price and Donald Steeves. Off to the right is the Engineering Officer.  You can tell by the look on my face that I felt sorry for them - wearing long sleeves with the heat in the engine room. They were not used to that in romper room.


Courtesy of Tom Price

HMCS SAGUENAY 206 as seen from the AX of HMCS NIPIGON 266


Courtesy of John Le Forte

HMCS SAGUENAY 206 - arriving at Dublin


Courtesy of Jim Brennan



Courtesy of Jim Brannen


HMCS SAGUENAY 205 STANAVFORLANT Sailpast - 29 Aug 1977

Photo taken from Hr MS Evertsen F815

Courtesy of Cor van Dongen, Ttelegrafist Royal Dutch Navy 1972-1979


P2ER Bakody and LSER Denim in SAGUENAY's Engine Room - 1979


Courtesy of David Bakody

Newspaper article on HMCS SAGUENAY 206 departing for a NATO deployment


Halifax Chronicle-Herald 30 Dec 1980


Courtesy of George Newbury



HMCS SAGUENAY 206 in rough seas in the North Atlantic just off Halifax - late 1983


Courtesy of Peter Millar


HMCS SAGUENAY 206 - May 1989


Courtesy of Jim Brannen

HMCS SAGUENAY 206 exiting the Welland Canal circa late May 1990 on her final Great Lakes cruise before paying off.


Courtesy of John Lyon



Photographer / Joel Dinda - 1990



With the number of blanks on the board, this may be near the time she was paid off 

The End


Former HMCS SAGUENAY was sunk as an artificial reef of Lunenburg, NS in 1994


Source: Facebook page for HMCS SAGUENAY


Photographer: Don Urquhart